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THESE 6 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars Are GREAT Picks!

Epiphone Les Paul Special II

If you’re looking for the best lightweight electric guitar, then there are a few to choose from. One popular option is the Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar. The Special II packs all the power of a traditional Les Paul, with a lighter body and scale length.

If you like the Les Paul style of guitar, then this one is a great choice. The Epiphone Special II has a mahogany body, mahogany neck and the 22-fret rosewood fingerboard. The Epiphone Les Paul Special II guitar will suit guitarists who are looking for a solid choice that’s great for beginners and intermediate players alike.

It also comes equipped with 700T/650R open-coil humbucking pickups with a 3-way switch, which will give you the capability to play in your own style and tone. The Special II has a Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece for tuning stability.


  • It has great value for money
  • The mahogany/alder body is a great choice for beginners and intermediate players.


  • The tuning pegs can be tricky to work at first but are relatively easy to adjust once you get used to the way they feel.
  • The top finish is not as beautiful as other products in this category.

Ibanez GRGA120BKN

You won’t find a better guitar for the price. The Ibanez GRGA120BKN can’t be beat when it comes to the perfect “off-the-rack” instrument that is great for beginners and intermediate players alike.

In addition to the amazing price, the GRGA120BKN has some great additional features. The traditional double cutaway body style gives you plenty of access to all 24 frets of this guitar. The GRGA120BKN is made with a poplar body and maple neck, offering up a rich tone with good sustain.

The GRGA120BKN features a rosewood fingerboard and is fitted with two Ibanez Infinity Edge III humbucking pickups. You’ll stand out in any performance when playing this guitar, thanks to its amazing tone and look.


  • It’s an excellent value for money.
  • The quality, finish and construction of this guitar are excellent.
  • It looks great.
  • The combination of the solid maple neck and rosewood fingerboard offers up a rich sound with good sustain.


  • The pickups are not as hot as more expensive models.

Fender ’72 Telecaster Thinline

Fender’s ’72 Telecaster Thinline is a great option for players that are looking to buy their first electric guitar. The Thinline features the classic Telecaster design, but has a lightweight body and an easy-to-play neck. The tone is bright and percussive thanks to the two single-coil pickups.

The thin body will let you play in some of the tightest spots, but it won’t feel as heavy or bulky as full-size guitar bodies. This is a great option for players who are looking to buy their first guitar, but don’t want to spend a fortune on an expensive model that they might not like. It’s also great for players that need a simple guitar to travel with.


  • The ’72 Telecaster Thinline is an extremely affordable option for a guitar beginner.
  • It’s lightweight, and features a comfortable neck and easy-playing body.
  • The tone is bright and percussive due to the two single coil pickups and mahogany body.


  • This isn’t the best option if you’re looking for a versatile tone that will allow you to play multiple styles of music.

Fender Affinity Series Stratocaster

The Squier Affinity Stratocaster is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an affordable electric guitar. The Affinity Stratocaster features a one-piece maple neck and 21-fret rosewood fingerboard. The body is lightweight and comfortable, which makes it easier to play for long durations.

The Squier Affinity Stratocaster has 3 single-coil pickups that are designed to reduce hum and noise. The poplar body of this guitar provides you with an improved resonant tone. The Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster is a fantastic option for beginner electric guitarists due to the low price point.


  • Affordable for a beginner guitar
  • Tunes well and stays in tune for its price point.


  • Although it is a great guitar, it does not have as low of an action as other guitars at the same price point such as the Squier Bullet.


If you’re a fan of the famous rock guitar player Steve Vai, then you’ll love the Ibanez JEMJRWH! This is a special edition electric guitar that was designed in collaboration with Steve Vai.

This guitar features a solid mahogany body and striking aesthetically. The Ibanez JEMJRWH boasts an amazing sound, thanks to the DiMarzio pickups (neck and bridge). It’s easy to get your hands on this guitar, thanks to the Ibanez Affinity series.

The tremolo system offers you a bit of extra versatility. The finish on the body is one that you will want to make sure that it’s in great condition for when shows or performances roll around.


  • The Ibanez JEMJRWH is a quality guitar aimed at the intermediate and advanced player. It features an awesome signature sound and solid construction from Ibanez.
  • The DiMarzio pickups offer up an amazing sound with plenty of bite and clarity.
  • The body is lightweight and comfortable to play.
  • Ibanez is a great guitar brand for metal


  • The sound is not as versatile as other models and tones.
  • The tremolo system can be tough for beginners to use.

Squier by Fender Mini Stratocaster

The Squier by Fender Mini Strat is an affordable and versatile guitar for beginners, featuring a classic Stratocaster design. The sound is full-bodied and the neck feels smooth thanks to the soft “V” shape.

The guitar features three single coil pickups that are designed for reducing noise, offering up a vibrant and rich tone. It has a lightweight body with pickguard that makes it easy to play either sitting down or standing up.


  • The Squier Mini Strat is a nice choice for beginners and intermediate players. It has a classic and sleek design that many guitarists appreciate.
  • It is very lightweight, which makes it easy to play for long periods of time.
  • The tone is full bodied and the neck feels smooth.


  • The sound will not be as versatile as other models on this list, such as the Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster.

What To Look For In A Lightweight Electric Guitar

When you’re in the market for a guitar, and especially when looking for a lightweight electric guitar, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

How light is it?

It might seem obvious, but you want to find a guitar that’s actually going to be comfortable to play. A heavier instrument will be more difficult to play for long periods of time. You’ll also probably not be able to get as good of a tone due to increased wear and tear on your hands.

There are some lightweight electric guitars that can feel slightly chunky and awkward to play, but that’s a hazard of being on a budget. You need to find a lightweight guitar that is going to be comfortable and easy to play for long periods of time.

How much does it cost?

The more expensive the pick ups and other parts, the better the quality. Overall, you want a guitar that’s as well-equipped as possible. The more expensive the guitar, the better it should be made.

Do the pickups reduce hum and noise?

Depending on the type of music that you’re playing, you might need to find a guitar that has single coil or humbucker pickups. Humbuckers are designed to reduce noise and offer a warmer tone. Single coil pickups are brighter and crisper, which is good for certain styles such as jazz or blues.

What material is the body made from?

The body of your guitar should be lightweight, but also sturdy enough to handle regular use. A body that is too thin or flimsy will eventually break and not be able to hold up for regular gigs.

A Final Word On Lightweight Electric Guitars

In conclusion, we’ve covered a lot of different options when it comes to finding the best lightweight electric guitar. The truth is that there’s always going to be some trade offs when you’re shopping for a budget guitar. If you need something cheaper, then you’re not going to get the same quality as if you were spending hundreds of dollars on a more expensive model.

About The Author - Dan Harper
About The Author - Dan Harper

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