Orange Micro Terror Review

READ This Orange Micro Terror Review Before You Buy!

You love playing the guitar, but you hate the hassle of lugging around heavy amps.

Imagine having a small tube guitar amp that packs a big sound. The Orange Micro Terror is an all-tube powerhouse with incredible tone and enough power to take on any venue. Plus it weighs in at only 3.5 lbs so it’s perfect for musicians on the go!

The original Tiny Terror was well known for its compact size and 20-watt output that made it an ideal travel amp, but the Orange Micro Terror is even more portable. It’s roughly the same size as a lunchbox, lightweight, and you can plug in your headphones or an MP3 player right to its auxiliary input.


Features Of The Orange Micro Terror

One 12AX7/ECC83 pre-amp valve powers the Micro Terror’s single channel with 20 watts of solid state output. Though its circuitry is slightly different, Orange refers to the preamp in the Micro Terror as the “Tiny Terror” for good reason. Its single channel has a similar tonal quality to that of the original Tiny Terror.

The circuitry of the Tiny Terror and Micro Terror tube amps share several similarities, including a single 12AX7/ECC83 pre-amplifier at the heart of each amp. Here the valve does double duty. First it acts as a preamplifier, converting the high impedance signal from your instrument into a low impedance suitable for driving a power stage. Second, it provides the overdrive tone itself.

The sound of the preamp comes entirely from its single vacuum tube. Orange has replaced its first channel’s tone stack with a second gain stage that gives this amp its signature level of distortion and sustain. You can dial in the amount of overdrive to fit your sound, or choose from a clean, crunch or full-on distortion sound by using the gain control.

The Micro Terror has an effects loop. This lets you blend your dry and wet signals for some truly unique tones! You can use an external effects pedal in this loop to create a dramatic “swell” effect when switching between clean and distortion sounds. Or you can plug your MP3 player into the auxiliary input.

The Micro Terror’s electric guitar amp head line-out is wired in the effects loop, so your sound isn’t degraded as it goes through the guitar amplifier. And since the effects loop (fx loop) comes before your speaker output, you can use it to drive a larger amplifier or a recording console with your wet signal.

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  • The Micro Terror is lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • It’s sturdy and will survive the roughest gigs.
  • Use headphones so you can practice silently.


  • Could be a bit louder.

Our Verdict

Perfect for practice sessions and small gigs, the Orange Micro Terror is a true “pocket” amplifier that will drive you wild! It puts out plenty of power, has incredible tone when paired with a good speaker cabinet , and is compact enough to go anywhere! We give it our highest recommendation.