fender blues jr review

Fender Blues Jr Review

The tweed and blackface amps from Fender became popular during the eras of the 1950s and 1960s. These amps are revered for their historical significance and remarkable tones. However, the hugely popular Blues Series have outlasted them both. The Blue Series has been in production from about 1993. The grander DeVille and Deluxe combos were […]

distortion pedal vs amp distortion

Distortion Pedal vs Amp Distortion For Great Guitar Tone

Distortion, in musical terms, is used in reference to the general effect of modifying an audio signal to get a rougher sound, with better harmonic saturation, added sustain than a clean signal and more audible overtones. Distortion is created by an overdriven tube amp. Typically, distortion pedals are hard-clipping devices and they produce enharmonic overtones. […]