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THESE 8 Best Guitar Chair & Stools For Playing Comfort

You could probably play the guitar while on the floor but why risk inconvenience and comfort when you can play on the best guitar chair?

Don’t just use a lounge chair, an office chair furniture or bar stool!  We scoured many shops to find the perfect options for you when playing guitar and here are our recommendations:

Our Top Chair For Playing Guitar & Stool Reviews


Gibraltar 9608 MB Throne – My Favorite Guitar Chair For Practice

If you want a throne, this is the throne you want. Rule over your guitar-adoring minions while resting on the Gibraltar 9608MB throne. It has everything you need to guitar practice and play.

The Gibraltar 9608MB is a chair that fits most guitarists, whether you are as teeny-tiny as Angus Young or as long and lean as Joey Ramone. It has an adjustable height that lets you modify the vertical position of the chair.

The Gibraltar 9608MB is also quite sturdy and stable, so it doesn’t matter how still or dynamic you are as a guitar player – it will keep you on steady ground. The legs are locked in place and very stable, so you are assured of a good ground grip. If you have ever felt unsteady on a chair before, rest assured that the 9608 MB will keep you safe and steady.

In terms of comfort, the seat is well-padded and the upholstery is made with high-quality materials. So does it look good? You bet! It does not only boast of comfort but of looks as well.

Now, on to the downside. The backrest is probably the only complaint we have about this chair or drum throne. Quality-wise, it is great but in terms of design, there is a bit of an issue. When you are seated with your spine straight, you may not feel much support at all. You will have to lean back to feel the backrest. While this is good for relaxing and lounging around, it is not exactly the ideal position for playing guitar. That said, the Gibraltar 6808MB is a great choice – not too hefty, so you can carry it easily. The price tag speaks for its quality as well, so if you are looking for a bargain, this is not the chair for you. There is also the issue regarding some of its parts which may not seem too robust. At its price point, you may balk at these details.

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Stagg GIST 300 Guitar Stool

Stagg Music is likely a familiar brand for many musicians, thanks to their wide range of top-quality products. Established in 1995 in Belgium, Stagg Music began producing musical instruments and gear, later branching out to produce pro-audio products. However, the brand is best known for its guitars, drums, cymbals, and basses. They also make quality brass instruments, mandolins, and percussion instruments.

One of the brand’s best offerings from their line of musical gears is the Stagg GIST 300 foldable guitar stool. It is a foldable stool that comes with a guitar stand built into the chair itself. The built-in guitar stand accommodates both electric and acoustic guitars, which amps up the stool’s function and convenience. It is also designed to encourage better posture, so you can keep your spine straight and comfortable while performing. It has a sturdy and solid build with carefully chosen materials for construction. The stool comes in all black and has a padded vinyl top that offers excellent support during long hours of playing.

This guitar playing stool is very lightweight and has a height of 2 feet. Since it can be folded, you can store it easily or take it anywhere you need to go. The legs and supports are sturdy, so you are assured of years of use. The leg bottoms also have reinforced covers.

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Fender 30 Barstool

Fender probably does not need any introduction. Like Gibson, the brand is a giant in the music industry with a long list of famous musicians who use their products. Fender is a world-famous brand for guitars, amps, leads, and yes, including chairs.

Trust Fender to create a premium guitar practice chair with excellent build quality topped with a lovely retro design. The chair boasts solid support as well via its 1-inch thick chrome-plated steel tubing. The quality construction of the Fender 30 is what you will notice first.

This good guitar stool is supported by four legs, all finished using rubber caps to reduce slipping and protect the material. The legs are kept even sturdier by a circular supporting bar, adding to its strength and stability. The bar also functions as a footrest if you need an elevated place to rest your foot while playing.

Because this is a Fender chair, you can be sure that the famous Fender logo is going to steal the show with its black and red finish. In terms of comfort, the perch is topped by thick and comfortable foam padding and finished with high-quality vinyl. The seat also swivels completely, so you can shift and maneuver to get yourself in the most natural and comfortable posture during your performance.

The Fender 30 barstool is 30″ tall, so it covers all the chair height requirements for guitarists of different heights.  The price tag might put you off but keep in mind that this is an excellent-quality stool from one of the most reliable brands in the industry, so you know you are buying only the top guitar chair.

