guitar amps for 8 string guitars

5 Best Amps For 8 String Guitar

Guitar players that use 8 string guitars may want to do some research on the best amp to pair with it. Luckily, we did the research for you here! Quick Links To Our Amp For 8 String Guitar Recommendations Orange AD30HTC EVH 5150 III Peavey 6505+ Randall THRASHER Randall RG Series RG1503H Our Amplifier For […]

lightweight guitar amps

8 Best Lightweight Guitar Amps

Guitar amps can be quite heavy! However, there are some lighter options as well. We put together our list of the best lightweight guitar amps available now! Quick Links To Our Lightweight Guitar Amp Recommendations Positive Grid Spark 40 Fender Champion 40 Orange Crush 20 Vox Pathfinder 10 Blackstar Fly3 Roland Micro Cube GX Fender […]

lightweight tube guitar amp

6 Best Lightweight Tube Guitar Amps

Are you looking for a tube amp that is lightweight and easy to take anywhere? We looked at some options and put together this list. Quick Links To Our Lightweight Tube Guitar Amp Recommendations Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage 20 Vox AC 30 Blackstar Studio 10 Fender ’57 Custom Champ Monoprice 611815 Fender Pro Junior IV […]

jazz guitarist

5 Best Lightweight Jazz Guitar Amps

Are you a jazz guitarist that is looking for a new lightweight jazz guitar amp? Check out these recommendations. Quick Links To Our Best Lightweight Jazz Guitar Amp Recommendations Roland JC-40 DV Mark Jazz212 Fender George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe VOX AC15C1X Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb Our Top Lightweight Jazz Guitar Amplifiers Reviews Roland […]

guitar and amp

5 Best Lightweight Guitar Combo Amps

Looking for a good guitar combo amp that doesn’t weight too much. Maybe you are looking for something that is easy to transport to jam sessions? Take a look at these! Quick Links To Our Best Lightweight Guitar Combo Amplifier Recommendations Positive Grid Spark 40 Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb Fender ’57 Custom Champ BOSS KTN-50-2 […]

guitarist at a gig

5 Best Lightweight Guitar Amps For Gigging

Are you going to your gigs with a huge and heavy guitar amp? Worried that a smaller amp won’t give you the guitar tone you need? Well, you need to check these out. Quick Links To Our Best Lightweight Guitar Amp For Gigging Recommendations Fender Deluxe Reverb Bugera V22 VOX AC10C1 Head Blackstar HT Series […]

lightweight guitar amp head

5 Best Lightweight Guitar Amp Head Options

Is a lightweight amp head an important thing for you to find? I would recommend taking a look at this list today. Quick Links To Our Lightweight Guitar Amp Head Recommendations Kemper Profiler Orange Micro Terror MT20 Egnater Tweaker Joyo Jackman Friedman BE Mini 30W Head Our Top Lightweight Guitar Amp Heads Reviews Kemper Profiler […]

acoustic guitarist

5 Best Lightweight Acoustic Guitar Amp Options

Are you looking for a good sounding acoustic guitar amplifier that is lightweight? Check these out today. Quick Links To Our Lightweight Acoustic Guitar Amp Recommendations Fender Acoustasonic 15 BOSS Acoustic Singer Live LT Roland Mobile AC Roland AC-33RW Blackstar Sonnet 120 Our Top Lightweight Acoustic Guitar Amp Reviews Fender Acoustasonic 15 At only 13 […]

low volume guitar amps

5 Best Guitar Amps For Low Volume Playing

Are you looking for a small amp that still sounds great a low volumes? Here are our recommendations. Quick Links To Out Top Low Volume Guitar Amp Picks Positive Grid Spark Fender Champion 40 Orange Crush 20 Bugera V5 Yamaha THR 5 Our Best Sounding Low Volume Guitar Amp Reviews Positive Grid Spark The Spark […]

low volume

Can You Use Guitar Tube Amps At Low Volume?

If you are a guitarist that uses a tube amp, you probably know already how well a guitar sounds at higher volumes. But what about low volumes? Can you use guitar tube amps at low volume? Yes. Guitarists can use tube amps at a lower volume but if you are looking for an overdriven tone […]

6V6 vacuum tube

5 Best 6V6 Tubes For Guitar Amp For Great Tone

Do you have a guitar amplifier that takes 6V6’s in the power amp section? We put together our list of our favorite 6V6 tubes available today. Guitar amps with 6V6 tubes are excellent sounding amps! Quick List Of Our Top 6V6 Tube Recommendations Electro-Harmonix 6V6GT JJ 6V6 Burned In Vacuum Tube Tung-Sol Reissue 6V6 Groove […]

6v6 tubes

THESE Best Guitar Amps With 6V6 Tubes Have Great Tone

Are you looking for the best 6v6 guitar amp options available? There are a number to choose from but these are what I would consider to be among the best. What To Expect With Guitar Amps With 6V6 Tubes First of all, these guitar amps have a different tone quality then most that use EL34’s […]

best small travel guitar amp

THESE 5 Best Small Travel Guitar Amps You Can Bring Along

Need a guitar amp that you can take with you on your travels with no hassle.  Check out these best small travel guitar amp choices for 2022. Quick Links To Our Best Mini Travel Guitar Amp Recommendations Positive Grid Spark 40 – Our Top Choice! Roland Cube-ST BOSS Katana Compact VOX Amplug 2 AC-30 Blackstar […]

best amp for 7 string guitar

5 Best Amps For 7 String Guitars (Rocking Tone!)

Are you looking for the best amp for 7 string guitar?  Need great tone?  Look below. Quick Links To Our 7 String Guitar Amp Recommendations Here is our list of amp recommendations that sound excellent with 7 string guitars.  These amps and amp heads offer superior guitar tone.  Any one of these models should work […]

guitar amp hum nothing plugged in

HELP! Guitar Amp Hum With Nothing Plugged In

There is one issue that seems to be pressing and that is the hum which emanates out of some guitar amplifiers. Many guitarists spend years modifying their amplifiers to be as quiet as possible, trying different guitar amps or tube amplifiers, or even purchasing a noise reducing/eliminating device in order to get rid of the […]

VHT AV-SP1-6 Special 6 Review

READ This VHT AV-SP1-6 Special 6 Review Today!

