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NOTICE: 8 Best Guitar Stands For Acoustics, Electrics, Multi

You’ve finally managed to land that pretty guitar you’ve been dreaming about. Now there’s just one more headache left to solve — where do you keep it once you’re done playing? A case? Uhm, no. You need to get yourself a guitar stand.

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Why Do You Need A Guitar Stand?

Now, you’re probably wondering who you’d want a stand when you already have a guitar case. Let’s see:

  • A guitar stand keeps your guitar close at hand. With a stand, you can pick up the guitar and start playing on a moment’s notice.
  • A guitar stand makes your guitar look cool: Come on, admit it — what’s the sense in buying a gorgeous guitar only to hide it in a case?
  • A guitar stand might be safer than a case: Unless you’re using a hard-shelled case with a padded interior, a stand will do a much better job.

Are Guitar Stands Bad for Your Guitar?

In a nutshell, no. Using a guitar stand — proper guitar stands, for that matter — to store your guitar doesn’t put it in harm’s way. To the contrary, it actually provides a safe harbor for the guitar, keeping it from falling victim to mishap while it’s out in the open.

‘Proper guitar stand’ here refers to a crib, guitar rack, or any other mechanism designed with certain safety features. For one, a stand should shelter the guitar from accidental knocks whilst holding it firmly in place. It should be capable of bearing the guitar’s weight without putting any components under strain. Equally important is the need to protect the finish from harmful contact — metal and plastic can cause scratches or degrade the Nitrocellulose finish found on some vintage models. Therefore, guitar stands made of these materials should have all contact points insulated with non-reagents, such as rubber.

Granted, a guitar stand cannot provide as much protection as a guitar case would; the latter’s your best bet for long-term guitar storage. But if you’re going to play the guitar every now and then, a good guitar stand is a must-have, as highlighted earlier. On that note, it’s time to take a look at the best units you can find on the guitar market today.

Our Best Guitar Stands Reviews:

Best All Around Guitar Stand – Zither Wooden Guitar Stand

We’ve just highlighted that guitar stands are supposed to provide safe storage outside the confines of a case. However, no one says it cannot double duty as a work of art while at it. That’s what the Zither Wooden Stand does best – our choice for best all around guitar stand.

A wooden base combines with a towering arm outfitted with a yoke that cradles your guitar’s neck. Each piece is handcrafted from premium solid wood; options here range from red oak to maple to the exotic African Padauk. The woodwork is polished to highlight its unique grain, and a bottle of lemon oil is provided to keep it looking fresh as it ages.

On the practical side, both yoke and base are padded to protect your guitar’s delicate finish. Clearance between the two guitar stands at 38 inches, so the Zither Stand will comfortably accommodate any full-size ax. Prices range depending on the wood species chosen.


  • Offers stability with minimal risk of tipping over
  • Assembly is quick and easy
  • Carries a money-back guarantee
  • Arguably the most stylish stand currently available


  • Wooden frame requires ongoing maintenance (oiling) to maintain its allure
  • Expensive for the average guitarist
  • Not suitable for traveling guitarists

This is, in our opinion, one of the best guitar stands available today.  Great for Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Explorer shaped, bass guitar, etc.

Our Rating –

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Best Acoustic Guitar Stands – Aluminum Alloy A Frame Universal Folding Acoustic Guitar Stand

If you value utility over cosmetics — if all you want is a stand that’ll get the job done, that is — the Aluminum Alloy Universal Guitar Stand fits the bill and is our choice for an acoustic guitar stand. It is comprised of a simple metallic folding Aframe guitar stand adorned with rubber padding, so it’s not much of a looker. But beneath this spartan look is a stand that will hold up acoustic guitars you throw at it (not literally, of course) without any fuss.

The rack uses hollow metallic framing with a composite cross-section, a shape that provides extra strength and rigidity. As such, the stand will comfortably bear the weight of your heaviest guitars, including bass guitars. The feet have high density rubber pads to provide intimate care to the guitar’s delicate body. The frame’s apex is fitted with thick rubber cushioning for the same reason.

