guitar amps for 8 string guitars

5 Best Amps For 8 String Guitar

Guitar players that use 8 string guitars may want to do some research on the best amp to pair with it. Luckily, we did the research for you here!

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Orange AD30HTC

The Orange AD30HTC is a very good amplifier with a lot of character. It is not so easy to find these guitars in stores. You will have to search on the internet or contact an online store that specializes in selling guitars that you can use for recording or live performances.

It offers 2 dual stage channels with separate controls. The Orange AD30HTC is a versatile amp with great power and tone that can help you create some unique music with an 8 string guitar.

The tone of the amp is very alive and suitable. You can deliver a lot of volume to this guitar and it will not break easily. The Orange AD30HTC is a great sounding amp that will really make your playing sing with its great tone and volume, especially when you play with a band or even record it.

The Orange AD30HTC is also durable. It comes with a rugged steel frame that offers you durability as well as excellent craftsmanship for the guitar and amplifier together.

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EVH 5150 III

The EVH 5150 III is an amazing amp for 8 string guitar. The 5150 III can crank out 50 watts of power and has three channels – a clean channel, overdriven and high gain.

The clean and overdrive channels have volume and gain controls along with a shared 3-band EQ to add more clarity and definition. The high gain channel has separate controls to help you dial in a head melting distortion tone.

It is very difficult to find an amp that is able to do the 5150 III justice. There really is no comparison and despite being at a higher price point, people who have owned one say that it was worth every penny.

It also includes a 4 button footswitch to allow you to switch between channels and activate the effects loop.

For quality sound and power, look no further than the EVH 5150 III.

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Peavey 6505+

Peavey 6505+ is another very solid amp for 8 string guitars. The 6505+ has a two channel design with separate controls for each channel.

It is loaded with tubes – four 6L6GC power amp tubes and six 12AX7 preamp tubes. The amp is rated at 120 watts power. It provides multiple tone controls (bass,mid,treble) for each channel. And for even more control of your tone, each channel has separate presence and resonance controls.

The 6505+ is equipped with footswitch that can toggle between the clean and overdrive channels.

It does not have any built in effects but this is not a disadvantage as it frees up more space for the tubes and internals of the amplifier.

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The Randall THRASHER is all about power. The THRASHER is an hardcore metal rocker’s wet dream with an awesome crunch, plenty of headroom, two footswitchable channels and two independent gain controls. For those who like to play at extreme volumes, the THRASHER has a master volume and a boost on channel one that can turn it into an unstoppable sonic force.

At 120 watts, there’s plenty of power for modern metal and hard rock players who want volume and sustain for those long songs. The THRASHER is well-suited for those who only use their amps at moderate volumes, too.

The boost mode is another great feature that can be used to give extra volume or that extra edge. The THRASHER has enough power to get any 8 string guitar player through any gig and sound great doing it.

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Randall RG Series RG1503H

The Randall RG Series RG1503H is a high gain amp from Randall. It is a 3 channel amp with one clean channel and two dirt channels, which can be used for high gain tones. The 3rd controls are for the effects loop and Reverb (level and type).

The RG1503H is perfect if you’re looking for that old school sound. It has 150 watts of power and the tone is just impeccable. If you have not tried an amp with reverb, then you need to try this amp and see what it can do. The clean channel is pretty decent and can create a lot of different sounds.

For 8 string guitar, the RG Series RG1503H works very well. I personally do not own this amp but if I did, I would use it for my 8 string guitar tones because it creates a lot of harmonics that are perfect for 8 string guitar.

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Make sure to get more information on 6 string vs 8 string guitars as well as our 8 string guitar recommendations. The list above is not meant to be a complete guide to all of the amps that are available and are suitable for use with 8 string guitars.

What is important to take note of is that while some amps may have a different name and model number, they may still be the same product from a different manufacturer.

If you want to buy an amp for your 8 string guitar quickly, there are many good options available on Amazon which will provide you excellent sound at a great price.