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THESE 5 Best Small Travel Guitar Amps You Can Bring Along

Need a guitar amp that you can take with you on your travels with no hassle.  Check out these best small travel guitar amp choices for 2022.

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Our Best Micro Guitar Amp For Traveling Reviews

Our Favorite Micro Guitar Amp For Traveling – Positive Grid Spark 40

The Positive Grid Spark 40 Guitar Amplifier is the ideal practice tool for any guitarist.  It’s the latest innovation from Positive Grid, and it’s a huge step forward in guitar-amp technology.

The fact that this amp is a 40-watt power hybrid amp is the first thing to notice.  This means you can control your sound through the device’s physical interface or software download on your phone.

It has the physical interface you’d expect from a solid-state amp: 7 amp models, including bass and acoustic guitar, a 3-band EQ, gain and master controllers, and built-in FX (Mod, Delay, and Reverb).

Its software, on the other hand, is driven by Positive Grid’s outstanding BIAS technology, which gives you access to over 10,000 sounds.  This amp provides every tonal setting you could want.

This is an excellent choice for a portable guitar.

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Roland Cube-ST

All of the other possibilities in this guide are much smaller than Roland Cube Street.  It’s not exactly a “small” amp, but it’s a good option for buskers looking for a higher-quality sound while still being able to carry around a battery powered guitar combo amps.

The Roland Mobile Cube and Roland Micro Cube are smaller Cube alternatives, but the Street demonstrates why you might want to go a little bigger on sometimes.  You’ll give up some portability in exchange for higher sound quality, more features, and more versatility in how you can utilise the amp.

Although this amp’s power output isn’t as high as some of the other options, the larger speakers are more crucial.  The sound quality difference between a tiny amp with a 3′′ driver and two 6.5′′ speakers can be substantial.  Even switching from a mono to stereo setup might result in a significant improvement in perceived audio quality.

The twin input channels are another important feature of this amplifier.  You’ve got your standard guitar/instrument input, as well as built-in effects, amp models, and EQ.  Then there’s a separate mic/line level input with EQ, volume control, and effects.  This is a tremendous benefit for a busker because you can use the same amp for your guitar and voice.

As you can see, the separate mic/line and guitar/instrument inputs and controls give you a lot of flexibility over your overall sound.  Unlike some other amps with built-in effects, the EFX and delay/reverb are on distinct settings, allowing you to combine them.

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BOSS Katana Compact

The Katana Mini portable guitar amp by Boss has received a lot of positive feedback on the internet.  It has a wide spectrum of luscious tones, and the 7 watts provide a much louder sound than you’d expect from such a small man.

Both the clean and driving sounds on the Katana are wonderful, whether you’re relaxing on the sofa at home, jamming with your band, or sneaking in a practice session at work.  This amp not only sounds great, but it’s also a lot of fun to play thanks to the variety of ‘brown,’ crunch, and clean tones.

This Boss mini amp delivers much more than you’d expect once you plug it in and let it rip. Rich full tones with a soft ambient delay, this Boss micro amp offers much more than you’d expect once you plug it in and let it rip.

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VOX Amplug 2 AC-30

The VOX AmPlug2 AC-30 Guitar Headphone Amplifier is a must-have for guitarists who need to rehearse and hone their parts in silence.  Because there is no speaker, you can’t hear it without headphones, but that’s the purpose — it’s a practice amp!

It’s easy to plug into any electric guitar or bass thanks to the 180-degree rotating socket, and the built-in Reverb, Chorus, and Delay Effects make it a terrific alternative for crafting intriguing tracks.

The Gain, Tone, and Volume controls are all simple to use, and the Aux in connector lets you connect an external sound source to play through the device as you play guitar!  This is perfect for jamming in silence over any music you have.  This is wonderful if you’re a late-night guitarist who wants to be able to perform anytime, anywhere.

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Blackstar Fly3

Because of its luscious tone and mobility, this lunchbox-sized amplifier is frequently used by both professional and beginning guitarists.  You have 3 watts to experiment with right out of the box, as well as Clean and Overdrive channels that deliver a diverse range of sounds.  Combine those sounds with the IFS feature, which allows you to choose between a classic American sound and a British rock tone, as well as the built-in tape delay, and you’ve got a world of sounds at your fingertips.

Not only is this a great practice amp and desktop amplifier because of the smaller size and MP3/Line input, but it’s also a great recording amplifier because you can use the Emulated Line Out to record directly to your computer or hook straight up to a PA when your big touring rig is out of commission!
It may be battery or DC powered, and you can make your FLY 3 into a 6 watt stereo amp by adding the Blackstar FLY 103 3″ Extension Speaker Cabinet!  If you want to stream music to a speaker via Bluetooth, the Blackstar Fly 3 Bluetooth Mini Amp is a great option for people who like to jam along with their music.

We have a full Blackstar Fly 3 review as well.

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Best Travel Guitar Amplifier Conclusion

If you are looking to bring along a guitar amp that is easy to travel with, any of these options above will suit you well!

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