hanging guitars

6 Best Guitar Wall Mount Options & DIY How To Hang A Guitar

Guitar players can be a weird bunch. When most people collect musical instruments, they place their guitar hanging behind glass in order to ensure that they will never be harmed. When guitar players collect guitars, they hang them on the wall so that they are ready to be played.  Out in the open on a […]

best guitar pickups for metal

10 Best Guitar Pickups For Metal – Thrash, Black, Death, Etc

Metal is a popular genre in music. A lot have chosen this since you can play and go all out with different styles. This genre is interpreted as energetic, aggressive, and immense guitar sounds.  To help those players show off an amazing metal performance, they use guitar pickups to have that crushing impact with their […]

best guitar cabinets

10 Best Guitar Cabinets – Top Options For 2020

If you didn’t know the kind of cabinet you keep your guitars in, it has a certain effect on your performances. Guitar cabinets could differ in sizes, designs, and functionality – all of these circumstances that could affect your performance, and it’s up to you to see if the outcome would suit your taste. If […]

best mic for guitar amp

6 Best Mic For Guitar Amp – Top Choices For 2020

There’s no doubt that having a good mic to record guitar amp is essential as having a good guitar tone. Are you one of those people who are currently searching for a best mic for guitar amp? With many options available in the market today, it cannot be easy to pick one. Fortunately, we are […]

best acoustic guitar tuner

5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuner Options For 2020

As any established instrumentalist will tell you, the use of a tuner for your guitar is critical if you want to create seamless music. Regardless of whether you’re a starter or a pro, there are only so many factors you can control. As with all other stringed instruments, an acoustic guitar is prone to go […]