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5 Best Guitar Amp Mic Stand Options

If you are recording guitar with a microphone, you need to get the placement correct. This is where a good guitar amp mic stand is needed. But which one should you use?

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Our Top Mic Stand For Guitar Amps Reviews

Our Top Choice – On-Stage RS7501 Amp Stand with Boom Arm

The On-Stage RS7501 Amp Stand with Boom Arm is the best guitar amp mic stand that we could find.

This stand is mostly made of metal and will hold your microphone firmly in place. The legs extend out to give you maximum stability. The boom arm can be adjusted to the height you want and rotate 360 degrees.

One customer said their stand had a problem but they contacted On-Stage’s customer service (which is a great aspect of this brand) and received a replacement. Another stated that the stand is heavy duty and will last for years.


  • Solid build quality


  • There really aren’t many negatives about this stand, other than it being a little pricey. But if you are serious about your sound, then pay what it takes to get one of these stands.

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Adjustable – On-Stage MS7920B

The On-Stage MS7920B is a great guitar amp mic stand for those who have different heights in mind. With this stand, you can adjust the height from 8″ to 14″. It comes with a boom arm which allows you to position the microphone where needed.

This is an innovative stand with a sturdy metal construction. The handgrip is made of rubber and offers extra stability for your setup.


  • Good quality stand material.


  • It could use more height options.

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Boom Stand For Live Performances – Ultimate Support JS-KD50 JamStands

The Ultimate Support JS-KD50 JamStands is a boom stand for live performances designed with professional musicians in mind. It weighs less than 5 lb and has a telescopic pole which extends and folds to under 1 foot.

This great piece of equipment is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of the stage. You can even attach two mics at once for a better sound.


  • Thin design allows portability.


  • There aren’t many negatives about this stand.

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Clip On – Wishbone Amp Hook Microphone Holder

The Wishbone Amp Hook Microphone Holder is a clip on stand that will hold your guitar amp mic on any flat surface. It has an adjustable height that can suit different needs and it is made from high-quality materials.

Using it is very simple. Just place the stand in the amp’s handle on the top of the amp. Now you can adjust the height of your mic.


  • Portable and easy to use.


  • Only have height adjustments.

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Budget – InnoGear Desktop Microphone Stand

The InnoGear Desktop Microphone Stand is a budget stand that is priced very reasonably. With this stand, you can use your guitar amp mic on a desk or tabletop.

The arm is extended and can be moved to the desired height simply by turning the rotary dial on the base. It also has a telescopic pole which you can use to tilt the stand and adjust the level where needed.


  • Affordable price


  • The stand’s design could be better.

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Proper Mounting Of Your Small Guitar Amp Mic Stand

The proper placement of your microphone on your guitar amp helps you get the best sound. Getting this right is vital to the success of your recordings. The right spot is also important to room ambience. You need it to sound like you are in a bigger real-space than the room actually is.

The best position for your microphone on the amp depends on how you want the sound of your recording to be. The mic should be close enough that it picks up good tone but not too close that it picks up excessive noise and distortion.

The mic should also be far enough away that it doesn’t pick up spill from other instruments. In a small room, the sound can bounce off the walls and be picked up by your microphone. The right off axis positioning of the mic will help prevent this.

The mic placement should also be such that it isn’t sensitive to noise of its own. A computer mic placed too close to a noisy heating element can pick up its noise. You don’t want that happening to your guitar amp mic stand microphone.


You can’t have a guitar mic stand without a good amp mic stand. They make a massive difference in your sound and you will wonder how you ever did without. The best guitar amp mic stands do far more than just hold your microphone. They also help prevent noise, give you smooth action and are generally easy to use.