how to prevent guitar amp feedback

How To Prevent Guitar Amp Feedback – Control & Eliminate!

Nothing is intimidating compared to show-stopping a guitar, screaming to hit notes to the audience while on stage on a live performance. Feedback is ideally unpredictable; therefore, to control it requires prior knowledge. High amplifier volume causes feedback, which may be undesirable. Controlling feedback to low levels ensures a beautiful volume comes up from the […]

why do guitar amps pickup radio stations

Why Do Guitar Amps Pickup Radio Stations?

Guitar amps are designed to amplify sounds coming from electric, bass, or acoustic guitars. As electronic stand-alone devices or integrated systems, amps strengthen weak electric signals from pickups on electric guitars. The sound is then channeled through loudspeakers which are usually based in wooden cabinets. Amplifiers are even powerful enough to pick up local radio […]