best 24 fret electric guitar

5 Best 24 Fret Electric Guitars

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For those who play electric guitars, the best option is likely a 24-fret instrument. In this post, we’ll give you a list of the top five options to consider before purchasing one of the best 24 fret electric guitar options.

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Our Top 24 Fret Guitar Reviews

PRS SE Custom 24

The PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar is a versatile instrument that excels in a multitude of genres. These include rock, metal, blues and anything in between. The guitar comes with two humbuckers which provide excellent distortion and clean tones.

The guitar also features volume and tone controls as well as a 3-way pickup switch for total control over the sounds produced by the instrument. What makes this electric guitar really unique is its tremolo bar. Because the body of the guitar isn’t extremely large, it can be used to produce some really awesome effects while playing live or recording something in your home studio!


  • The PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar is available at an affordable price, meaning you’ll have plenty left over to get accessories and other gear
  • The guitar’s two humbuckers produce a variety of tones, which means that you can play a wider variety of styles


  • While the guitar is good for amateur or beginner guitarists, professionals may find that it offers little extra beyond what they can already get out of an instrument in their price range.

Ibanez RG Standard RG470AHM

The Ibanez RG Standard RG470AHM electric guitar is an amazing option for those who are looking for an affordable 24-fret electric guitar that packs a lot of punch. This 6-string option from Ibanez comes with a maple neck as well as a maple fretboard.

The guitar also features an Ibanez double locking tremolo system and locking tuners that help keep the strings in place during live performances or at home when recording something for your next studio album.


  • The Ibanez RG Standard RG470AHM has an amazing tone, especially for the price.


  • While it may be relatively affordable, this doesn’t mean that the guitar is perfect for beginners. You’ll need to have a decent understanding of music and how to play electric guitar before you opt for this option.

ESP LTD KH-602 Signature Series Kirk Hammett

The ESP LTD KH-602 Signature Series Kirk Hammett features an alder body and a Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard. The guitar also has EMG pickups, which create a wide variety of tones.

The guitar is relatively inexpensive for the quality of instrument that it is, making it an excellent option for both amateur and professional musicians alike. The playability is also incredible and the feel of this electric guitar can’t be beat!

The neck-thru body construction helps to promote long sustain during live performances and the guitar features a Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo system.


  • The ESP LTD KH-602 Signature Series Kirk Hammett is an affordable option, especially considering the quality of guitar you’ll be receiving


  • While it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the sound you get from this particular option may not suit all styles of music. For those who like heavier music, this metal guitar brand will probably be perfect for them.

Schecter C-6 FR DELUXE

With a rich satin black finish, the Schecter C-6 FR DELUXE is an electric guitar that look and sounds amazing. This particular instrument features a basswood body with a maple neck, rosewood fretboard and two Schecter Diamond Plus humbucking pickups.

The guitar also features a Floyd Rose trem system, which allows you to produce excellent live performances or add something unique to your home recordings. The guitar is designed to produce amazing tones without requiring a ton of maintenance or support.


  • The Schecter C-6 FR DELUXE is an affordable instrument that looks and sounds amazing while doing so.


  • While it may be a good value for money option, it is somewhat limited in terms of tone and performance.

Jackson JS Series Dinky Arch Top JS32Q DKA

The Jackson JS Series Dinky Arch Top JS32Q DKA is the perfect guitar for beginners who are looking to start their journey but plan on adding a few extras to their collection as they get more comfortable with their skills. With a sleek black color and pearloid Jackson headstock logo, the instrument really stands out. The guitar has a cool shape that is bound to catch the eyes of others and look amazing in your own home.

The body itself is made from poplar while the neck comes from maple. The fretboard is also made of amaranth which provides a comfortable feel for those who are just starting out on their electric guitar journey.


  • The Jackson JS Series Dinky Arch Top JS32Q DKA is a beautiful instrument that looks amazing and has a sleek design


  • While it may be great for beginning musicians, its main drawback is the fact that it is made out of wood. Wood guitars typically don’t have the best tone and sound quality.

24 Fret Guitars Conclusion

Overall, there are tons of 24 fret electric guitars available on the market and no matter where you look, you’re bound to find an option that’s perfect for you. Make sure that the guitar is affordable and has a ton of different kinds of tones to go along with it. In addition, make sure that it looks amazing and feels good in your hands!