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Pyle PKST70 Musician and Performer Stool

If you want a guitar chair that offers sturdy lumbar support, the Pyle PKST70 is the guitar chair for you. It has a padded seat and a solid backrest. It is foldable and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around. The height of the stool is adjustable and can be used for both studio and stage.

You might find some not-so-great reviews about the Pyle PKST70 online. Some reviewers complained about comfort while others balked at less-than-stellar customer service. Here’s the thing: comfort is relative and it is all personal in that what is comfortable is really what feels best for you. This stool offers additional lumbar support. If you need that as an option, you are assured of good and sturdy support for your lower back. For guitar players who need lower back support, this is worth looking at.  The foot rest makes it great for playing classical guitar too.

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On-Stage DT7500 Guitar Stool

The On-Stage DT7500 is an affordable stool that comes with a footrest. It is a sturdy piece of equipment and you will love it for its reliability. However, it is a non-adjustable guitar chair, so the height and the footrest remain in place. If you are comfortable with this design, give this chair a try.

You will love that it is collapsible and quite lightweight. If you move around a lot or have plenty of gigs to go to, this is the perfect companion. A caveat: this chair is best suited for taller guitarists. The non-adjustable feature may not make it the most comfortable perch for shorter guitar players.

So is it comfortable? You’ll be glad to know that yes, it is quite so. The pad is thick and breathable. It does not have a backrest, however, so if you tend to sit for long periods while playing guitar, this may not give you the comfort you need.

And here’s more: it comes with a built-in guitar stand that lets you leave your instrument safely when you have to do other things. The guitar rest comes in handy when you do not want to be lugging your guitar around on stage.

In terms of build quality, this stool is topnotch. The design is simple and sturdy. Although it does not have plenty of features, you do get what you pay for. It looks great, does its job, and is very affordable.

Do not worry about slipping while playing, though. The legs are designed with an excellent grip so you are assured of stable footing. This may not be the top guitar chair because of its static, non-adjustable design but if it fits your height and you want a stool at a good value, this is a great option to look at.

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Gator Frameworks

Whether you play acoustic or electric guitar, you want a chair that offers you comfort and support. And not just to you but to your guitar as well. The Gator Frameworks guitar chair comes with its own guitar stand, so any time you need to let go of your guitar, you know you can place it someplace where it is safe. Go hands-free any time you like – the built-in guitar stand has got you covered.

Here’s another feature you will like: the guitar stand is foldable. During a performance using an acoustic guitar, simply fold the guitar stand to make more room for your foot. This is a thoughtful design since you have more room to move.  It’s a good guitar performance seat.

The guitar seat is easy to set up. The stool itself is already put together and you only need to attach the backrest. This component is very easy to install, so even if you are not very dexterous with assembling things together, there is no way you can go wrong.

The seat itself has thick padding and is very comfortable. The shape, firmness, and thickness of the padding offer you excellent support for the lower part of the body.

When it comes to portability, this chair is also a good choice. It folds easily and is portable. If you tour or travel for gigs, the Gator Frameworks chair will be your new favorite. There is a con, however. When the backrest is attached, the chair is not as compact for easy storage. Plus, the backrest is heavy enough to collapse on its own, so it opens up.

The chair also has a fixed height. You will have to be within a certain height range to sit comfortably on the Gator Frameworks stool. Some users may find the chair a bit too uncomfortable to use for guitar playing.

In terms of sturdiness, the metal components of the chair are of excellent quality. However, the same cannot be said about the other parts. The bottom part of the seat, which is padded, seems easy to tear and could rip if mishandled slightly. But with reasonable care, this chair can be a good choice, especially at its value.

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Quik Lok Dx749 Musician Seat

Do you need good back support? Then the best guitar chair for you might just be the Quik Lok Dx749. It claims to offer the ultimate comfort for musicians. It boasts excellent seat padding that creates a comfortable perch so you can practice or perform with your guitar for long periods of time without any problems.

The key feature of the Quik Lok Dx749 is the backrest. It is designed with an angle that creates sufficient support for your back. The backrest itself is adjustable, so adjust it to an angle that gives you the best support you want. Unfortunately, there is a little issue with the lower back support since it can be a bit uncomfortable for some users.

