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10 Classical Guitar Songs for Beginners to Start With

Classical guitar songs for beginners encountered by many aspiring players worry less about finding one that suits their skill level and more about finding one they’re comfortable with. Beginners will be pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of modern and classical songs suitable for beginners. For people interested in playing classical guitar songs, it’s essential to find a song that they will enjoy. It’s also a good idea to have an online resource to guide you in choosing songs.

Beginner Classical Guitar Songs

Ode to Joy – Beethoven

This is one of the most popular songs for beginner classical guitar songs. Ode to Joy comprises four sections, a scherzo, trio, and finale. The scherzo and trio are light, and the adagio is reasonably straightforward. The finale is the most challenging. It is recommended that players begin to learn this song with the scherzo and trio first because they do not take much concentration. The finale is a bit more challenging but not difficult to learn.

Bolero – Maurice Ravel

This is one of the most popular songs for advanced classical guitar players because it takes very little learning. In addition to the quick tempo, the song itself is pretty interesting because it is based on the origin of flamenco music. It can be challenging at first, but it will not take long before playing it with ease.

Waltz in E Minor – Ferdinando Carulli

This is considered one of the most challenging songs for classical guitar players. It requires a great deal of concentration and timing. It usually takes a few months to learn the adagio. It can be challenging, but it is gratifying. The song was originally written for guitar, but it is widely known for being played on the lute.

Tanz – Georg Leopold Fuhrman

This song requires a great deal of concentration and dedication. It is technically challenging and requires a well-trained sense of your hands. This is one of the most popular beginner classical guitar songs because skilled players can play it almost effortlessly. It is an excellent choice for a first classical guitar song because beginners can learn it.

Op. 60, No. 1 – Fernando Sor

The guitar piece Prelude No. 6 (Op. 60, No. 1) is one of the two types of music generally considered the first classical guitar songs. This can be attributed to the fact that it was not composed for a guitar but rather for guitar accompaniment. It was first written by Fernando Sor in 1730 and was initially written for the lute. This genre, primarily composed for solo classical guitar, became enormously popular during the 18th and 19th centuries.

In the Hall of The Mountain King – Edvard Grieg

This famous guitar piece was created in 1875 by Edvard Grieg, who is widely considered one of the most versatile and brilliant musicians of all time. It contains a lot of unusual chord patterns, which can sometimes be challenging for beginner guitarists. The melody, however, is simple, making it the ideal piece to learn. It is considered a master class in arranging, demonstrating how to use tonality and key effectively.

Bourree in E Minor – Bach

This classical piece is one of the most famous barcarole’s ever written. It was first composed in 1786 and contained a barcarole style. The melody is exciting, and the drive is both rhythmic and lyrical. Also, the piece includes a lot of exciting, unusual chord patterns.

Lágrima – Fransisco Tárrega

This romantic piece written by Tárrega is often used in classical guitar recitals. It is primarily played in an étude form, in which the melody is interpreted and changed with no fundamental changes. This piece is beautifully written and demonstrates the guitarist’s ability to express emotion and feelings through music. It differs from many other classical guitar pieces because of its complex harmonic structure and many chromatic lines.

Españoleta – Gaspar Sanz

This classical piece is often regarded as one of the essential pieces of music. It was written by Sanz and is considered one of the most representative pieces in the Spanish guitar repertoire. It is regarded as one of the most technically demanding pieces, but the melody is lovely. It is a piece that has quickly been translated into English but still retains its romantic Spanish character.

Andante – Opus 241 – Ferdinando Carulli

This piece is a favorite of classical guitar players. It is relatively easy to learn and, in my opinion, the most beautiful piece written for classical guitar. To learn the piece effectively, it is recommended that you have studied music theory. The piece has been described as “a natural extension of Spanish guitar music .”It will be a challenge to learn how to play the piece perfectly, but it is certainly worth the effort.


Final Notes

In my experience, learning classical guitar has become an enriching experience. When I first started, I had no idea what to expect. But little by little, I have learned that classical guitar songs have their dialect. I have learned to articulate each note in different octaves and to play each finger separately – and I’m still learning.