nanoweb vs polyweb

Nanoweb vs Polyweb Guitar Strings

The fundamental contrasts among Nanoweb and Polyweb strings are: Nanoweb strings have an all the more full range, though Polyweb strings are increasingly adjusted in the mid range Polyweb strings have a more grounded characteristic warm tone, though Nanoweb are marginally progressively brilliant and projective tone Is there any difference between Nanoweb and Polyweb guitar […]

best guitar speaker

5 Best Guitar Speaker Options – For Top Rated Sound & Tone

Strings, pickups, pedals, cables… There’re lots of things you can change in the quest to nail that magical tone you and your guitars so badly want. But it’s your loudspeakers that have the biggest influence on your sound and riff — this is where the rubber hits the road, after all. Therefore, a speaker upgrade […]

how to care for your guitar

Discover How To Care For Your Guitar

Learning how to play guitar is as essential as familiarizing yourself with the best maintenance practices. After prolonged use, grime builds up on the strings that end up lowering the quality of sound. The dust combines with the oils from your fingers that ruin the strings faster than you may expect. Acoustic guitars may experience […]

how are guitar pickups made

How Are Guitar Pickups Made & How To Make Them

A pickup is integral to an electric guitar, and also an acoustic guitar to an extent. It comes embedded in the body of a guitar and helps convert string pulsations into electricity. Electric guitar pickups comprise six magnetic bars and a black bobbin, with an enameled wire encapsulating the magnets. The multiple bars help pick […]