7 string guitar worth it

REVEALED: Is A 7 String Guitar Worth It?

Are you thinking about getting a 7 string guitar but not sure if it is worth the money or right for your playing style? Read on to help you with your decision.  Then check out our article on the best 7 string electric guitars for our top picks.

7 String Guitar Worth It?

Yes! But, it all depends on the model and how comfortable it is to play. Go for it if you like how it feels.

Having a seven-string guitar does not imply that you must always play the seventh string. It’s only a tool to broaden your tonal range; the other six strings will remain unchanged. They’re usually guitar tuned B, E, A, D, G, B,e, with the top six strings tuned similarly to a standard six-string guitar. Seven strings are excellent for having a wider tonal range with a comfortable scale length.  The extra string being that low B.

Is A 7 String Guitar Right For Me?

is a 7 string guitar right for me

Only you can decide whether or not a 7 is appropriate for you. Try to find a 7 string version of one of your favorite 6 string guitars and experiment with different chords and tunings if it’s available. At the very least, something similar to what you’re used to.

Are My Hands Too Small For 7 String Guitar?

This will mainly depend on the guitar that you choose. For example, Ibanez guitars are known for their slender necks and smooth playing. They’re also inexpensive, so if you choose to get one, you wouldn’t be breaking the bank.

So the best bet is to try some out yourself first before buying to see if it is comfortable to play.

7 String Guitar Weight

7 string guitar weight

The weight of a seven string guitar isn’t too much more than a regular 6 string guitar. The average weight range of a guitar is 6 – 12 pounds and a 7 string usually falls inside this range.

Buying A 7 String Guitar

buying a 7 string guitar

If you are in the market to buy a new 7-string guitar, I’d recommend checking out our buyers guides on the subject using the links below:

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So it really depends on your preference on whether or not a 7-string electric guitar is worth it for you.  My recommendation is always to try things like this out for yourself and see how it feels for you.