best guitar case for flying

TRAVELING? 7 Best Guitar Cases For Flying Today!

If you’re planning to travel and bring your guitar, I’d recommend picking up a quality guitar flight case and choosing from one of these best guitar case for flying recommendations.

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Our Top Guitar Cases For Flying Recommendations

Crossrock Anti-Scratch Flight Case

The first contender is one that is well-suited for taking care of your classical guitar when you fly. It’s the curvy poly carbon case from the brand Crossrock.

The case has ideal dimensions to hold a traditional guitar. However, you’d do well to check out the depth of it because it varies more than the length.

When you have the anti-scratch model you’re protected against rough handling that may occur on a long journey. The company does also make carbon fiber glass and premium cases so you have more choices.

The case features a gorgeous velvet interior as well as custom pudding so that your instrument stays cushioned in-flight. It also comes with TSA approved locking latches.

This case has a convenient design that lets you attach on deluxe straps to it so you can wear it like a backpack if you wish. That way, you can stay hands-free while in the airport (or have your hands available to hold other items).

This case is a durable option that is ideal for carrying a classical guitar. It has comfort features that make it easier to carry, especially good if you’re a long-haul traveler. Since there are carbon fiber glass and premium options you don’t have to settle for just one style.

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Gator Cases Molded Flight Case

Gator certainly has made its mark as a quality brand and go-to guitar case company.

The model we’re taking a look at is an ATA molded case that is rectangular and has rounded corners. It has great interior cushioning and is perfect for carrying a full-size Telecaster or Strat.

It features an outer shell that’s made out of polyethylene. The interior is designed out of EPS foam. It’s got an extended neck cradle which is something you don’t see every day. Inside the dimensions are 12.75 inches for the lower bout width, 12.75 inches for the middle bout width, and 12.75 inches for the upper bout width. It has a total length of 39.5 inches and its body height is 3.25 inches.

The case includes an ergonomic carry case handle and black powder valance. It also contains a TSA approved locking latch and a handheld release trigger with resistance to impact.

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Gator Cases Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar Case (GTSA-GTRDREAD)

Even though the more soft guitar cases offer great portability since they were designed with comfort in mind, it’s no doubt that the best guitar case for flying is one that has a hard exterior.

Gator Cases GTSA-GTRDREAD has a solid construction with latches that have been upgraded to provide you with the best possible protection when it comes to loss and damage. You won’t have to worry about checking in your guitar when you get to the airport with such a case.

There are various other reasons we’ve chosen these Gator guitar cases for your acoustic guitar that are as follows:

They feature a shell comprised of durable polyethylene, excellent for shielding your instrument from exterior pressure. The latches give you peace of mind that your guitar will be safely kept inside of the case.

It’s in your best interest to choose a non-locking, TSA approved system that will give you the confidence to check in your guitar at the airport. These come with locks that are easy to use so you can open up and check on what’s inside within seconds.

Inside the case is EPS foam which is heavy padding. It’s covered with black plush that can absorb shock in order to prevent your guitar from receiving an impact. This thick padding cushions the guitar well enough to prevent it from wobbling. There also is a neck cradle which secures the guitar well.

There’s a decent amount of storage space in this case. You’d be able to put in some other items as you wish, including straps, capos, guitar pedals, and any other accessories you’d like to have with your guitar. Since there’s a lid on the storage compartment, you can rest assured that its contents will stay in place.

If you’re not looking to get the best acoustic guitar case, Gator makes cases in different styles for bass, classical, and electric guitars.

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ENKI AMG-2 Guitar Case

With the ENKI AMG-2 guitar case, you’ll be able to carry two electric guitars. They give a promise that this case offers solid and airline-safe protection for any working and traveling musician. It’s the ideal case to bring with you on tours as it is convenient and efficient.

The exterior is hard, perfect to offer a superior level of toughness. However, it’s also lightweight and the shell has been constructed out of roto-molded polyethylene. It also includes a custom-fitted EVA foam insert that’s better when it comes to encasing guitars.

The AMG-2 can hold nearly any style of electric guitar since it has a body width of up to 13 3/8 inches or 340mm. You can access your guitars either vertically or horizontally by pressing on just one latch.

You also can use the AMG-2 as a guitar rack whenever you’d like as long as you stand it up. The smooth-glide wheels and the top and front handles allow you to move or carry it with ease. It’s a wonderful investment for a serious musician to make.

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Fender Deluxe Molder Stratocaster – Telecaster Electric Guitar Case

You likely already realize the fact that cases that have hard outer shells are ideal for cargo. The Fender Deluxe Molder Electric Guitar Case is considered a favorite by numerous traveling musicians.

The materials of the case must be strong and durable so that they can stand up against all force. You’ll be pleased to learn that this case is made out of ATA molded military-grade polyethylene.

The case comes with a locking center latch that’s TSA approved. Your contents will remain safe in it and the polyester plush interior with its extended-reach neck cradle means that there’s extra shock resistance.

Once you check in your guitar, you may be concerned that the staff at the airport won’t be all that careful. After all, not everyone’s going to care for it like it’s their baby the same as you would. That’s why it’s so important that you take any necessary precautions.

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Carrion C-1501 Black Hardshell Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar Case

This hard case from Carrion fits many traditional acoustic guitars. It has good depth so you might need to make adjustments so that it’s a snug fit for your instrument.

The case has a durable handle and high quality hinges made out of chrome-plated brass. Other hardware on this is made out of the brass as well. The shell is comprised of a multi-plywood core with black Tolex on top.

These cases have high-density plush padding so that they absorb shock and in turn, your instrument stays safe. There’s also a small interior accessory pocket for your convenience to hold those little items that go along with your guitar.

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SKB 1SKB-300 Baby Mini Acoustic Guitar Hard Case

If you’re like a lot of musicians you’ve got an instrument that’s on the smaller side you like to take on your travels. It would benefit you to have to case that accommodates a smaller model of guitar.

These hard cases are ideal for carrying a Baby Taylor. The upper bout is 9.5 inches, the lower is 12.5 inches, and the interior length is 34.5 inches.

This isn’t a lockable case though it does feature reinforced latches. You likely will be able to carry it onto the plane since it’s smaller. However, you should check about the weight restrictions for the particular airline you’re going through before your flight.

The case has a hardy handle and a metal valance with molded bumpers that help prevent the case from getting scratched. The inside has rigid EPS foam and full-length neck support so it’s ideal for support.

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Guitar Cases For Flying Conclusion

It can be difficult to find the best guitar case for flying. You’ll have many personal considerations to make this decision.

I recommend that you think about the above guitar cases as possible options. They truly are durable, protective, high-quality cases that anyone would be fortunate to have on their travels.