Weighing just 1.39 pounds, this stand will be perfect for your acoustic guitar or acoustic electric guitar) travels. It measures about 2.5 x 8 inches when folded down, so you’ll hardly ever be wanting for room. While the tiny footprint does increase the likelihood of losing the stand, that should cause you much grief.

Our Rating –

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Best Electric Guitar Stands – Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand

Now here’s a stand that’ll accommodate your guitars with some style. The Hercules Stands GS414B, our pick for best electric guitar stand, can best be described as a hybrid rack combining a tripod stand with a wall hanger or other type of guitar hanger. This two-fold solution secures your guitar by the neck using the AGS yoke, while also providing a ‘seat’ for the body using the legs. A specially-formulated rubber foam covers the legs to cushion your guitar from impacts.  These are excellent tubular stands.

‘AGS’ Hercules stands for Auto Grip System, Hercules’ signature mechanism featuring two little-downward pointing arms. How it works is that you simply place your guitar on the yoke and let go. Both arms automatically lock into a horizontal position to secure the neck, thus keeping your guitar from slipping/falling off. The auto grip system is designed to hold up to 33 lbs, which means the GS414B will accommodate almost any kind of guitar. If there’s need to adjust stand height, the ‘Comfort Grip’ feature will come in handy. If you are looking for one of the top tripod stands, we highly recommend this one for electric guitars.


  • Easy to set up
  • Accommodates guitars of all kinds and sizes
  • AGS (auto grip system) keeps guitars secured in place
  • Padded rests provide extra protection
  • Solid heavy-duty construction
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Takes up a huge chunk of floor space compared to other guitar stands
  • Doesn’t fold up for portability

Our Rating –

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Best Multiple Guitar Stands – TMS Guitar Stand 9 Holder Guitar Folding Stand Rack

Multi guitar racks don’t come any better than the TMS Folding Stand Rack – our choice for best multiple guitar stand. It offers room for up to 9 guitars of all sizes, from ukuleles to dreadnoughts to bass giants. Electric or acoustic, this stand will accommodate them all — a boon for collectors and band shredders who have to bring lots of guitars to gigs and swap between them mid-performance.

The rack comes in the form of a high-tensile metallic tubing engineered to bear the weight of 9 heavyweight guitars. This is padded with durable soft foam to shield your precious guitars from attrition. The feet are clad in thick rubber pads to keep the rack standing still without scratching or scuffing the floor. These tubular stands guitar racks are awesome.

You’ll be pleased to see that the whole thing weighs only 8 pounds. Combine that with the ability to fold down, and the stand will hardly pose a headache in transportation, even with its ample capacity.


  • Will accommodate even the heaviest guitars
  • Has pegs to keep guitars from getting bumped up
  • Offers unbeatable value for its price


  • Requires assembly, and the instructions provided aren’t too helpful.

Our Rating –

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Best 3 Guitar Stand – Hercules GS523B Three Instrument Guitar Rack

Let’s say you have a trio of gorgeous guitars you want to show off while still keeping them safe… The Hercules GS523B, our pick for best 3 guitar stand, was designed with just this kind of scenario in mind. It features an all-metallic frame with all contact points padded with specially-formulated foam rubber to shield your beloved guitars from harsh contact. Yokes featuring four pick slots each let you keep them separated from each other.

The GS523B triple guitar stand features a unique one-piece design that allows it to fold up without having to be torn down. And while it’s designated a three guitar rack, it’ll comfortably accommodate up to twice the number, thanks to the HA205 Extension Pack offered by the manufacturer. This allows you to create extra room by installing more yokes. The rack itself is rated at 80 kg, so there’s practically no risk of overloading it.

In a nutshell, the GS523B guitar racks will be a worthwhile investment.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Works straight out of the box with no setup required
  • Compact footprint doesn’t take up too much floor space
  • Can accommodate extra guitars with an expansion pack
  • Great value for money


  • Doesn’t provide the firmest grip; guitars could easily knock into each other if you’re not careful.

