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5 Beginner Rockabilly Songs on Guitar

Beginner rockabilly songs on guitar don’t demand a great deal of experience to play them well. Many rock-style songs for beginners are available. Songs with straightforward rhythms are perfect for beginners and are easy to climb into. You can learn them by listening to them as audio songs and playing them for now. You can learn the basic fingerpicking pattern and begin improvising on it.

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Easy Rockabilly Songs for Beginners Guitar

Rock N Roll Ruby – Warren Smith

This song is well-known and extremely easy to play. It uses a strum pattern that is repeated throughout the entire song. It takes about four basic chords and progresses from there. It is perfect for guitarists who are just starting. Because it’s so simple, it’s easy to get to a certain point and start playing on your own. This song could be considered one of the easier ones on this list, but it still has a certain level of skill. It’s up to you to decide what level you’re comfortable with and how fast you’re willing to go.

Ducktails – Joe Clay

Ducktails is a relatively simple song to play. It uses a lot of power chords and single notes. Of course, there are also some more challenging parts, but they’re not too complicated. The guitar riff that starts out the song is pretty straightforward. One technique that is used throughout this song is the double stop. It can be found in many beginner songs, but it’s especially prominent in this one.

Good Rockin’ Tonight – Elvis

Good Rockin’ Tonight is one of the best beginner rockabilly songs out there. It’s challenging but not impossible. And, like a lot of rockabilly songs, it relies on a power chord progression. The song kicks off with plenty of dynamic soloist vocals. Then, the rhythm guitar kicks in around the chorus. Also, there is something called a pull-off solo.

Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash

Folsom Prison Blues is one of the most famous rockabilly songs. And it’s also an excellent beginner song to play. The rhythm guitar plays a simple pattern that tells the singer what he wants to do if he ever runs into him. Then they start playing a riff that repeats that pattern.

Red Hot – Billy Lee Riley

This rockabilly song is perfect for beginner players. It has a catchy chord progression and a simple repeat pattern, making it easy for the singer to follow. It repeats with the intro and the chorus. The song also has a catchy “riff .””


In conclusion, learning rockabilly songs on guitar is a lot of fun. Every song has its personality, so it is easy to pick songs you enjoy. It is also a great way to gain valuable experience playing the guitar.

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