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20 Beginner Blues Guitar Songs

Are you excited about learning how to play the guitar? Do you want to learn some guitar blues songs for beginners that’ll require a slight learning curve? Do you want a song to add to your repertoire that works well on the beginner level? If you’re like me, this list will give you many options to learn and add to your repertoire. You’ll probably pick at least a few songs to add to your repertoire.

Easy Blues Guitar Songs for Beginners

Every Day I Have The Blues – B.B. King

This song is a masterpiece of blues. The song’s structure is simple yet expressive, and the guitar picks are catchy. Plus, B.B. King’s vocals are powerful and expressive. Overall, it’s an excellent song for beginners. It shows how blues music is structured and what blues characteristics are. B.B. King is famous for his guitar licks. They sound unique and different. His guitar playing is full of emotion and musical flavor.

Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash

This song is one of the most famous blues songs of all time. Its strong guitar riff and Johnny Cash’s powerful vocals and lyrics are known for a strong guitar riff. The song’s central message is about a personal struggle, and the song itself conveys that struggle. It’s a catchy song, too. It reaches a large audience and inspires many people to learn to play guitar.

Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry

This song is one of the earliest blues songs ever recorded. It has excellent, simple guitar lines and a great, memorable melody. It hit several Billboard charts. It shows the progression of blues music from the old-school style to the modern rock-and-roll style. The song also influenced rock guitarists, who used elements of it in many of their songs.

La Grange – ZZ Top

This song has an interesting guitar part, and it’s entertaining. The guitar part is very repetitive, making it easy for anyone to learn. The song features a strong bass line, and the drums sound good. The instruments complement each other well. It put ZZ Top on the map in the U.S. in the mid-’80s. It also brought them a lot of success in Europe. It’s a song that’s popular to this day.

Crossroad Blues – Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson was considered one of the greatest artists of all time, and he had influenced many other musicians. He was known for his guitar style, and this song has some of the best guitar licks of all time. This song has a very bluesy sound, and it sounds great. The guitar part is very memorable, and the licks sound great. The guitar sounds bluesy, and the song has a fun, exciting sound. It’s a fantastic song, and the guitar parts are plentiful.

The Sky Is Crying – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan was one of the most terrific blues guitar players. This song features some exciting guitar licks and a great tone. It pushes the envelope and exemplifies what a good blues song should sound like: raw but challenging. Vaughan’s playing is excellent, and the style is perfect for this song. The solos are fantastic, and the riffs are memorable. It’s a fantastic song, and it’s one of my favorite blues songs of all time.

It Hurts Me Too – Elmore James

Elmore James is known for his blues guitar, and this song showcases his incredible tone and fantastic technique. The song starts with some cool licks, and then Elmore shows his excellent method through the rest. This is a tremendous performance, and he doesn’t hold back a bit. Elmore’s tone is perfect, and he plays with a lot of emotion.

All Your Love – The Bluesbreakers

This song is an excellent example of music theory applied to blues guitar, and it’s one of the best-known songs of blues guitar. The verses are pretty simple, but the bass has a great melodic line. The riffs are memorable, and the solos are fantastic. The chord progression is beautiful, and it complements the rest of the song well.

Mean Woman Blues – Roy Orbison

This is one of our favorite blues songs of all time. It’s simple yet incredibly talented. The bass has a beautiful melody that’s very memorable. The solos are perfectly judged, and the chord progression is stunning. Roy’s voice is also incredible, and he brings it home. Listen to this song and pay attention.

Blood And Wine – Dustin Kensrue

Another one of our favorite songs by Dustin Kensrue. It’s a bit complicated, but Dustin makes it sound easy. Plus, the guitar solo is one of the best in this song. He brings something extra to the table – creating a great melody and keeping the rhythm interesting throughout the solo.

Things That I Used To Do – Guitar Slim

One song by Guitar Slim stands out in our minds, and we’ve probably listened to it a thousand times. Guitar Slim was a fantastic blues guitarist, and this track showcases that perfectly. Plus, his vocals are spot on. Do you want to play the blues? If so, you should probably start here. Grab a guitar and start playing some blues songs!

Papa Ain’t Salty – T-Bone Walker

Another well-known blues song by T-Bone Walker, Papa Ain’t Salty, is a classic. The song is simple, but the guitar is what makes it great. Walker doesn’t play any fast solos but instead lets the guitar play the melody while he plays support chords. This song is essentially just a rhythm track, so it might leave you wanting more. Still, it’s one of the best blues songs of all time.

Blues Power – Eric Clapton

Although Eric Clapton has composed many songs over the years, The song was inspired by the blues musicians of the past. The song’s lyrics describe the blues music of Clapton’s generation. The song is just a guitar track, and Clapton’s vocals make it simple. That’s not to say that you can’t do some improvisation with this song. Grab a guitar and start playing! You can take the initial guitar riff and improvise on top of it. Or, you could even play it without accompaniment.

Trouble In Mind – Lightnin’ Hopkins

A blues song, Trouble in Mind, was written by Lightnin’ Hopkins. Hopkins is a blues musician, so it makes sense that he’d write a song about the blues. The guitar riff is repetitive, and Hopkins’ vocals are slow and monotonous. A critic described the music as “the bossa nova of blues.” Still, it is an exciting song to play. Listen to it a few times and pick up on the changes.

Little Red Rooster – Howlin’ Wolf

This blues song was written in 1961 by Howlin’ Wolf, known for his hard blues guitar playing. This song is an excellent example of a blues type of music. Listen to the beginning, which starts with the sound of a harmonica. There is a harp throughout the song, but the rhythm is different. This song was written under another name, Little Red Rooster, but Hopkins changed it to Howlin’ Wolf’s song by changing a few words.

Before You Accuse Me – Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley was a famous blues musician, and this is one of his most famous songs. This song has incredible guitar licks and rhythms, and people can easily dance to it. Before accusing me of anything, listen to what I have to say. It won’t be long. If you like blues, I’m sure you’ll like this song.

T-Bone Shuffle – T-Bone Walker

This beautiful blues musician is best known for the song above. This song is an excellent example of Walker showing off his outstanding guitar skills and riffs. The guitar riffs are what keep this song interesting. Walker also incorporates emotion into his vocals. You can hear him singing about his life and why he’s playing music.

Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Wither

Another classic blues song. Wither is known for his incredible guitar skills, and this song is no exception. He plays a fantastic solo that sounds great throughout the whole song. Wither’s blues music is also very unique. You can hear a lot of influences from country music in this song. Wither’s voice, guitar, and bass all come together in this song to create this relaxing blues tune.

Red House – Jimi Hendrix

Another great blues song by Jimi Hendrix. Many of Hendrix’s songs have a strong blues influence, and people hear a little bit of jazz and funk in a lot of his music. This song starts off sounding like a blues song, but Hendrix shows the talent he’s known for toward the end of the song. This song’s guitar solo and bass line are incredible, and the drums are crisp and loud.

Born In Chicago – The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

The blues sound shines through in this band’s music. This song is no exception. The guitar riffs are fantastic, and the song is filled with catchy lyrics. It’s hard not to enjoy this song. It gives us a bit of insight into the Chicago blues scene.

Final Notes

These songs will get you started on learning blues guitar. After you’ve mastered these songs, you’ll want to try a few others. The blues is a genre that’s fun to learn, and it’s one you may encounter a lot as your music career progresses. So, take notes and have fun learning the blues!