Bugera V5 review

READ This Bugera V5 Review Before You Buy!

You’re sick of having to lug around your old guitar amplifier. It weighs a ton, and since it’s analog there are so many wires to plug in every time you want to play.

Imagine having a small, lightweight amplifier that packs an amazing punch – without costing a fortune. Bugera is one of the smallest tube amps with the ability to produce high-power sound with minimal weight and size. Not only can it be carried around in your backpack, but it also sounds great through any set of headphones or speakers.

Features Of The Bugera V5

Specifically constructed to emulate the sound of a British-made Fender Tweed guitar amp, the Bugera V5 combines classic looks with features that can’t be found on other amps.

  • Switchable power between 0.1, 1 or 5 watts with just 1 x 12AX7 tube.
  • Low weight and size thanks to aluminum construction and a single 5-watt tube. (Tube not included.)
  • A portable powerhouse. Carry the Bugera V5 wherever you go, thanks to its lightweight construction and smaller dimensions. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack, so you can have your amp wherever you want.
  • he Bugera V5 uses INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology, which helps extend the life of the tube by up to five times its standard lifetime.
  • 8” speaker.
  • Provides a unique alternative to high-power digital amplifiers with great looks, but a lower price tag.
  • Build on the original TURBOSOUND design from the 1960s, taking classic British tones and bringing them into the 21st century. TURBOSOUND uses a unique speaker technology, which provides low distortion and high power at lower volumes.


  • Good looks. It’s not the type of amp that looks like it’s from the 70s. It does not look like a cheap “hot” guitar speaker cabinet, and it does not sound like one. It’s a clean amp with amazing quality.
  • Sounds amazing. If you can’t afford to buy a vintage Fender, then the Bugera V5 is the next best thing. It has a nice clean sound and can be used as an overdrive combo amp without being too tinny.


  • The INFINIUM tube is a little bit too bright for some people. It’s true that the tube helps to increase the life of the tube amp, but it sounds a little too squeaky in comparison to other tubes.

Listen To This Amp


I have to say that this is a great amp, and I think it can be a little bit bright if you prefer brighter sounding amps. It’s a nice amp for the money, and you don’t need to spend much more to get a better sounding amplifier with different features.