playing a barre chord on guitar

5 Beginner Bar Chord Songs Guitar To Learn Now

Bar chord songs for guitar are the first stage of a guitarist’s education. Most of the songs you play will begin with the basics: open chords. Beginner guitar players can complete these songs in different stages, and the first step is learning the foundational facts. Beginners should try to understand each song they are given and memorize the chords and lyrics. Doing so will allow them to play with independence while developing their skills and learning different musical techniques.

Here are more of some of the easiest beginner guitar songs too.

Beginner Guitar Songs With Barre Chords

Creep – Radiohead

Creep is a song about anxiety and paranoia. Radiohead is a well-known band, and this song showcases the exciting and unique style they present. While there are only a few chords used in this song, the sounds of the instruments blend well together and are memorable. It emphasizes the feeling of isolation and loneliness by creating an unsettling atmosphere. This is an example of a song that beginners could use to get listeners interested in trying a new genre.

Cocaine – Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton and his famous band, Cream, produced this single in 1966. This song is straightforward, but it has a catchy melody that is easy to sing along. The song’s lyrics have to do with substance abuse, so it is a fitting choice to introduce students to this musical genre. These songs provide an affordable way to get started learning to play guitar for beginner guitarists. Many people find that these songs are fun to sing while practicing.

Got My Mind Set on You – George Harrison

Many musicians have relied on this chord progression for songs since the late 20th century. The song Got My Mind Set on You by George Harrison is one of the most famous. The chord pattern can be on a primary guitar, but an electric or acoustic guitar will better sound. It only takes a little practice to master this pattern using several strumming styles.

Hotel California – The Eagles

Another song that uses this progression is Hotel California by the Eagles. This rock song gained popularity in 1976, which led many musicians to adopt this pattern. Guitarists can work on their strumming, picking, and timing techniques by listening to this song. It can help speed up the learning process.

Wicked Game – Chris Isaak

The chord progression in Wicked Game is heard during the beginning of each line in the song. The descending note, which is emphasized by both bass line and lead guitar, drives the song forward. Guitarists can better understand the song by practicing both the melody and chord progression. It can help them get familiar with the song and improve their playing.


Final Notes

Beginning guitarists often struggle with chord progressions. Bad timing, wrong picking, and strumming are just some of the things to watch out for. The tips in this article should help musicians overcome these difficulties. Playing bar chords can be a difficult skill to master. However, with enough practice, guitarists should get the hang of it.

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