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Fanned Fret Guitar Pros And Cons

Have you been thinking about moving to a fanned fret or multiscale guitar? Not sure about the advantages and disadvantages are?

Pros Of Fanned Fret Guitars

One of the main advantages are that the string tension on each string is the same and the string tension keeps the tuning more stable. This is really a big benefit especially when playing live performances.

I have seen many guitars with problems of detuning in the middle of a song, and it’s not the string that was just played, it’s the whole guitar. Fanned fret guitars are great for electric players that use a whammy bar because there is less pressure on each string when you use the bar to bend notes or pull up high notes.

When playing lead & fingerstyle I feel a big difference because the intonation is much easier to tune. The string spacing allows for a very precise tuning. When you have an idea of what notes you want to play, you can more easily find them in among the strings-quickly! And no more overstraining your hand/neck.

Another advantage is when you are downtuning, you can use lighter gauge strings. It’s much easier to play, and you will find you don’t need as much string to sound the same volume. This is a big one for me because I always feel like I’m using too much string when playing, so this was really a helpful benefit for me.

Cons Of Multiscale Guitars

The main con is the cost of these guitars. They do tend to be more expensive than regular guitars. Most people will not notice the difference in quality of sound of a fanned fret guitar versus a non-fanned fret guitar. Some people do say they have a better tone, but I haven’t personally heard that enough to say it’s a fact.

If you are looking for the best multiscale guitar the cost can go up even more. Fanned fret guitars tend to be very expensive because it is hard to manufacture such a unique design and the market is so small.

The other disadvantage is the learning curve. If you haven’t played guitar before and you move over to a fanned fret guitar, it will take you longer to find your way around. You have to get used to the new way of playing and switching strings can be confusing especially when you go from a 6-string guitar to 7-strings.


Mainly the pros outweigh the cons if you are looking for a high quality instrument. Of course having another guitar is always nice. Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preference.

I have enjoyed my fanned fret guitars for many years and would not want to be without them. Some people might not like fanned fret guitars so it is important to try one in person before you buy one. You will know right away whether it is right for you or not.