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5 Beginner Guitar Songs to Learn by Ear

One of the first things that a would-be guitarist needs to know is what type of songs to start playing. After all, everybody’s first album could be confusing. Beginner guitar songs to learn by ear are ideal for people just starting. They require skill, musicianship, and enjoyment, but not a lot of advanced techniques. Guitar hobbyists start playing with these as they are easier to comprehend, more manageable, and a lot less intimidating. They allow for quick mastery and a touch of improvisation. Most beginner songs are played in six parts, beginning with a chord. This is followed by two verses, a chorus, and a final verse.

Take a look at these beginner songs to learn on guitar too.

Guitar Songs For Beginners To Learn By Ear

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

This song is a very popular song with a guitar rhythm. Seven Nation Army is very famous among guitarists due to the simple vocal melody, which progresses throughout the song. The strumming pattern for this song has the perfect rhythm and style for an easy solo. Bass guitars are played progressively throughout the song, providing bass lines to support the vocals. After learning to play the basic rhythm, a guitarist can improvise in a solo using the melody for the song.


Pretty Fly for a White Guy – The Offspring

This song contains three chords and a simple melody, making it easy for guitarists to learn. The strumming pattern for this song is straightforward, and it is ideal for beginner guitarists. It incorporates two riffs, and riffs are essential in beginner songs. Riffs consist of the combination of several notes that create chords. These chords are the basis for various songs and are fundamental for guitar solos. Guitar music contains riffs as extra elements that create an exciting atmosphere.

Holy Diver – Dio

This song is famous among guitarists for a good reason. The solo for this song requires great skill. This song contains fast and complicated guitar riffs. The guitar chords for this song are super important; without them, the solo would be lost. Many guitarists choose to play this song. They do so because they want to become better guitar soloists.

I Want You To Want Me – Cheap Trick

This is one of the most incredible songs that a guitarist can play. Without a good rhythm, the guitar riffs would not sound right. These riffs can often challenge even the best guitarists. The guitar solo should sound fast and energetic. This song was made famous by Cheap Trick, but many other bands have performed this song.

Holiday – Green Day

This song is easy to learn but very difficult to play well. The riffs are fun and catchy. The solo is tricky, but the repeating notes make it easy to play. It takes a long time to learn this song well, but once you do, it sounds good. This song presents many challenges for guitarists.


Guitar music can teach a person about music theory and creativity. It also gives a person a chance to express themselves freely. Guitar music can be complex or straightforward. It is up to you. Let your inner musician out, and make the music your destiny.

Learning songs by ear is a great way to start playing guitar. Once you know how to play basic chords, a song’s melody and rhythm can sound like it’s written on the page.

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