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5 2 String Guitar Songs for Beginners

Two-string songs are some of the easiest-to-play of all guitar songs. This makes these songs ideal for introducing new players to the guitar. Working your way up from two strings to four or six strings can help develop the discipline and fundamentals of guitar music.

Most new guitar players will find that two-string songs are elementary to get used to while learning the fundamentals of music simultaneously. Two-string songs are also suitable for the beginner guitar player because it gives them a chance to work on timing and rhythm, which will help with more advanced songs.

Take a look at these easy beginner two chord guitar songs too.

Two String Guitar Songs for Beginners

Jingle Bells

By standard may be the oldest and easiest song to learn on the guitar. This Christmas carol has been a favorite among the guitar community for decades. Jingle Bells was originally written as a piano piece but was later transcribed for guitar. Although it takes a little bit of practice to play Jingle Bells on the guitar, it is still relatively easy for a beginner to learn.

Song of Joy

The Song of Joy is an excellent song for beginners due to its low difficulty, short melody, and simple chords. Beginners can practice this song repeatedly to get more familiar with it. Once beginners feel more comfortable with the song, they can play it with the melody and the chords. New guitarists can also use the song for improvisations, adding more to its charm.

Whip It – Devo

Whip It, written by Devo, is a fusion of hip hop, pop, and punk rock, making it an excellent song for beginners. The chords are elementary, and the song is easy to learn. Beginners can practice this song repeatedly, and they will get stronger at it. It is excellent for practicing chords, and thanks to the melody, it is fun.

Sunshine of Your Love – Cream

Sunshine of Your Love is one of the most famous songs by Cream. It features some complicated chords, but it is easy to play. Beginners can practice this song repeatedly, and they will get stronger at it. It is a fun song to play, and it is easy to sing along with the lyrics. It is a fun song to learn, and there are some great riffs and solos in this movie.

Come As You Are – Nirvana

Nirvana’s Come As You Are is an iconic song among guitarists. Nirvana put a lot of emotion into the song, influencing many other rock songs. It is very singable, and beginners will like it because it is easy. They can learn a few chords, and the guitar parts are easy to play. Beginners can also practice this song over and over again, and they will get stronger at it.

Final Notes

In conclusion, if you are a beginner, these are the songs to start with. They are easy to learn, and you don’t even need the advanced technique to play them.

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