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10 2 Chord Beginner Guitar Songs

Are you relatively new to music or guitar? Are you a beginner looking for a fun and easy way to play guitar? Two-chord songs provide an easy way to start playing guitar because they use two simple chords that you’re familiar with. The guitar is an excellent way for anyone to recreate authentic music, and it can help you discover your musical spirit as well as keep you entertained.

2 Chord Guitar Songs for Beginners

Something In The Way – Nirvana

This song has an exciting beginning that will get you hooked right off the bat. The electric guitar is played three times on different notes. It takes you back to the beginning of rock n’ roll. It’s a great way to start any song because it’s catchy. All you had to do was listen to the opening riff, and you knew the song. It’s not too long and is easy to learn.

Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus

The song, Achy Breaky Heart, is a country-rock song by Billy Ray Cyrus. It’s an upbeat song that talks about heartbreak. It’s an upbeat tune that will help you relax. The simple, 2-chord progression plays a simple melody in every phrase. It’s a great song to learn if you are a beginner because it follows a simple and easy chord progression and is fun to play.

Dance The Night Away – Van Halen

This song has a quick tempo and good lyrics, making it a good beginner song. It’s easy to learn, too. It starts with a simple, 2-chord progression. It has a simple melody that doesn’t grow complex over time. When played correctly, it sounds great and gets you on your feet. The song’s chorus is enjoyable, and it’s a great song to learn.

Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin

As far as two-chord beginner guitar songs go, Whole Lotta Love is near the top of the list. It’s elementary to play once you have the basics down. The melody is relatively simple. The song even has a bit of a more straightforward rhythm than other beginner songs. Thus, it’s easy to learn guitar riffs, chords, and even solos and continue learning as you get better.

Dance The Night Away – The Mavericks

This is an amusing song to play, and it’s easy to learn. Notice that in the chorus, the guitarist plays a single chord and different chords throughout the verses. The melody in the chorus and verse is relatively straightforward, so it’s easy to learn other licks and rhythms. If you get good enough, you can use this song as a launching point to learn more advanced songs.

Give Peace A Chance – John Lennon

This is a Beatles song, so it’s easy to learn. The melody is straightforward, and you need only learn a few chords to play it. John Lennon’s guitar parts are relatively simple, so you can learn them and move on to more complex songs. This song’s rhythm is repetitive and straightforward, making it easy to learn. The melody is more difficult than in the Beatles song above, so you’ll need to learn a few more chords to play it.

Tulsa Time – Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton was famous in 1970 when he was still a teenager. In 1978, this song became a hit, creating an instant legend from the guitarist. The song is easy to learn, and the melody isn’t complex. This made it a great song to practice your guitar on. It feels good to do so. The chorus is loud, so it’s an excellent place to use your amp. When you play this song, play along with the recorded version. You don’t need to play the melody. Often it’s simplest to use a basic rhythm rather than a melody.

Stop Whispering – Radiohead

“Stop Whispering” is a song that many beginners have probably heard before. It starts slow, with simple chord changes, and builds into a powerful chorus. If you want, try playing the song multiple times – once fast, once slow. You might find that you prefer the faster version of the song. It might sound strange at first, but rock riffs are more accessible to play than simple chord progressions.

Break On Through – The Doors

The Doors song “Break On Through” is a bit of a challenge for beginners, but it is an excellent example of three types of rock riffs. It starts with a simple-sounding chord progression, but it gets progressively more interesting as the song progresses. The song starts slow and simple, but it gets more and more difficult as it goes on.

505 – Arctic Monkeys

In this song, the song develops very quickly. The rhythm is constantly changing, which makes the song fun to play. If you mess up, it’s okay. Just go back to the last part, you know, and keep going from there. It is a great way to practice and learn your chords.

Final Words

Practice your chords. Try using two chords and start a song. Try not to get frustrated when you mess up. Just keep going. The song starts slow and simple, but it gets harder and harder. These songs sound great, but it takes practice. Have fun!