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5 Best Lightweight Guitar Amps For Gigging

Are you going to your gigs with a huge and heavy guitar amp? Worried that a smaller amp won’t give you the guitar tone you need?

Well, you need to check these out.

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Fender Deluxe Reverb

The Fender Deluxe Reverb is the standard by which all reverb amp designs are measured. It is also a small, light and very versatile amp that can meet most gigs, without needing an extension cabinet.

It has one Jensen C-12K 12″ speaker, 22 watts of power and weighs under 45 pounds.

The sound is amazing and extremely versatile, allowing you to produce lots of different sounds for any style of playing. This little gem has a ton of great tones, from Brit-pop to Americana. It is one of the best amps for blues rock and metal. A great amp with a lot of tone options, while being compact enough to take anywhere.

This all tube Fender amp has a very robust, crunchy tone. It’s very road-ready and can take a beating. The sound is absolutely fantastic. The Classic Reverb platform provides you with great, vintage-sounding tones right out of the box. The sound can go from raw and bluesy to scooped up and vintage clean with the push of a knob or two.

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Bugera V22

This is the perfect amp for someone who wants a ton of tone, but in a very small package.

This thing sounds amazing and will fit into any car. It has plenty of power and presence for little gigs. At 22 watts of power, this amp is loud enough to play at most small bars and clubs. It’s extremely versatile, producing tones like those of a tube amp, without the need for a speaker cabinet.

This 22-watt combo packs a pretty big punch. You can crank it up to get an awesome tube tone that can compete with guitar amps five times its size and weight.

The 12″ TURBOSOUND speaker handles the power well and gives you a really good tone. This amp is also very versatile and can deliver tons of different tones for any style. You can get heavy crunch, distorted metal, smooth blues and so much more by playing with the volume knob and the gain knob only.

It can go from bluesy to country to classic rock with ease.

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VOX AC10C1 Head

The VOX AC10C1 guitar amp head is a truly lightweight, unassuming head with a solid reputation as one of the best and well priced amps around.

It’s an easy player and with plenty of features to make your gigging experience easy, you’ll never want to use anything else.​

Powered by EL84 power tubes and 12AX7 preamp tubes, the VOX AC10C1 is an ideal amp for live performances. This little amp packs a lot of punch, even at low volume levels and also uses a preamp tube driven FX Loop to deliver a wide array of sound possibilities.​

With a simple control layout and a surprising tone, this amp is a powerhouse for it’s size and light weight making it literally one of the best lightweight guitar amps for gigging.

While there are many lightweight guitar amp options, the VOX AC10C1 pushes out enough volume to be heard among other players, even with the acoustic guitars still at a healthy volume.​ It’s perfect for smaller venues and bands that don’t want to weigh down their car much more than what they already do.

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Blackstar HT Series HT-1R

The Blackstar HT Series HT-1R is an incredibly portable valve amp with a really good sound. It has a 8 inch speaker, so it’s easy to take to your next gig. It has loads of features including a headphone socket, CD input, high impedance speaker output and even an MP3/Line-in socket. It also has built in reverb which sounds great and has controls for level, tone and reverb amount.

It’s not the full on power amp of a Dual Rectifier, but it’s great for using with a mic at a gig. The reverb and tone controls help it to get a good realistic sound. It also has a good clean sound and a decent distortion for rhythm or for high gain lead stuff.

This lightweight guitar amp comes with an 8 inch custom-designed speaker, 1 x 12AX7 valve, power valves, a power attenuator switch and 2 channels. The HT-1R weighs in at 6kg, which is light enough to carry around easily.

It has one footswitch socket as well as speaker emulated line out, headphone socket and more!

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Roland Blues Cube Artist

Roland has been the brand of choice when it comes to buying a lightweight gigging guitar amp. They are renowned for their exceptional build quality and tried-and-tested technology that result in nothing but the best. The Blues Cube Artist is one such example of this.

The Blues Cube Artist is a 1×12 combo amp with 2 channels. The clean channel has one dial for volume along with a boost and tone control. The overdrive crunch channel has two controls – volume and drive. As far as effects go, the amp has a master volume and reverb control, so you have plenty of tonal customization options here.

Another feature is the ability to mix in an external speaker cabinet as well, so there are plenty of options on which way you want to go.

It also has a usb out for recording as well as a footswitch jack.

For those of you who are familiar with Roland’s amps, you can expect nothing less than top-notch tone when it comes to the Blues Cube Artist. The clean channel is bright, warm and chimey while the overdrive channel offers an exceptional range of crunch tones.

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Here are some very lightweight electric guitar and lightweight guitar amp options too.

With all the options out there, you should be able to find your perfect match in no time at all. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have about the amps or the type of tone you are looking for.