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8 Best Lightweight Guitar Amps

Guitar amps can be quite heavy! However, there are some lighter options as well. We put together our list of the best lightweight guitar amps available now!

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Positive Grid Spark 40

The Positive Grid Spark 40 is hands down the best lightweight amp for the money and it’s only 15 pounds. I use one of these amps daily and it has always been reliable as well as sounding great.

The setup is really simple and quite intuitive compared to other amps I’ve owned. What may surprise you is how quiet this amp is, in fact it’s so quiet you can hear the music when playing soft or softly strummed chords through the input jack.

The EQ features are a little limited, it has only one low-mid knob and a high knob. Using high EQ can be useful to get more bite out of your sounds but I really love the tone of the amp when using the low-mid knob. This is also my go to amp for recording songs, it’s so quiet and I can dial in a nice tone without making a lot of noise.

It also has an app that you can install on your phone or tablet which allows you to download tone settings and send it to your amp. You can also play along to songs using the app as well.

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Fender Champion 40

The Fender Champion 40 is a small 40 watt combo amp with a 12″ Fender Special Design speaker. It’s ideal for practicing at home or in your room. It has very little noise, and is very simple to play and easily transportable. Its one of the best small amps to buy for playing at home or doing small gigs.

It weights just under 23 pounds. The amp has two channels and one input, which is all the basic things you need to start playing.

It has built in effects including reverb, tremolo, chorus, delay and more. It even has different distortions and a headphone output jack.

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Orange Crush 20

The Orange Crush 20 is a two channel 20 watt guitar amplifier that is part of the Orange Crush series. This series consists of the Orange Crush 20, 15, and 10.

This amp has one 8 inch speaker that is rated at 8 ohms and only weights 16 pounds. The tone that you can get from this amp is very nice!

The two channels consists of a footswitchable distorted and clean option. There is a gain, volume, and bass, middle, and treble control.

Orange Amps are made in England with high quality components. Orange amps are known for their tone and good features, making them a great choice for any guitar player. The Orange Crush 20 is no exception having several great features.

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Vox Pathfinder 10

The Vox Pathfinder 10 makes this list for being a lightweight amp that is both high-quality and affordable. It weighs only about 12 pounds, but it’s still capable of producing high, mid, and low frequencies.

Its power rating is a mere 10 watts, which means that it won’t be able to produce a whole lot of volume at once. However, if you just need something for your practice sessions or for smaller gigs in small venues, this little amp will work perfectly for you.

The 6.5″ speaker the amp comes with is capable of producing both clear highs and solid bass tones. The amp also has a two-band EQ that you can use to tweak the tone of your guitar if needed.

All in all, the Pathfinder 10 is a great lightweight amp that produces high quality tones and is incredibly affordable.

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Blackstar Fly3

The Blackstar Fly3 is an incredible little amp for the money, even if it looks like a miniature version of Blackstar’s top-of-the-line models.

But it’s not. This is a very simple amp, but it gets the job done.

This battery powered mini amp is the perfect amplifier for beginners and those who are new to guitar. It has just one input and 3 watts but it’s loud enough to be heard well in a small to medium size room or apartment.

It only weighs 2 pounds and can easily fit in a backpack. On a more professional note, it’s small enough to fit in your guitar bag and you can take it with you on gigs. It’s a great amplifier for those who want to practice at home or are looking for a compact amp to drive some smaller speakers and stay in tune.

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Roland Micro Cube GX

The Roland Micro Cube GX (MC-601) is a small and lightweight guitar amplifier. The tiny solid state circuitry package is reminiscent of other well-known Roland amps.

It can be powered by 6 AA batteries. Why batteries? You may not want to bring an AC adapter to the gig. The controls are very basic: volume, tone and balance and it produces only 3 watts of output power.

The amp is highly portable, weighs just 6 pounds.

It also has a memory function that allows you to save amp settings as a preset so you can easily dial up your tone.

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Fender Frontman 10G

The Fender Frontman 10G is a perfect amp for the beginning guitarist that wants to play at small gatherings – like in a dormitory or apartment. This amp allows you to play at its full volume of 10 watts, but with a 6″speaker.

The clean sound of this amp is very good, but not great; it does not distort at high volumes, so it’s fine for small settings. The overdrive switch allows you to easily add some dirt to your tone.

It has the option of connecting a media player to it and play along with it. On top of that, there is also a headphone jack.

At only 8.5 pounds, this is a good little inexpensive amp to have.

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The Boss KTN-MINI amplifier is great for those who want to generate clean sounds for practice or for taking on the go. This amp provides a wide frequency response with no distortion at any volume level and will provide you with a guitar tone that is perfectly clean.

This amp is so well-built that it can withstand the abuse of everyday use, from hopping on planes to being thrown in the trunk of your car. It also has superior circuitry that boosts your sound without adding any unwanted noise.

Though this amp is a bit heavier than some other options, it still provides a compact form that is easy to handle at around 3 pounds.

It also has a recording output jack and headphone output.

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These are just some of the lightweight amps that are available. These amps will provide you with plenty of power, make sure you use them at home or in your room to develop your technique as you play.