electric guitar capo

REVEALED: Can You Use A Capo On An Electric Guitar?

Yes, you can use a capo on an electric guitar. They are meant to help you change key from your chords. You can use a capo in any fret you want and they look like this:

You can find one for $10-$20 which is a very small price to pay for an investment that will make your guitar playing easier on your fingers and more enjoyable. There are many different types, so if you want one that stays on the neck, then be aware of this before buying it. One of the best capos is the Kyser Quick-Change capo. Or you can also compare the Shubb capo vs G7th.  They are very easy to use and sounds great.

Looking for more info?  Check out our article on what a guitar capo does.  Beginner guitarists can also check out these best beginner capo options.