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YOU’LL LOVE These 6 Best Mics For Guitar Amps!

There’s no doubt that having a good mic to record guitar amp is essential as having a good guitar tone. Are you one of those people who are currently searching for a best mic for guitar amp?

With many options available in the market today, it cannot be easy to pick one. Fortunately, we are here. In this post, we are going to walk you through the best mic for a guitar amp, which could respond to your sounds faithfully. There’s no need to think if you cannot afford them, as they’re all reasonable for the majority of home studios.

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Are you ready to find out? Without further ado, let’s get started!

Our Recommended Top Guitar Amp Microphones

1.  Shure SM57

This mic for guitar amp is suitable for people who do not want to purchase individual items of equipment where you need to organize a widescreen, cable, stand, mic, and adapter individually.

The good thing about this bundle is that it comes in four different options. You can receive a mic with no cable, the USB condenser mics with an XLR to USB adapter, a cable and windscreen, and the mic with a stand.

The Shure SM57 will allow you to receive quality records, which can reproduce your sound and style and without any fuss. On top of that, the cardioid condenser pattern available on this mic is created to isolate any sounds entering from the back and sides. That enables the microphone to have a complete focus on the instrument.

You see, that’s an amazing feature for anybody who does not have the extravagance to play in a quiet area. It’s also ideal for people who need to share a studio or garage with bandmates during recording.


  • Wide frequency response
  • Comes in bundle options
  • Heavy duty and durable


  • No power switch
  • Not good on cymbals
  • It needs changes in settings to control the bass

Another Shure option is the Shure SM81.

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2.  Sennheiser MD421

This mic for guitar amp is considered one of the sought-after mics in the world. That’s big thanks to its sonic characteristics. You can utilize this mic in different recording scenarios to complement your equipment and setup smoothly. What’s more, you will find a five-stage bass present, which helps improve all new qualities.

This mic for guitar amp will offer you excellent feedback rejection, transparent and clear sound, which will not change but improve your instruments. Overall, it is a good and durable piece of equipment that can help you accomplish only the best performance. That’s especially true whether it be during live shores where the audience is depending on you or in the studio.

The quality of artisanship in this mic is unsurpassed and can’t be beaten easily. That’s the reason why it’s included in one of the top brands within its niche. The brand also ensures to improve its equipment according to the honest reviews and feedbacks of its customers. That’s also what set this mic apart among others in this list. Sennheiser MD421 is surely one of the best mics for guitar amp you need to consider.


  • Durable and heavy duty product
  • Clear sound reproduction
  • Excellent feedback rejection


  • It doesn’t match specific vocal types

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3.  Beyerdynamic M160

The microphone for guitar amp from Beyerdynamic M160 is the ideal companion for people who are searching for a dependable guitar amp. Did you know that it’s categorized in the top ten of Amazon’s ribbon mic group?

You will find numerous reasons as to why many users have been ranking this mic up. One of them is one of a kind ribbon design. Did you know that Beyerdynamic is one of the few that creates ribbon mic? It can easily record string instruments and make them stand out. However, it could also accompany reproduce sounds of the saxophone, acoustic guitar, tube valve amps, drums, and piano.

Beyerdynamic M160 is highly sought-after in the music and film industry as well. That’s where you wish to hide the mic and not have them reflect light. Furthermore, the frequency response is excellent, not to mention that the hyper-cardioid pattern helps reproduce exact sounds on demand.

This mic for guitar amp is perfect for you, especially if you are searching for a versatile guitar mic that can pick up your guitar amp immediately.


  • Instantly respond to the sound source
  • Lightweight and very compact
  • Features a warm and vintage sound


  • The mic placement could be a bit tricky due to the shape of the mic

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4.  Sennheiser E609

Sennheiser E609 is particularly created for electric guitar. Did you know that the super-cardioid polar pattern of this tool offers it a good sound isolation while performing live? One of the best features of this guitar amp mic is that it doesn’t require a mic stand. You can easily hang it with the cable from the top of your amp. How awesome is that?

Apart from that, this product also provides a hum-compensating coil. It can lessen electrical interference, which is a typical issue with guitar cabs.

Even though it’s bulky and big, it’s actually compact and very lightweight. That makes it a good studio device and travel companion. The overall design of this guitar amp mic is built to allow simple close miking of guitar amps without allowing in any distortion.

It’s worth mentioning as well that this product isn’t made to be a heavy-duty mic. Rather, later design lets this mic to be hung from a speaker cabinet and does not need a clip. Consider this guitar amp mic if you are playing live or recording a live performance.


  • Deals with high peak distortion
  • Clear and cloud sound preciseness
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The mic clip is quite very tight

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5.  Neumann U87

You are aware that Neumann U87 is one of the giants in the industry. Most people refer to this model as the most widely utilized and highly sought professional studio mic on the entire planet. You will see this device sitting close guitar amplifiers any time you prefer to enter a professional recording guitar studio.

The famous design of this mic is a huge trademark, not to mention that it’s natural, original, and smooth sound does not distort the real sound source, which it is coming from. How great is that?

The packaging of this guitar amp mic is remarkable as well. You will receive a wood box, which is loaded with foam that keeps the mic safeguarded from any incidents, which could take place throughout its delivery. You see, it’s a compact and solid item which has some bulk to it. That guarantees the design and durability are smooth and slick at the same time.

This mic is ideal for advanced players out there. That’s because the care, uses, and options could be a bit difficult to understand for a beginner. Irrespective of that, it’s one of the best guitar amp mics you can find in the market today.


  • Durable and solid product
  • Offers a very professional sound
  • Features a warm and inviting tone

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6.  AKG Pro Audio C414

Last but surely not least is the AKG Pro Audio C414. This mic for guitar amp from AKG can create awesome headphone sets. It has been extremely famous for being the go-to guitar mic for people who wish to record their guitar and experiment with the style and sound of the recording and live performance at the same time.

This mic features nine switchable directional features. Each of them sounds unique, true, and original to itself. You will also find three different switchable bass-cut filters. There’s a peak hold display too and another feature, which most mics could take advantage of having: the lock mode.

Are you currently looking for a mic, which will acquire and improve the harmonics of your playing devoid of ruining the originality within the process? Then AKG Pro Audio C414 got you covered. It features a warm and rich sound that will help strengthen your skill level without any doubt.

Another thing you will love about AKG Pro Audio C414 is the innovative piece of studio gear, which will serve anybody with utmost accuracy and sincerity. This mic for guitar amp will provide you different choices and features to discover if you are planning to invest.


  • Precise and inclusive recordings
  • Has nine switchable polar patterns
  • Lock mode


  • Has ruggedly made structure

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Microphone For Guitar Amps Conclusion

To sum up, choosing and buying a mic for guitar amp could be a challenging journey for you, especially if you are a beginner. That’s because the majority of mics aren’t designed by default for guitar amplifiers. Therefore, you must be able to read various reviews to determine what customers and users say about the suitability of a specific mic.

We hope we are able to help you narrow down your choices to the bare necessities, even though it could be difficult to choose a good candidate to help you record and do better when you’re swarmed by a pool of unlimited choices.