electric guitar buzzing when plugged in

Electric Guitar Buzzing When Plugged In? Check This!

The sound of an electric guitar buzzing when plugged in is probably one of the most common issues for musicians. It can be extremely frustrating to play with a buzzy sound going through your amp – hence why it’s important to fix. So what causes this issue? Buzzing usually occurs when you start up your […]

electric guitar buying mistakes

11 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying an Electric Guitar

Are you looking at buying a new guitar but want to educate yourself first on common mistakes people make when acquiring their instruments? Don’t let your excitement cloud your judgment with an impulse buy. Even if you’re not experienced, it can be hard to tell a bad guitar from a good one. You’ll want to […]

best jazz guitar under 1000

5 Best Jazz Guitar Under 1000 Picks For Guitarists

Are you looking for a new jazz guitar that is still attainable? We looked at a lot of options and found the best jazz guitar under 1000 dollars recommendations. Quick Links To Our Best Jazz Guitars Under $1000 Recommendations Godin 5th Avenue CW – OUR TOP CHOICE! Hagstrom SUVIK-TSB Super Viking Gretsch Guitars G5420T D’Angelico […]

best metal guitar brands

The 10 Best Metal Guitar Brands Available Today!

When it comes to metal guitars, there are many different brands available…but what brands are they? This article will go through many different brands to give you the best quality of guitars. Here they are in no particular order: Jackson Guitars Jackson Guitars is a guitar company that primarily produces electric guitars and electric basses. […]

epiphone vs gibson les paul

Epiphone Vs Gibson Les Paul – Which Should You Choose?

Gibson Guitars is one of the leading guitar and other music instruments manufacturers in the world. This manufacturer has survived the test of time and its guitars still remains a favorite among many players. But to remain attractive and relevant to guitarists of all budgets, Gibson manufacturers affordable guitars and other musical instruments through its […]

best super strat

10 Best Super Strat Guitars – Top Picks For 2021

I love Superstrat-style guitars!  These are my favorites! Quick Links To Our Best Super Strat Guitar Recommendations Charvel Pro-Mod DK22 – MY TOP CHOICE!  This popular guitar has excellent guitar tone, plays super easy, neck feels great and not a bad price!  Our choice for best Super Strat. Ibanez AZ224F Premium – The runner up […]

best electric guitar for small hands

9 Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands – Top 3/4 Size

Need an electric guitar that fits you perfectly?  These guitars will make your job easier even if you have small hands. My top choices for best electric guitar for small hands: Quick Links To The Top Electric Guitars For Small Hands Recommendations Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar – OUR TOP CHOICE!  I love […]

do you need an amp for an electric guitar

Do You Need An Amp For An Electric Guitar?

Each electric guitarist needs an amplifier. The blending of guitar and amp has commanded well known music for almost 50 years and has made probably the greatest star artists ever. Over the long haul, there has been essentially no such trade for the various apparent alternatives and exact command over your guitar’s sound that a […]

squier strat upgrades

Squire Strat Upgrades That You Can Do To Your Guitar

The Fender Squire Stratocaster is one of the best electric guitars in its league. It might not be a budget guitar out there, but it is worth the price. However, the Squire Strat isn’t really above faults. Even if they aren’t that huge, but you can certainly do a little sprucing and get some upgrades […]

best electric guitar under 500

10 Best Electric Guitars Under 500 – Top Options For 2021

Musicians love electric guitars. They sport a solid body, volume controls, steel strings, and other exciting features. They can also cost a pretty penny if you look in the wrong place. Fortunately, not all electric guitars burn a hole in your pocket. Quick Links To Our Best Electric Guitar Under $500 Recommendations Squier by Fender […]

best electric guitar under 300

10 Best Electric Guitar Under 300 – Top Picks For 2021

The task of selecting the best electric guitar under 300 dollars, which plays remarkably and make you play like a rock star is definitely not easy. Not every electric guitar that costs $300 or less is made from solid tonewoods and have impressive pickups and electronics. In addition, some less costly electric guitars typically cheap […]

guitars that are easy on the fingers

Is Playing An Electric Guitar Easier On The Fingers?

Well, there is no perfect answer to any question, but from the information that is currently available, and what guitar teachers have to say, the answer would have to be yes! Most teachers recommend that students begin with an electric guitar because of the fact that it is guitar easier on the fingers. * Read […]

first electric guitar

The First Electric Guitar – Where Was It Made?

The top electric guitars have been said to be the most popular and important instrument for over 50 years in American music. The introduction of the electric guitar brought about a major change to the technologies available to American music and has shaped the direction and sound of the modern music that we have all […]

are electric guitars cheaper than acoustic

Are Electric Guitars More Expensive Than Acoustic Guitars?

If you are buying a guitar for the first time, you would be invariably split between an acoustic vs electric guitar. There are different factors involved when choosing between the two, and the cost for many first-timers will be a major criterion. So, are electric guitars cheaper than acoustic? No, they’re not. In fact, it’s […]

best jazz guitar

8 Best Guitars For Jazz 2021 – Top Sound For Jazz Players!

Want to sound like one of the best classic jazz guitar greats? Wes Montgomery or John Scofield perhaps? Quick Links To My Best Jazz Guitar Recommendations Epiphone ES-335 – MY TOP CHOICE! Jazz guitarists looking for great playability, tone and style for a good price. Godin LGXT Guitar – My number two pick with a […]

best electric guitar

Guitarists! These 20 Best Electric Guitars For The Money Are The Top 2021 Models!

Will today be a new guitar day?  I say YES!  Check out these best electric guitar for the money picks. Quick Links To Our Top Electric Guitar Recommendations Here is a list of our best models to help you choose the best one for you:  Schecter Omen Extreme-6 – OUR TOP CHOICE for the best […]

best guitar for beginners

14 Best Guitar For Beginners – 2021 Acoustic & Electric Options!

Ready to become a guitar player? It’s almost impossible to label a guitar as “best” since there are too many variables at play. And what’s best for a particular guitarist may not be for another person. Typically, the best guitars for beginners is the one that you find easy and fun to play. If you […]