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10 Spanish Guitar Songs For Beginners To Learn

If you want to learn the guitar, you should consider listening to Spanish guitar songs for beginners. With more than four hundred years of music history, the classical guitar continues to be popular in many regions around the world, especially for the many guitarists who want to incorporate the beauty and style of Latin music into their music.

Beginner Spanish Guitar Songs

La Bamba

With its dance-like rhythm, this type of song has been adopted over the years and has become a hit for several generations. Easy guitar songs are Some examples of easy guitar songs. The guitar of these songs is reasonably easy to learn because most of the lines follow a simple rhythm. That’s not to say that these songs aren’t challenging; after all, there’s a lot to take in with the rhythms of Spanish music.

La Cucaracha

This song has been played and recorded by countless performers. The guitar line is simple and perfect for beginners. Many groups incorporate this song into their repertoire. It won’t be long until you can hear this song being performed by people of all ages. And if you’ve never heard it, you should certainly give it a listen. It will only take you a few minutes to learn the song, and by the end of it, you’ll be belting out the lyrics like a pro. You’ll have a lot of fun learning this song, so give it a try!

Tico Tico

This song is a high-energy number that will teach you to replicate the upbeat rhythms often featured in Latin music. As you progress, you’ll be able to play around with the rhythms a little, but this song is a great one, to begin with. If you learn this song well, you may find that you have more fun playing the guitar. It probably won’t take long until you can hear this song being performed by people of all ages.

El Condor Pasa

This is one of the most popular songs from the genre, so it is worth learning. You’ll probably be hearing it a lot in bars or at parties, so learning how to play the song will most likely result in a lot of compliments. To learn this song, you’ll use a lot of open-position chords, which can be a little intimidating at first. Once you’ve mastered the basics, though, you’ll be ready to rock out!

Besame Mucho

Although this song is a little more complex than the others we’ve looked at, it is easy to learn. The song goes through many different sections, with some sections having similar chords (for example, the intro and the rising notes that lead up to the part where you repeat the chorus). Having an understanding of these chords will help you play Besame Mucho.

La Paloma

If you’re going to be learning flamenco guitar, this song is strongly recommended. It’s easy, and once you’ve learned it, you can play along to sweet flamenco music in the clubs! This song features a rhythm that you repeat ad nauseum, so be patient with yourself and with the song. It may take some time before you ultimately get it, but eventually, you will!

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas

This song might sound a bit complicated, but don’t let that deter you! It is pretty easy to learn, and once you have played it a couple of times, you’ll have it down pat. The rhythm is repetitive, but section by section, changes, adding different chords to the beginning and end of the line. Additionally, there are accents on the words in each section. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be playing a song with accents in no time.


This song has a basic rhythm but different variations of the chord changes. Find your favorite and work on it. It’s worth the time you’ll put into it. It is a great way to work on changing chords smoothly. It can be a little intimidating at first. Pay close attention to the beginning.

Oye Como Va

Practice this song with a similar rhythm in the background. Start slow, working your way up. It’s easy to play fast, but playing slow is also essential. This song does not play very quickly, but it can become a little boring if it’s not played correctly. If it’s hard to play slowly, you can speed up the song’s pace. It will still have the same meaning, and it will still be a fun song to play.

Manha de Carnaval

It is a fun song to play, easy to learn, and fun to sing. This song has a basic rhythm and accent pattern. Work your way through the song. As you get comfortable with the pattern, add some accents. The more you understand, the easier it is to move the song around. It may take some time to learn this song correctly, but you will do it with time and practice.


Spanish guitar songs for beginners are a great way to learn the guitar. They give you an easy way to get familiar with the guitar. Picking a genre is relatively easy as most of them have similar elements. Once you get a good feel for the essential ingredients, you can create your songs.

I would recommend these classical guitar songs for beginners if you are interested.