Our Rating –

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Best 5 Guitar Stand – K&M Stands K&M-17525 Five Guitar Stand

The K&M-17525, our pick for best 5 guitar stand, is perfectly suited for those who need lots of storage but don’t have the space for a full-size rack. It employs an L- shaped design to hold guitars in an upright position; this angle makes it possible to place the rack right next to a wall. Two uprights on each end suspend a horizontal bar at the top outfitted with flexible support arms — these allow you to place the guitar from any side (left or right) without putting the strings under contact.

The entire stand is made of plastic with translucent elastomer padding on all contact points (base compartments and neck support). Plastic presents little risk of marring your guitar, while the cushions prevent accidental bumps during placement/retrieval. You’ll also love the unique fold-down mechanism; just press the two buttons located on each upright to release the stand’s internal catches. The multiple guitars rack setup is just as effortless, needless to say.


  • Takes up less space than other 5 guitar racks.
  • Effortless folding/unfolding, thanks to the unique catch-release mechanism
  • Cushion pads are devoid of dyes, so there’s no risk of blemishing your guitars
  • Exceptional build quality


  • Not suitable for big-bodied acoustics

Our Rating –

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Best Portable Folding Guitar Stand – NEUMA Guitar Stand Folding Universal A frame Stand

Keep your guitar within reach but out of the way with this petite stand from NEUMA – our choice for best portable folding frame guitar stands. Like the name indicates, this is an A-frame guitar stand suitable for guitars of all sizes and shapes (6- and 7-string, acoustics, electrics, etc). It features a tubular frame made of high-strength steel for rigidity, with all contact points shielded to avoid harmful contact.

Specifically, both arms and the frame’s apex are covered in a non-slip EVA foam to shield your guitar’s woodwork from the metal. All four feet are fitted with slotted rubber paddings to keep the stand planted firmly on the floor.

For all the stability it offers, the NEUMA Universal A-Frame Stand weighs a meager 1 kg and has a footprint less than the width of most guitars. This, combined with the foldable design, makes it perfect for gigging guitarists. Not that there’s anything to keep you from getting one for home use.


  • No assembly required
  • Ultra-lightweight, highly portable stand
  • Tiny footprint makes it suitable for small spaces
  • Will accommodate guitars of all sizes
  • Affordable: The price tag is well within everyone’s reach.
  • Has a money-back guarantee

Our Rating –

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Best Classical Guitar Stand – Exqline Wooden Guitar Stand with 0.12in Thickening Anti-Slip EVA Padding

Here’s another wooden fellow to give the Zither Stand a run for its money. The Exqline Stand, our best classical guitar stands pick, looks like it’ll get the job done for a fraction of the Zither’s price. But unlike the Zither, this is a floor stand with no towering arm to cradle your guitar’s neck.

Not that that there’s much wrong with that, though — the Exqline Wooden Stand already offers plenty of support for the base. It’s comprised of two Y-shaped pieces that merge into an X-frame, with EVA strips lining up both contact surfaces. Both members are crafted from pine and polished to highlight the rich ebony-like color — a bonus if you have a splendid wooden acoustic you want to show off. The Exqline Stand is designed to let your guitar shine in its best light. It’s fine for regular acoustic guitars too.


  • Perfect combination of form and function
  • Easy to assemble/dismantle, and no tools are needed for either.
  • Will easily fit into any decor, thanks to the wooden construction
  • Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, plus a one-year replacement warranty.
  • EVA padding doesn’t come off easily like is the case with metallic guitar stands

Our Rating –

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Best Guitar Stands Conclusion

Some more quick picks:

  • Hercules GS525B
  • Hercules Stands GS414B Plus
  • Stage XCG4

Ultimately, a guitar stand for electric guitar and acoustic guitars is one of the many accessories you need for a smooth, comfortable experience. You could choose to do without it and hang your guitar from a wall with guitar wall hangers, wallmount guitar hanger like the String Swing of course. But there’s just too much that could go wrong here — a strap may slip and send your precious guitar tumbling down. Sometimes Explorer shape or Flying V shaped don’t sit quite right.  Or worse, give in under the weight of the guitar. Only a guitar stand will let you show off your handsome guitar without compromising on safety.

As you’ve seen, not all guitar stands are created equal. So do your homework and figure out which one of them will suit you best. Pick a stand that will fit within your space and budget, all while providing enough room for all your guitars.