Fender Hot Rod Blues Junior IV Review

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If you’re looking for a versatile small tube amplifier that offers the reliability and performance of larger amps, but with a smaller package and at an affordable price, then the Fender Blues Junior IV is just right for you.

This small tube amp offers the versatility and all the tone that you’ll need. Fenders Hot Rod Series of tube amplifiers is based on traditional Fender circuits but with modern improvements, construction, and features. The Blues junior IV is a 15 Watt all-tube amplifier that uses a 12 inch Celestion speaker, and it is an ideal gigging and recording package.


Features of the Hot Rod Blues Junior IV

The Fender Blues Junior IV is quite affordable, offering many of the same features as larger amplifiers but without the hefty price tag. Some of the features that you’ll find on this model include:

  • Reverb circuitry has been replaced with a spring reverb for smoother, more natural sound.
  • The power transformer is a well-regulated design which results in greater sensitive and dynamic tone.
  • Classic Fender clean tone circuit.
  • 12″ Celestion G12M-25 speaker for excellent bass response.
  • FAT mid boost button for added thickness and midrange.
  • Gig-ready lightweight cabinet with polypropylene covering delivers exceptional Portability and durability.

Performance of the Hot Rod Blues Junior IV

Fender amplifiers are known for their rich tone, and the Hot Rod Blues Junior IV is no exception. This 15 watt amp offers a wide range of clean tone, distortion, and overdrive tones that is sure to meet your needs. When you use this amplifier you’ll notice that it performs like its bigger counterparts but in a much smaller package. This is ideal for those who like the tone of Fender tube amps but don’t have a lot of space.

Many guitarists use this amp for recording and practicing, but it is also great for home or small studio use. The amplifier comes with two inputs that allows you to play along with others or to record without having to switch instruments. The Fender Hot Rod Blues Junior IV delivers a classic tube sound that you’ll love.

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– Very affordable price
-Excellent Clean and Overdrive Tones
-Great tone and versatility for its size


-Small speaker results in a narrower frequency range
-To get the best distortion tones, you have to crank up the amp


The Fender Blues Junior IV offers great tone and versatility for its size and price. It is a small amplifier, so don’t expect it to replace your larger tube amps. This amp was designed for use in studios or as a practice amplifier, but it is also a perfect small blues guitar amp for those who are just starting out.