As for the seat itself, it is adjustable, so it can accommodate guitar players of different heights. The basic height setting is a bit taller than other similar products, however, and if you are not the ideal height, this chair may not be very comfortable for you.

The Quik Lok Dx749 is also easy to set up – you can put it together in just minutes. The footrest, however, is not that sturdy. The position may be a little too high, which may not be the most ideal height for your feet. Of course, many guitarists will find this chair the perfect option for them, depending on their height and build.

If you travel a lot or want to bring your own seat for a performance, the Quik Lok Dx749 is quite portable. When you need to store or transport it, simply fold the chair flat. Be warned, though – it is not in the lightweight category.

There’s a con to this lovely stool, though. It tends to tip forward when you move on it while seated. If you are playing, this can cause you to think you are losing your balance and might disrupt your performance.

The Quik Lok Dx749 is a bit more expensive compared to other musician chairs but it is worth it in terms of its design, quality, and convenience. This is a perfect stool for you if you want a great guitar chair with excellent back support.

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Torin TRP6185 Guitar Stool

The Torin TRP6185 is a looker. It will look great anywhere, whether you are playing in a bar, singing in a recording studio, jamming in a garage, or strumming in a rehearsal space. It features a slick, classic design and can be assembled in just 10 minutes or so. You do need a screwdriver, though.

When we said that the Torin TRP6185 is a looker, we were not exaggerating. It is covered by a luxurious, jet-black vinyl wrapped around a dense foam padding that is 14 ½” thick. And it swivels. You get to turn the seat 360 degrees so you have absolute freedom of movement while playing. And you will be quite comfortable doing so.

The build of the Torin TRP6185 is also sturdy. The supports are made from chrome-finished heavy-duty steel supports. The seat is held up by four legs with protective anti-slip caps attached to the bottoms, so you are assured of excellent stability. It also features a horizontal ring that adds to the overall strength of the chair and doubles as a footrest. It’s easy to assemble with the help of your trusty screwdriver.

The Torin TRP6185 is 28 inches tall. It can hold weights up to 250lbs. It is available in two designs – a black finish with chrome steel and a yellow pattern with black steel.

So how much is it? You will be glad to know that the Torin TRP6185 is priced affordably. Considering its build, design, and stability, the stool is a bargain. This is a no-frills stool that guitarists who want function over form will love. It is comfortable and offers strong support, plus it has a 360-degree swivel seat that gives you more freedom of movement.

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Do You Really Need a Guitar Chair Or Stool?

You probably think that when it comes to playing guitar that any chair will do for a musician. It probably will but this is not always practical, especially if you will be spending hours practicing, you intend to record your performance, or are going to perform before a live audience. The wrong chair can create problems with your posture, depending on its design and height. It can lead to neck pain, lower back pain, and spine issues. Plus, you might even compromise your playing technique.

If you are using the wrong chair, you will know it. Your neck will begin to feel stiff and your back will begin to resemble that of a camel. Prolonged physical exertion causes changes in the body, some of which can be unpleasant. You will soon notice that your body aches more than usual after practice.

You probably think that these problems can be remedied with rest and sleep. Maybe, but continued use of your posture in the wrong position will have long-term effects on your health. It is far better to make sure that you take care of your body and that critical issues about your posture are addressed.

This is where the right musician’s chair becomes a necessity. The correct height and design of the chair will help correct bad posture and prevent health issues and even injuries.

Of course, you might think that a chair is not as important as your guitar but keep in mind that playing long hours when your muscles are tensed or rigid will likely cause you some amount of trouble in the future. You could ignore the issues now but it will not be fun and games when you have to wonder about all your aches and pains later.

You may think that a guitar is the least of your concerns. But you need to know that there are certain things that you may have to contend with if the chair does not offer you the right type of support.

Guitar Chairs, Seat and Guitar Stools Summary

Now that you have a good idea about the best guitar chairs available right now, you will find it a lot easier to find the perfect stool for yourself. Of course, with so many options, you may have to look at a few dozen choices to get to the right chair. However, with the recommendations we offer, you will know which features and designs to look for. Make sure it is a good mix of price, comfort, and stability.