You’re a guitar player and you need a small tube guitar amp to play in a band and doesn’t want just any old amp. The best amps are both affordable, but don’t compromise on the sound quality. They also have lots of different settings to give you the tone you want. Who knew finding an […]

Blackstar HT5R MKII Review

READ This Blackstar HT5R MKII Review Before You Buy

Looking for an amp that doesn’t break the bank? The Blackstar HT-5R is your best bet. Not everyone can afford high end guitar amplifiers and sometimes you want something smaller than a half stack, but you still want your tone to sound great. Why not try this five watt amplifier? It will be perfect for […]

Orange Amplifiers Rocker 15 Review

READ This Orange Amplifiers Rocker 15 Review Today!

Like many guitarists, I’ve spent years in search of the perfect small tube amplifier. In guitar amps, as in all things, there is no perfect. But the Orange Amplifiers Rocker 15 stands a good chance of being your favorite one. You want to be heard when you play guitar, but your amp is just too […]

Orange Micro Terror Review

READ This Orange Micro Terror Review Before You Buy!

You love playing the guitar, but you hate the hassle of lugging around heavy amps. Imagine having a small tube guitar amp that packs a big sound. The Orange Micro Terror is an all-tube powerhouse with incredible tone and enough power to take on any venue. Plus it weighs in at only 3.5 lbs so […]

Fender Hot Rod Blues Junior IV Review

READ This Fender Hot Rod Blues Junior IV Review Now!

If you’re looking for a versatile small tube amplifier that offers the reliability and performance of larger amps, but with a smaller package and at an affordable price, then the Fender Blues Junior IV is just right for you. This small tube amp offers the versatility and all the tone that you’ll need. Fenders Hot […]

READ This Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage Review Today!

You’re a musician who needs to travel with their instrument, but you have a hard time finding tube amps that are lightweight and portable. Imagine an amp that is easy on the go. The Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage is made for musicians and offers premium sound quality in a full-sized guitar amp on the market […]

Vox AC30C2X review

READ This Vox AC30C2X Review Before You Buy!

You’re looking for a small tube amp that’s going to sound good and be reliable. The Vox AC30C2X guitar amp is a lot of amps in one. It can produce the kind of clean, shimmering tone you need for jazz guitar; it can deliver a sizzling blues or rock sound; and if you want to […]

Bugera V5 review

READ This Bugera V5 Review Before You Buy!

You’re sick of having to lug around your old guitar amplifier. It weighs a ton, and since it’s analog there are so many wires to plug in every time you want to play. Imagine having a small, lightweight amplifier that packs an amazing punch – without costing a fortune. Bugera is one of the smallest […]

EVH 5150 III LBXII review

READ This EVH 5150 III LBXII Review Before You Buy!

Tired of having to rent crappy amps for your gigs or even worse, lugging around your own heavy guitar amplifier and equipment because the venue won’t provide them? Traveling with a big amp can be difficult and renting amps at a gig is expensive. It’s also not always reliable because you never know when they […]

Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb review

READ This Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb Review Today!

The Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb has been a classic for over 20 years because it’s versatile. It’s one of the only amps that doesn’t color your tone, and because it has such a clean sound you can even run it into another amp and get a real nice blend of the two. This powerful stage […]

guitar amp settings

10 Tips On Finding The Right Guitar Amp Settings

I am writing this to help people understand what guitar amp settings do and to help them set up their amp the best way possible. Since there are so many different guitar amps and types of amplifiers, I will keep it at a broad level and not amp specific. Amp Settings Overview Amp settings are […]

what size guitar amp do i need

DOES SIZE MATTER? What Size Guitar Amp Do I Need?

Have you been in the market to buy a new amp but really finding it hard to figure out what size you need? Whether you choose small practice amps right up to a full Marshall stack depends on a lot of different factors. Size, price, and tone are some of the things you need to […]

Fender Bassbreaker 30R Review

READ This Fender Bassbreaker 30R Review Today!

Having a guitar amp is great, but having an excellent one is even better. The Fender Bassbreaker 30R guitar amp was designed to give you the best possible sound quality while keeping it simple and easy to use. This small yet powerful amplifier comes with two channels that allow you to switch between clean and […]

Blackstar Fly3 Review

READ This Blackstar Fly3 Review Before You Buy!

You’re a guitarist and you want to play music. But if you don’t have an amplifier, it’s hard to play your instrument in the privacy of your own home. The Blackstar Fly3 is one of the best portable guitar amplifiers on the market today. It has a sleek design that makes it ideal for recording […]

Roland JC-120 Review

READ This Roland JC-120 Review Before You Buy!

Finding the right amp for your guitar is hard, especially if you are not an expert. The Roland JC-120 guitar amp is one of the most legendary amps ever made and it’s still a great choice today. This article will show you why that is so and help you decide whether or not this amplifier […]