are guitar straps universal

REVEALED: Are Guitar Straps Universal And Fit All Guitars?

Are you looking for a new guitar strap but not sure if all are equal?  Consider this:

Are guitar straps universal?

Yes.  All guitar straps work with any guitar or bass guitar making them universal.  It does not matter if you are playing an acoustic or electric.  Every guitar strap should fit any guitar correctly.

What Is A Guitar Strap?

Guitar straps are pieces of fabric or leather worn to support the guitar while a guitar player is standing. They attach the button like connectors on the guitar body from the sides. Guitar straps are of many types that come in different widths, lengths, colors, and styles besides other additional features such as underside cushion for enhanced comfort. When buying a guitar strap, it is essential, therefore, to consider length, width, material, and locking mechanism. Guitar straps price ranges from $30 – $70 on average, however, there are straps bought more than $100.  My personal favorite one that is probably the most comfortable strap I have ever used is this one on Amazon.  I’ll also say to make sure you are using strap locks like these ones.

Is there a difference between acoustic and electric guitar straps?

The universality between guitar straps has been debated over time, with various scholars drawing various conclusions. Indubitably, there are no much differences between the two instruments. All straps fit all guitars. Manufacturers only create specialized buttons to attach to each strap, and this is what to know before purchasing. It helps in picking a compatible strap suitable for the intended use. The strap specifics have nothing to do with both acoustic and electric guitars.

The significant difference is noted in designs. In the popular music culture, preferably in electric guitars, have harsher and edgy sounding music. When thinking in line with bolts, skulls, and bloody roses, acoustic guitars are mellow sounding, quiet, and light-hearted. When thinking of strap designs and jacquard patterns, they are just generalizations. These stereotypes are classified and eminent in straps shopped online. Comfort is another vital thing to consider in the design before buying your strap. Look at the strap, wideness, material, and length adjustment possibilities.

Do guitar straps work on bass?

Undeniably, guitar straps work on bass since their attachments are universal; therefore, they can work from a standpoint. To work effectively, here are the things to put into consideration.

  • Strap length – A bass guitar is played at a lower point compared to a regular guitar. When you already have a strap on the bass, consider measuring its length that is adjusted as many guitar straps are adjustable. Ensure the strap fits appropriately within the strap range you are bearing in mind to buy.
  • Strap wideness – Normally, regular guitars are lighter compared to bass guitars. Wide straps distribute weight evenly in a large surface area, therefore, less likely to dig the shoulder. Always consider a 2.5 wide bass/guitar strap as the minimum and up to 4.5 wide.
  • Stretchability – It is essential to purchasing a sturdy, functional, and vegetable-tanned leather guitar strap. Take chromium tanned straps. They can stretch without holding a weight. When having a heavy instrument like a Taylor acoustic electric guitar or electric guitars, consider adding shoulder pads such as neoprene pads, which work perfectly well and are durable.

Choosing a guitar strap

Choosing a guitar strap depends on several factors such as:


Different types of guitars correspond with different materials. Here are the common types of materials.

  • Leather – Leather is mostly used for its aesthetic values, durability, and it is more comfortable. Leather is available in a variety of colors and styles. Besides, it is customizable to different monograms.
  • Suede – This is another popular type of material popular for its looks and price. Suede is more adaptable to moisture, therefore, making it the best choice for sweaty people. Suede is comfortable to use and durable.
  • Polyester – Polyester can be easily dyed, and print designs, therefore, have a myriad of design options.

Design and Color

Color does not affect strap performance, but it is vital to choose an appealing color that matches your style of preference. For instance, straps with skulls and studs are suitable in rock music.


Most guitar straps can be adjusted; however, extra short and long options are available. Tall guitarists prefer longer straps to keep their guitars stored by hanging guitars on wall.  Shorter guitarists must choose shorter straps.


Guitar strap width is essential as it dictates the support the shoulder will get. Wider guitar straps distribute weight evenly lessening the weight on the back. This improves stability and comfort. For heavy instruments, wider straps are the most appropriate; however, there are options with shoulder pads.


For beginners, guitar straps below a budget of $30 are the best. Most of the straps within this budget range are of nylon and cotton with more excellent leather ends. Besides, they are comfortable, more secure, and durable and look nice aesthetically. Guitar straps with a budget of $100 are more comfortable and the best for heavy instruments.

In conclusion, guitar straps are essential accessories to guitar playing. When purchasing your guitar strap is vital to consider some factors to ensure buying a guitar strap suitable for the intended use. The straps are available in a range of budgets ranging from $30 – $100 or more. Material, durability, width, length, design, and color are the primary factors to consider.