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8 Best Power Conditioner For Guitar Amp Options

Do you have an annoying hum in your amp and you believe that it could be from the power you are sending it? Maybe you need a power conditioner!

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Our Top Power Conditioner For Guitar Amplifier Reviews

Furman CN-1800S 15A Smart Sequencing Power Conditioner

The Furman CN-1800S is the best power conditioner that I’ve found for a guitar amp. It effectively cures all hums.

It features Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) Technology , a high-performance digital design that protects the amplifier during power surges and brownouts.

The Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT) is a combination of multiple noise-reduction techniques that provide the highest gain before feedback and the lowest possible noise floor without degradation of the audio signal.

SmartSequencing, a technology from Furman, passively monitors the power and transfers it to your amplifier on the best available line. You will never have to worry about unbalanced lines in your system again!

The Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) provides both over-voltage and over-current protection. [Note: +12V is always connected to the power rail(s) that provide the highest possible voltage to the amplifier. Only an amp that is receiving +12V will complain about current.

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Rockn Stompn RS-4 Power Conditioner

The Rockn Stompn RS-4 Power Conditioner is another excellent power conditioner for guitar amps. The Stompn series power conditioners are ultra-compact, lightweight and built to last. They’re also affordable and packed with sound cleaning technology.

This foot pedal activated power strip has a 4-stage protection, providing maximum overload and transient protection.

There’s also a 15A circuit breaker to prevent tripped circuit. The built-in circuit breaker includes an LED indicator and a 110VAC/230VAC switch.

This is designed for daily use on the road or home studio and has a sturdy steel frame construction.

It even has a lifetime warranty and 24/7 support.

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Livewire 11-Outlet Power Conditioner and Distribution System

A power conditioner is something every guitarist should have and this is another excellent choice. It offers a wide range of features, including noise cancellation and filtering for real-time responses.

The rack mount design makes it a versatile power conditioner, so it is ideal for pro and home recording studios, live performances or installation.

The signal processing is passive, so there are no batteries or fans needed. The active outlet section has no controls at all; just plug in your equipment and go! There’s also front panel extendable lights that help light up the front panel as well as the other effects units in your rack.

It also has 11 outlets allowing you to provide power to 11 pieces of equipment at a time.

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Pyle PS900 Audio/Video AC Power Conditioner

The Pyle PS900 is a powered rack unit with 8 AC outlets. It’s an excellent power conditioner for drum monitoring, guitar amps, keyboards, or any other device that needs to be kept quiet!

It can supply clean power to up to 8 pieces of equipment.

It features an overload protection circuit and a large LED display that shows the power factor, frequency and voltage. The LED conditioner display shows the incoming AC surge current and the inductor current. It also can monitor AC voltage in real time with an internal voltage sensor.

The unit is rack mountable and has a durable steel frame construction for easy mounting in your rack.

It has a built in two stage EMI filter and uses active power factor correction technology.

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Furman PST-8 Sound Power Station Series Line Conditioner

The Furman PST-8 Sound Power Station Series is an impressive power conditioner for guitar amps. It’s designed for DJs, musicians, sound engineers and even home theatre enthusiasts to provide safe, clean power for all audio/video equipment.

It features Furman’s exclusive Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) technology to protect your equipment from power-line transients, AC surges, and AC line noise.

It features a zero-feedback, active electronic circuit design that provides safe, clean power to sensitive equipment like amplifiers, turntables, and computer equipment.

The unit is equipped with 8 receptacles. You can choose between 12 or 24 VAC input on the front panel. The bottom has a 12V output for powering tape decks, samplers, effects processors and other equipment.

The Furman PST-8 is designed for high performance audio/video systems.

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Monoprice 15A Power Conditioner

Monoprice makes some nice value power conditioners, and this unit is not exception. It’s a solid basic model that see’s good reviews from customers. It does the job!

It has 8 separate outlets for power in three zones, allowing you to attach up to 8 pieces of equipment at a time. The high current circuit breaker prevents overloading the unit when it is active, and can be removed for use in live situations or in emergency situations.

It also helps reduce distortion and interference in the power line feeding your audio/video components.

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Pyle 10 Outlet Power Sequencer Conditioner

The Pyle 10 Outlet Power Sequencer Conditioner allows you to power 10 pieces of gear. The unit will automatically shut down if there is no signal on the device or line. It’s great for audio recording studios and live sound applications.

The built in power sequencing circuit prevents power overloads, even if the connected equipment outputs a signal. It also provides the AC voltage and frequency needed to operate the device properly.

It has LEDs that turn on when a device is connected, so you can see which devices are receiving power from the unit, including the number and type of devices connected to it.

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Furman PST-2+6 Power Station Series Line Conditioner

The Furman PST-2+6 is the perfect model for home or small professional studios. It has 2 standard outlets to power many audio/video components, plus 6 power conditioner outlets to give you extra headroom.

It has a compact design that’s easy to take on the road when you’re performing live or recording at home or in the studio. The unit is specifically designed to be used with sensitive electronic equipment like amplifiers, keyboards and other musical instruments.

It has a two-stage protection circuit to prevent any kind of damage, including power line transients, spikes and other electrical sources that can damage your equipment.

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If you’re using a power strip to power your guitar amplifier and other audio equipment, you are risking electrical damage and audio degradation. Using a true power conditioner can add the punch back into your power!

I highly recommend finding a quality one for your studio and live performances. I included many models in this article with various features, so you should be able to find one that fits in with your equipment needs.