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5 Best Amps For 7 String Guitars (Rocking Tone!)

Are you looking for the best amp for 7 string guitar?  Need great tone?  Look below.

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Here is our list of amp recommendations that sound excellent with 7 string guitars.  These amps and amp heads offer superior guitar tone.  Any one of these models should work for all guitar players!

Our Amps For 7 String Guitars Reviews

EVH 5150 III 50W 6L6 Amplifier Head

The EVH 5150 III is the third iteration of the iconic tube amp (originally produced by Peavey) and is by far the most versatile. It was designed for the legendary Eddie Van Halen himself.

The 5150 has long been known for its average clean tones (which were never intended), but Fender’s latest version radically changes that.

The red channel, however, is where this amp really shines.  The EVH 5150 III has more gain on tap than you’ll ever need, and it has that iconic tone that you’ll find on pretty much all of your favorite metal and hardcore songs, whether you’re playing hardcore or death metal.


  • Plenty of volume.
  • Three channels — one of the first three-channel amplifiers on the market. Regardless of the music genre, specialized in modifying your sound and voice.
  • Headphone jack – with headphones plugin, you may always practise your music using EVH 5150 III 50W 6L6 Amplifier without worrying about your family and neighbors.


  • None in my opinion.

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Peavey Invective 120 Head

The Peavey Invective 120 Head metal amp has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it can improve the sound quality of your performances.  It claims to be capable of producing a clean, precise, and clear tone at any volume you desire.

Set it to a high volume level and you will not be dissatisfied with the sound quality.  You can use the foot-switchable options instead if you want to set the volume level to a very high level.
These two foot-switchable effects may also be useful if you need to quickly recollect your tones.

Aside from the ones listed, this guitar tube amp has a lot more functions than you might expect.  Its half-power switch might be useful while performing in smaller spaces.  At the front of the speaker, a noise gate function with an unimaginably fast sound cutoff reaction is implemented.


  • The sound is quite natural.
  • Distortion that is extremely responsive.
  • Full EQ settings.


  • It is not very transportable.

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Bugera 333XL

This Bugera 333XL INFINIUM amplifier head is one of the most remarkable on the market for seven string guitars, and if you’re seeking for true quality and workmanship in terms of design and construction, go no further.  Its adaptability allows it to produce both high-gain and cleaner tones.  It has a wide range of applications and will never let you down as a musician.

The INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology used in this model is one of the primary features that sets it apart from the competition.  It ensures that the tubes in the amplifier have a 20-fold increase in life.  It makes it a more dependable and long-lasting amplifier head, and it ensures that the tone it produces doesn’t fade or become disappointingly flat with time.


  • All of this means you may mix and match a number of tube sets to meet your own needs, tastes and sounds.
  • You don’t have to limit yourself to costly matching tube sets.  When a problem occurs, the monitor displays which tubes are defective, making it simple to replace the problematic tubes one at a time.
  • On the lead and crunch channels, there are also XL switches that give you more control when utilizing the amp head.


  • Can get a bit noisy so you may consider getting a noise gate as well.

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Orange Dark Terror

The Orange Dark Terror is a hard rock and heavy metal powerhouse with a lot of gain.  Orange has been producing for many years, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to amplifiers.  They make amplifiers as well as speaker cabinets.  This English company produces a wide range of goods to fit various musical styles.  You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Orange Dark Terror heads.

The Orange Dark Terror is a low-wattage amp head, but don’t be fooled by its little size.  It offers incredible high-gain for a variety of musical styles.  Because of the gain channel, it’s ideal for heavy rock and metal.  Because it’s powered by tubes, it produces a warm tone even when cranked.  It has a power output of 15 watts, yet it is still pretty loud and perfect for a smaller gig with cabinets.  Dark Terror contains four gain stages, as well as a redesigned tone circuit in the preamp for improved clarity when playing.  When you need extra high gain, the Dark Terror delivers. It has a great clean channel, but it really shines on the distorted end.  If you want to use your effects pedals, there is also an effects loop.


  • Very good high gain
  • For a better sound, choose a tone circuit that is superior.
  • Portable and lightweight and you can get a case to help transport it as well.


  • For larger events, this isn’t the best option.

These are great heavy metal amps.

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Laney Art IRT30-112

Laney’s 30-watt combo amp provides many of options for metal guitarists.  You can quickly saturate the amp and create a rich, meaty metal sound with six pre-amp tubes and control over the amp’s wattage with a simple knob control.  The digital reverb on this amp is praised by users, and a dynamics controller lets you change how the combo amp interacts with the rest of your amp stack for more precise control at performances.

One thing to keep in mind about this amp is that it generates dark sound.  This dark sound appears to emanate from the lead channel, which can be a huge plus for metal songs that call for heavier tones  However, even when performing cleaner cleans, brighter tunes, that flat, foreboding tone may creep into your music, and it can be difficult to get rid of with this amp.
Changing the tubes, according to some users, may help alter the sound, albeit this is an expensive alteration.

Another complaint from customers is that switching from a boosted lead channel to an unboosted clean channel is difficult due to the way Laney structured the volume interaction.
The volume may unexpectedly drop out if you switch with a single foot pedal without the clean channel on high gain.

Guitarists, on the other hand, felt that these flaws were minimal and could be remedied with additional pedals or an effects loop.  Overall, they were quite pleased with the sound quality of this amp and the level of control they had over their sound – especially considering the low price.

Check out this video with it plugged into an Ibanez.  This is also a good amp for bands with gigs since it is fairly easy to transport.

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Other Brands To Look At

  • Mesa
  • Marshall
  • Diezel
  • Hughes & Kettner


These are the five top guitar amplifiers that work well with 7 strings.  While there are many other good amplifier models that would also sound good and within your budget, these are definitely a good start.