5 Coldplay Guitar Songs For Beginners

Coldplay is a popular choice for beginners who want to learn to play guitar. Coldplay guitar songs for beginners are plentiful. It’s funny how a rock band known for slick, urban tunes often employs such simple songs. The sense of simplicity that characterizes Coldplay’s song catalog is especially appealing for novices since it allows beginners to focus on a few fundamental techniques and play along without completely feeling overwhelmed.

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Beginner Guitar Coldplay Songs


It is a happy, upbeat song that is the perfect song for beginners. Novices can learn Yellow’s basic chords and riffs by playing along with a recording of the song. Once they master the chords, they can move on to nailing the riffs more difficult. The riffs for Yellow are reasonably straightforward but require more advanced chord knowledge to play. It feels good to be in control and for a novice to do so.


It is another song with a relatively simple chord progression but includes more complex riffs. Clocks demand much practice and coordination from many guitarists. However, countless YouTube clips and tutorials help beginners develop the chops needed to master the Clocks riff. Coldplay fans should keep in mind that Coldplay’s music has a considerable appeal to beginners and is a highly accessible way to experience a band whose songs require a whole album to appreciate.

Fix You

It is a slower song, but it is not that difficult to play. The chord progression is complicated but only with intermediate-level knowledge. It may require extra time to master, but beginners should stick with it and enjoy the challenge. The unique thing about the chords for Fix You is its use of open chords, which are played by hitting the string with a flat pick rather than using a flat pick to strike the string.

Sky Full Of Stars

Is another pretty simple song. Even though the chord progression is relatively simple, it takes some practice and skill to become comfortable with the syncopated rhythm. The point is to remember that there is only so much you can learn from YouTube videos. Practice is the only way to understand how to play any song honestly.

Viva La Vida

It is another song with simple chords, but it requires a bit of dexterity to play. The chords include open strings, which demand a bit greater skill. To master this Coldplay song, it is best, to begin with, a metronome to maintain an even pace. The Coldplay Viva La Vida chords are relatively simple, and the only reason this song is harder to play is its fast tempo.



Coldplay guitar songs for beginners are plentiful. However, with more complex songs, a basic knowledge of chords and strumming will likely take you far. It does not appear that complex songs are rare for guitar; in fact, many famous songs by popular bands include lengthy solos where the player can play for hours.

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