best electric guitar starter kit

THESE 10 Best Electric Guitar Starter Kits For Beginners ROCK!

So you are looking to pick up an electric guitar and start learning to play. You might not know it but you really need the best electric guitar starter kit. You get everything you need to start playing and get started on your journey as a budding musician.  Check out my full review of each […]

guitar tips for beginners

PRESENTING: 10 Guitar Tips For Beginners Just Starting To Play

Do you have a wish of learning how to play the guitar? If you are a beginner then it may look tough. But with the correct technique, basic theory and few tips beginners can kickstart their experience. Read along to become aware of few guitar tips for beginners that each beginner must get under his […]

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LOOK! 20 Super Easy Best Beginner Guitar Songs – Rock & Country

Have you been practicing the beginner guitar chords chart and have them mastered?  If so, you are now probably itching to actually play something that sounds like a song that you probably have heard before.  Luckily, there are a ton of different beginner guitar songs that any beginner that has their chords for beginners and […]

beginner guitar chords

AT LAST: 8 Beginner Guitar Chords New Guitarists Should Learn First

When you first decide to pick up a beginner guitar and working on learning it, there are a number of different things that you need to learn guitar chords right at the beginning with beginner guitar lessons.  One of these is beginner guitar chords to learn. Not only should you learn to play them properly, […]

best guitar for beginners

ATTN BEGINNERS! 20 Best Guitars For You! (Acoustic Or Electric)

Ready to become a guitar player? It’s almost impossible to label a guitar as “best” since there are too many variables at play. And what’s best for a particular guitarist may not be for another person. Typically, the best guitars for beginners is the one that you find easy and fun to play. If you […]

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LOOK: What Are Good Guitar Pedals For Beginners To Start With?

As with all musical instruments, guitars have a distinctive sound. While guitarists can achieve a wide variety of sounds to suit their specific musical style, there is a natural limit to the sound range that can be achieved. However, there are ways to increase the range of sounds and effects, most often through the usage […]