8 string scale length

Best Scale Length For 8 String Guitar

The best scale length option for an 8 string guitar? It might seem like an easy question, but the answer is actually more complicated than you may think.

Scale Length Options For 8 String Guitars

  • 25.5 inches
  • 27 inches
  • 28.5 inches
  • 30.2 inches

Choosing A Scale Length Preference

The Instrument

This is just a factor of preference. Many people want extended range guitars for metal. Extended range guitars are often built with an extended scale length.

The Music

This is a big one, and is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing a scale length. A longer scale length will have a wider range.

If you play death metal or power metal often, then you need to consider what kind of music you are playing when thinking about a scale length for your eight string guitar.

Scale length and string tension play big roles in how the guitar will perform. If you want to be a rhythm player, then a shorter scale length would be best. However, if you want the ability to play lead on your own, then a longer scale length would do fairly well.

The Playing Style

The playing style is also quite important when it comes to choosing the best scale length for an 8 string guitar. Someone who uses tremolo picking often may need shorter strings if he wants a tight response from them. These kind of players tend to use a lot of one finger patterns.

On the other hand, someone who tends to use hammer-ons and pull-offs more frequently may want a longer scale length for his guitars. These kinds of players usually play chords on the guitar, so a longer scale length gives them more range with chords.

The Final Decision When Choosing A Scale Length For 8 String Guitar

Learn more about 8 string guitar theory here and standard and alternative tuning for 8 string guitars.

This all depends on your playing style. However, in general, the longer the scale length, the less tension. The less tension means that the guitar will be quieter, and thus be better suited for playing on stage.

This is a personal preference though. Some people just like a mellow type sound to their guitars, while other people prefer to have very dense strings sound right out of their guitars when played.

So, keep in mind your personal preferences when deciding on what length of strings would suit you best for your eight string guitar.