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You’re a musician who needs to travel with their instrument, but you have a hard time finding tube amps that are lightweight and portable.

Imagine an amp that is easy on the go. The Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage is made for musicians and offers premium sound quality in a full-sized guitar amp on the market that’s surprisingly light weight. It also has four inputs to plug in your instruments and vocals, giving you all the power you need without worrying about adding extra weight.


Features Of The Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage

1. Lightweight and Portable

This combo amp is an excellent choice for musicians who are always on the move. It weighs only 35 pounds, which is much lighter than most other tube amps on the market today. It’s so light that you won’t have trouble carrying it around, even if you’re a beginner. If you’re looking for a lightweight amp for gigging with your band, this is a great option because it won’t slow you down while you’re trying to get to the stage at the last minute!

2. Classic Amp Sound

This is a guitar amplifier that’s designed to be a powerhouse. At the heart of the SV20C is 2 x ECC83 and 1 x ECC83 preamp tubes and a 2 x EL34 power amp tube. These major components create the kind of classic sound you’d expect from an all-tube amp, but without unwanted noise or buzz.

The SV20C is also packed with vintage-style bass, midrange and treble controls, along with a master volume control. A three-band EQ lets you shape the sound to your liking, while a foot switch gives you access to more options when you want it.

3. Versatile Connectivity

The Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage has a number of convenient connectivity features for your instruments, including an FX loop and external speaker capabilities. It also offers four inputs to connect various effects at once, making it easy to take care of all your signal processing needs without having to switch back and forth between different cables. And if you’re using the amp with a bass, you’ll appreciate the dedicated tone control that’s designed specifically for low frequencies.

4. High-Quality Components

This amp doesn’t just give you a powerful sound. It also gives you the quality you need to be proud of your performance in any venue. The SV20C is built with high-quality tubes, an all-metal chassis and a rugged, vintage look that will stand up to everyday wear and tear without showing it.


  • This amp sounds amazing. It’s got a sound that’s perfect for classic rock, jazz or blues. It also has preamp tubes that are made in England, just like Marshall amps used to have!
  • The SV20C has a lot of power. It can play back at full volume without making any unwanted noise, so you can make sure your performance is clear and crisp no matter how big the crowd is.
  • This amp is also surprisingly light-weight. It weighs only 35 pounds, which is great if you’re a musician who needs to travel on your own.


  • The sound doesn’t quite match the classic Marshall sound. This is because the SV20C only has half of the tubes that other Marshall amps have.


The Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage is a great choice for musicians who want an amp with classic sound and rock solid performance. It’s also fairly budget-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank when you’re looking for something that sounds this good. The SV20C is lightweight and portable, so it’s easy to take your sound on the road.