Best Locking Tuners For Strat, Les Paul, Telecaster, Etc.

Traditional tuners could help your guitar maintain its tune; however, their capabilities are kind of limited. Routine wear and tear could cause your instrument to fall out of tune. And then there are fluctuating weather conditions to deal with too. In this article on the best locking tuners, we’ll talk about locking tuners in some […]

best room humidifer for guitars

Best Room Humidifier For Guitars – Acoustic & Electric

A guitar – particularly the acoustic guitar, which is a wooden instrument – wouldn’t sound the same every time you pick it up and strum. Before you could put the blame for this on your declining guitar playing skills, you should know that the best environment your guitar lives in ascertains how the instrument eventually […]

are guitar humidifiers necessary

Are Guitar Humidifiers Necessary?

Not just guitars, protecting any kind of musical instrument from humidity or extreme temperatures is imperative. When humidity is low, wooden musical instruments would experience some level of damage or the other over time. Maintaining optimal humidity levels helps prevent your guitar from cracking, warping, and shrinkage. Keep reading to learn more about how humidity […]

are guitar straps universal

Are Guitar Straps Universal?

Guitar straps are pieces of fabric or leather worn to support the guitar while standing. They attach the button like connectors on the guitar body from the sides. Guitar straps are of many types that come in different widths, lengths, colors, and styles besides other additional features such as underside cushion for enhanced comfort. When […]