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THESE 10 Best Travel Electric Guitars Are Fun To Play!

Full-size guitars are heavy, uncomfortable, and unpleasant to transport.  If you’re travelling by airline, you’ll have a lot more complications to deal with.  The rules for bringing your guitar on a plane as lightweight goods are hazy, and it’s often up to the luck or misfortune of the ground employees.

As a result, you’ll require one of the best portable electric guitars now available.  These are portable, lightweight, and compact and may be taken anywhere.  As a result, you should study our reviews, best picks, and summary table below to choose the finest travel guitar.

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Our Best Rated Electric Travel Guitar Reviews

Best Lightweight – Traveler Ultra-Light Travel Guitar

This Ultra-Light is well-known for being a conservatively light-weight 3/4-scale robust body guitar.
This guitar’s body form is more than divided; it’s fashioned in the shape of a paddle.  It has two patterns on either side of the neck where the inbody tuning system equipment is located.  This creative solution eliminates the requirement for a traditional headstock.  It has a detachable lap rest that allows gamers to relax while playing.

In comparison to most full-size electric guitars on the market, the Traveler Ultra-Light is lighter and has a shorter scale length.  This guitar has a unique design and unusual specifications, necessitating a custom-made transport case, which they fortunately remembered for the cost.

Because of its ultra-minimal body and superb tonewood mix, the Traveler Guitar UltraLight is well-deserved to be on our travel electric guitar list.  It’s a fashionable little buddy with a lot of inflection and a lot of fun to play with.

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Best Full Scale – Shredneck Travel Guitar

Another great top travel electric guitar is the Shredneck, which is a wonderfully reduced model.  It has a 3/4-size scale length, which makes it a good voyaging option.  There is no misfortune in the typical acoustics because it has an ordinary little measured body.  It’s also been flattened out to make peeling easier.

Shredneck is a highly regarded and well-made solidbody electric guitar – Les Paul-style guitar with identifiable Les Paul shapes and a beautiful cherry sunburst shading scheme that is as appealing as its asking tag.  Despite the fact that it is a little guitar, it comes with everything a player needs to play on a short journey.

Furthermore, this instrument features two humbucking pickups and three tone routing options for tailoring your guitar sounds to your preferences.  It has a rosewood fingerboard with crown trimmings and a broad maple neck.  It also comes with a bespoke gig bag that matches the headstock.

Overall, it’s a small-scale solidbody electric guitar ule that’s perfect for road trips.  It has a recognizable form that appeals to some artists, especially if the unpredictable minimal models’ bodies don’t pique your interest since you find them to be extremely weird.

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For Airplane Travel – Traveler Guitar TCD SFG Deluxe Electric Travelcaster

The Travelcaster has a long history of providing high-quality guitars for beginners and advanced players looking for a reliable and pleasant-sounding electric guitar.  Because of its smaller size and high-quality sound, the TCD SFG Deluxe stands out among their wonderful models.

This model’s improved equipment is also a standout feature.  It just means that the new 2pt support tremolo can be tuned more consistently.  With a bone nut and steel saddles, the maker hoped for a continuous and larger tone.  It also has a similar playing zone to regular guitars, and because it comes in a little package, you can take it with you everywhere you go.

In conclusion, the Deluxe electric Travelcaster has earned a spot on our list of the best travel electric guitars.  It has a tiny body (solid bodied), wonderful sound quality, and amazing equipment, making it an ideal guitar for musicians who want to take their guitar on vacation.

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Traveler Guitar EG-1B

With a well-designed body and high-quality tonewoods, the EG-1B Blackout is another top travel electric guitar on our list.  With a stunning mix of a mahogany body, a mahogany neck, and a walnut fingerboard with 21 large-sized frets, this guitar has a scale length of 24.75 inches and a weight of roughly 3 pounds.

The hefty Seymour Duncan Devastator humbucker is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the EG-1 Blackout.  This humbucker is great because it doesn’t need to be replaced.  The great characteristic is that, although having a larger body, this guitar is several inches shorter than the Anygig guitar.  In terms of the larger body, players will have more room to tuck their pinky behind the strings.

Unlike the previous guitar, the EG-1B has a yield jack in the standard location.  The position of the tuners on this guitar makes it exceedingly unlikely that they will be knocked accidentally while playing.  Another standout element is the guitar’s power outage look, which is highly metal.  The giant fret is another characteristic that makes this guitar stand out.

The fact that this guitar only has 21 frets and includes various features that players don’t need or want in a movement guitar, such as volume, tone, earphone jack, aux jack, and an on-board preamplifier that produces overdrive and twisting sounds, is extremely bizarre.  These extras are the reason this one’s sticker price is so expensive, putting it at the top of my value list without a doubt.

Overall, the RG-1B Blackout is a fantastic travel electric guitar for folks who enjoy exploring new places.  So, if you’re looking for a guitar that you can simply transport on your journey, we propose this instrument.

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Cheap / Budget – Zeny 30 Inch Mini Travel Electric Guitar

One of the greatest travel guitars on our list is the Zeny tiny travel electric guitar.  This compact travel electric guitar is composed of high-quality wood with a dazzling, smooth finish.  If you’re a frequent traveller who wants to learn music while on the road, we recommend picking up this small travel electric guitar.

Its features are exceptionally designed for new learners, and even youngsters can use this guitar at home to learn the fundamentals of music.  You will receive a line, a tie, a bag, and a 5w amp when you purchase the unit of this small travel guitar.

Because this instrument is designed for beginners, if you are an expert looking for the best compact electric guitars, we recommend that you check through the other areas of our list.

