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Do I Need A Power Conditioner For My Guitar Amp?

If you own a guitar amp, chances are high that you may be wondering if you need a power conditioner to go with it. We can help you decide.

Do I need a power conditioner for my guitar amp?

Yes, you do. Sometimes, it’s necessary for musicians to use a power conditioner with their guitar amp. The reason is that the power conditioner is able to provide clean and healthy electricity to it by removing noise from the power supply of your equipment or home.

It basically helps filter out EMI/RFI line noise to clean up your guitar tone.

What Is A Power Conditioner?

A power conditioner is an electronic device that protects your music gear from electrical noise, draws clean power and improves the performance of your guitar amp. If you don’t already own a power conditioner then it’s always a good idea to purchase one so that you can protect your amp.

A power conditioner also helps with sound quality. Power conditioners filter out noise, increasing audio fidelity.

There are various designs of such units. For a high-quality unit, it is best that you consider the size and price of the actual unit. Considering its price, the power conditioner is well worth the investment if you intend to use it for a long time.

Do Power Conditioners Remove Hum?

There is an increase in the number of guitarists who use power conditioners, particularly after the introduction of the high-gain preamp. While some high gain amplifiers can be used without a power conditioner, it’s highly recommended that you always use one. Power conditioners ensure that your system offers a clear and clean sound as possible.

Do Power Conditioners Sound Good?

Yes, they do. Some people think power conditioners sound bad but this isn’t true. In fact, many musicians consider power conditioners to be an essential accessory for the gear.

However, you cannot simply purchase a power conditioner and plug it into your amp without first researching any possible problems. Factors such as your preamp being bad, or a fuse blowing, could potentially cause problems for you and may need to be addressed by fixing them.

Finding out these things will enable you to use the power conditioner correctly.

Does A Power Conditioner Make A Difference?

Studies prove that power conditioners can make a difference. According to the studies they conducted, the effects of EMI/RFI noise can result in damage to your amplifier’s components like your tubes and other parts. By using a power conditioner, you are able to protect these components from such damage.

It also helps eliminate hum and noise from other sources. Using one helps improve sound quality and increase your overall audio fidelity.

How Does A Power Conditioner Work?

There are several types of power conditioners that you can purchase but all of them basically work by filtering out the noise in your power supply. EMI/RFI noise is a type of interference that can affect your performance by causing hum, buzz and even more serious issues like damage to your equipment.

Power conditioners help eliminate this noise while also providing clean and healthy electricity to reduce such issues. In order to work effectively, power conditioners should be plugged into the same outlet as your amp.

How Do I Choose The Right Power Conditioner?

Choose a power conditioner that is sufficient for the size of your amp. A power conditioner with a larger capacity can provide enough protection for amplifiers that are twice its size. In addition to this, look at the number of outlets it has so that you can determine if it’s enough or not. You need to make sure that you get a power conditioner with enough outlets so as to be able to supply clean electricity to your amp.

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Are Power Conditioners Also Surge Protectors?

Yes, power conditioners also provide protection from electrical interference. In this case, it’s a surge protector. A surge protector is able to prevent power surges from damaging electronics and other electrical equipment.

Can You Overload A Power Conditioner?

You should not overload a power conditioner because it won’t help you in any way. All you need to do is purchase a power conditioner with enough outlets for all of your electrical equipment. If you don’t, then the power conditioner cannot filter out all of the noise from the electrical interference.

But, the good news is that many models will shut off automatically if there is a risk of overloading.


To conclude, if you need to protect your equipment from EMI/RFI noise then power conditioners are generally the best solution. They filter out the noise and can also improve the sound quality of your guitar amp too.