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what size guitar amp do i need

What Size Guitar Amp Do I Need? Choosing The Right Amp Size

Have you been in the market to buy a new amp but really finding it hard to figure out what size you need? Whether you …

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guitar amp jack size

Guitar Amp Jack Size – Standard Sizing For Guitar Jacks

The standard size of a guitar amp jack is 1/4 inches.

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best humbucker pickups for blues
Buyers Guides

7 Best Humbucker Pickups For Blues Guitarists

When you are looking for a hot blues guitar tone, humbucker pickups can make a huge difference! Quick Links To Our Best Humbucker Pickup Sets …

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classical vs acoustic guitars
Acoustic Guitars

Classical Vs Acoustic Guitars – How They Are Same & Different

When understanding and comparing between classical vs acoustic guitars, you must look at the different types of sound, styles and materials. All guitars produce a …

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guitar neck tension
Guitar Necks

How Much Tension Is On A Guitar Neck?

The amount of tension on the guitar neck depends on the thickness of strings. A typical electric guitar has a string gauge that is .009, …

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guitar room setup
Playing Guitar

Ideas For The Perfect Guitar Room Setup At Home

Are you looking for ideas on setting up a sweet guitar practice room? Look no further! You will find everything you need to know in …

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best chorus pedal for acoustic guitar
Buyers Guides

5 Best Chorus Pedal For Acoustic Guitar – Our Top Picks

As an acoustic guitarist there are lot of chorus pedals to choose from and that why we have written this article to help make the …

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best flanger pedal under 100
Buyers Guides

5 Best Flanger Pedal Under 100 – Cheap But Awesome!

Are you looking for a new flanger pedal but have a specific budget? We have compiled this list of the best flanger pedal under 100 …

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best flanger pedal for metal
Buyers Guides

5 Best Flanger Pedal For Metal Guitar Fiends!

Metal guitarists! If you’re looking for a new pedal that’s just right, then look no further. The flanger is just the thing to spice up …

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hanging guitars

How To Hang A Guitar On The Wall (6 DIY Guitar Wall Mounts)

Guitar players can be a weird bunch. When most people collect musical instruments, they place their guitar hanging behind glass in order to ensure that …

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guitar finger calluses

5 Tips For Building & Maintaining Guitar Finger Calluses

Playing the guitar seems fun and easy until people experience the pain and frustration that plague all beginners. Just like any physical activity, this can …

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can i put a humbucker in my strat
Guitar Pickups

Can I Put A Humbucker In My Strat?

Can you upgrade a Fender Stratocaster with Humbucker Pickups? If you’ve ever wondered, “can I put a humbucker pickup in my Stratocaster guitar?” the answer …

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diy guitar kits
Build Guitars

Build Your Own Guitar With A Best DIY Guitar Kit (Includes Neck, Body, Different Styles)

What better way to personalize a guitar than to build it yourself? If you have been playing guitar for a bit of time and are …

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are guitar volume and tone pots the same
Guitar Knobs

Are Guitar Volume And Tone Pots The Same?

An electric guitar kit has a number of moving parts when it comes to making music, and by understanding those different parts you can better …

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why do guitars have mulitple pickups
Guitar Pickups

Why Do Guitars Have Multiple Pickups?

When pickups were originally employed in guitars, the greater objective was to make the guitar sound louder than before. Multiple decades later, modern (electric) guitars …

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