6V6 vacuum tube

5 Best 6V6 Tubes For Guitar Amp For Great Tone

Do you have a guitar amplifier that takes 6V6’s in the power amp section? We put together our list of our favorite 6V6 tubes available today.

Guitar amps with 6V6 tubes are excellent sounding amps!

Quick List Of Our Top 6V6 Tube Recommendations

Our Best 6V6 Tube For Guitar Amp Reviews

Electro-Harmonix 6V6GT

You cannot beat the classic 1960’s all-valve tone that this tube offers, at a reasonable price. It is not uncommon to see people using 6V6GT’s in the power tube of their amps. This matched pair is an excellent choice.

Classic tone with very little noise and a smooth frequency response. This tube will not disappoint. We rate this high now because it uses the same technology that has been going on for over 40+ years.

These tubes are excellent for use in guitar amps. The EHX 6V6GT is one of our top choices because it has excellent tone quality acquired from years of production and experience.

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JJ 6V6 Burned In Vacuum Tube

This is a very high quality, 100{0794a961920d97099aea99cac5a861228867c4461e5cf936a4873e99fb4a0da6} tested 6V6 tube at a reasonable price. It offers the same great tone that you would expect of JJ tubes. The rugged construction of the JJ 6V6B vacuum tube make it a great choice for musicians who like to gig.

This is hands down one of the best 6V6 tubes on the market today. It is highly recommended because of its sound quality, rugged design and reasonable price. We also recommend that you always use JJ tubes in your amplifier when possible because they are so reliable.

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Tung-Sol Reissue 6V6

This tube is a very high quality tube and is reasonably priced. It offers the same classic 1960’s sound that you expect from the 1960’s era tubes, but with modern production methods. The Tung-Sol reissue 6V6 is one of my favorite choices because I really enjoy the tonal quality of these tubes. They have a nice thick warm tone all over the frequency spectrum, with a high end response that will cut through any mix.

These tubes are new production with vacuum tight seals and excellent construction.

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Groove Tubes GT-6V6-RD-M

This is another great tube from Groove Tubes. The construction of the Groove Tubes GT-6V6-RD-M tube is excellent and offers a nice modern tone to your guitar amp.

Many guitarists are moving away from the older 6V6 tubes and this tube will not disappoint. It is not a new production tube, but the construction is excellent and it is well made.

The tone is excellent and will not disappoint. It is hard to beat the Groove Tubes GT-6V6-RD-M tube.

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Genalex Gold Lion 6V6GT Power Tubes

These are great modern tubes that produce a nice warm tone. The Genalex Gold Lion 6V6GT power tubes are excellent and offer a nice clean tone that will cut through any mix.

They are not as thick as some other power tubes in our list, but they are a great tube for those who want to move up from one of the lower cost 6V6 tubes we put on this list. I think it is worth the price to get one of these top-rated power tubes.

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The best 6V6 tubes on the market today offer a wide range of sound quality. There is no one tube that will suit every guitar amp, and each tube will offer different characteristics. The classic 1960’s look and sound of the 6V6 are hard to beat. This tube is still in use today for its value and reliability.