best guitar stand

Best Guitar Stand 2020 – For Acoustics, Electrics, Multi, Etc..

You’ve finally managed to land that pretty guitar you’ve been dreaming about. Now there’s just one more headache left to solve — where do you keep it once you’re done playing? A case? Uhm, no. You need to get yourself the best guitar stand. Now, you’re probably wondering who you’d want a stand when you […]

best guitar wireless system

Best Wireless Guitar System 2020 – Be FREE From Cables!

Electric guitars are usually wired to amplifiers. Once connected on both ends, the signal flows uninterrupted and you can play your music all day long. However, not everyone is pleased about the clutter in the room due to crisscrossing cables. These are not only eyesores, they are also hazards that can cause people to trip […]

best guitar tuner

Best Guitar Tuner 2020 – For All Guitar Tuning Needs

In musical circles, there are certain unspoken rules, one of which being that trying to play a guitar without a guitar tuner is like trying pull the sun from the sky and put it in your pocket –insanely IMPOSSIBLE! This is when you need the best guitar tuner. How Does A Guitar Tuner Actually Work […]