Due to its fantastic appearance, lovely tonewoods, and amazing sounds, the Zeny tiny guitar is well-worth the top best travel electric guitar.  If you enjoy playing travel guitar, this is one to consider.  Gig bag included.

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Traveler Speedster Hot Rod Travel Guitar

Once again, we’re looking at a model from Traveler Guitar, a company dedicated solely to creating and manufacturing guitars that are small enough to travel with without sacrificing performance quality.

This is the Hot Rod from the Speedster series of the brand.  This guitar is a little different than the previous model we looked at.  While it retains the brand’s unique positioning for the tuning machines, which eliminates the need for a headstock, the body design is unique.

Unlike the Ultra-Light series, the brand focused on the fundamental essentials of a guitar body, making sure that all of the necessary rests and shapes were included.  Despite the lack of a full body, it provides a place to rest your arms and allows you to rest the guitar on your laps.  This makes it more accessible to a wider range of players.

The body and neck are crafted of one piece of maple, and the guitar is equipped with a dual-rail humbucking pickup.

The built-in headphone amp and output, which allows you to have a private session by simply plugging your headphones in, is a unique feature of this guitar that actually makes it perfect for traveling.

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Anygig AGN-SE Portable Travel Electric Guitar

The Anygig brand is dedicated to providing travel guitars with everything you’re looking for in a travel guitar, including portability and ease of play.  Its selling point, on the other hand, is that it aims to achieve all of these without compromising the guitar’s or the player’s performance.

The AGN SE is a nylon string variant that is ideal for classical musicians or those who prefer the gentler tone and feel of nylon strings.  This guitar has a full scale length of 25.5 inches, which is in keeping with the brand’s goal.  When you first glance at the guitar, though, this isn’t immediately apparent.

The tuning machines are housed within the compact body due to the design.  As a result, it lacks a headstock, further reducing its size and bulk.

It promises to offer good quality sound using the single Anygig Piezo pickup, in addition to its compactness.  It does not, however, have any on-board controls.

When it comes to travel guitars, this is one that offers great portability while yet maintaining a full-size scale length, which is something that many other travel guitars fail to achieve.

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Steinberger GTPROBK1

When Ned Steinberger’s guitars and basses were originally released in 1979, they were unlike anything else because of their lightweight and headless design.  The Poplar body of the GTR-PRO 6-string electric guitar is complemented by a Hard Maple neck and tremolo bridge.

The length of this travel guitar is approximately 30 inches.  The bolt-on neck has a D shape in the style of the 1960s, 24 medium jumbo frets, a 14″ radius, and a 25.5″ scale length.  It weighs roughly 7 pounds and comes in a range of colours.  One thing to keep in mind is that the Steinberger requires double-ended strings.

The Steinberger GT-PRO is equipped with a full-range Steinberger SC-1 single coil pickup in the middle position, as well as Steinberger’s versatile humbucker pickups in the neck (HB-2) and bridge (HB-1).  Master Volume, Master Control, and a 5-way pickup selection are among the controls.

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What Is A Travel Electric Guitar?

Travel electric guitars, also known as travel-sized guitars, are a smaller, lighter version of full-sized guitars.  Depending on your demands, you may purchase both acoustic guitars and electric travel guitars on the market.

Most travel guitars have the same or almost the same scale length (the distance between the nut and the bridge) as ordinary guitars, allowing you to acquire a smaller guitar without sacrificing playability.  Travel guitars, on the other hand, come in 3/4, 1/2, and even 1/4 scale lengths, much like full-size guitars.

Travel guitars have a smaller body and neck, making them lighter and easier to transport anywhere you go – whether on a month-long cross-country tour, a weekend road trip, or even a mountain backpacking adventure! 

Are Travel Electric Guitars Easier To Play?

Many novice guitarists complain that their fingers are too huge, or that their neck is too wide, preventing them from correctly holding down chords.  Travel guitars are useful in this situation.

Travel guitars solve this issue, making them ideal for newcomers.  For someone who isn’t used to the form and feel of a full-size guitar, it’s a lot easier to hold. 

What To Look For In An Electric Travel Guitar

With so many possibilities for travel guitars on the market, it’s important to know what to look for when comparing them.  When comparing travel guitars and making your decision, keep the following features in mind: 

Design and Shape

Guitars that are suitable for travel come in a range of shapes and designs.  Some travel guitars are smaller copies of classic shapes such as dreadnoughts, concert guitars, and auditorium guitars.  However, you’ll also come across incredibly futuristic and innovatively made travel guitars, such as foldable, triangular-shaped, and even ones with no guitar body at all!

I have friends who would adore a triangular-shaped travel guitar, but I also have friends who would never consider it!  As a result, it’s all a matter of personal preference.  This is why it’s crucial to consider the shape and design with which you’ll be most comfortable playing and carrying, and then make your selection accordingly. 


Even among portable guitars, there are a variety of sizes to select from.  Some travel guitars are only a fraction of the size of full-size guitars, while others are exceedingly small.  The majority of full-size guitars have an overall length of 38 inches.

So, before choosing a guitar, think about how small you want it to be and look at the measurements. 


You’re unlikely to see a playing artist on stage with a travel-size guitar because they don’t create the same level of sound as a full-size guitar.

Because of their reduced size, this is the case.  Travel guitars have smaller bodies that don’t have the same resonance as a full-sized.

There are a number of acoustic travel guitars that create decent tones, but you shouldn’t expect the same results as you would with a full-size guitar.  However, the idea is to be able to perform while travelling using a portable guitar.  In that sense, it fulfils its role. 

Best Travel Size Electric Guitar Conclusion

I’m confident that with the help of our comprehensive buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to choose and purchase the travel electric guitar of your dreams.