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5 Beginner Led Zeppelin Guitar Songs To Rock Out!

Some beginner guitar songs are not only fun but also easy to learn. Beginner Led Zeppelin guitar songs are an excellent place to start playing guitar as a hobby or for formal events. These songs are usually relatively simple, without chords and minor note changes. Some are not very complex, so the lyrics are also pretty simple.

Since the songs are easy to play, a beginner guitarist can practice them until they sound good and play them in front of an audience.  And there are more very easy songs to play on guitar for beginners here.

Led Zeppelin Guitar Songs for Beginners

Whole Lotta Love

This song has a lot of power chord progressions, making it easy for a beginner guitar player to learn. Its simple rhythm helps beginners understand more complex rhythm, which is the best way to progress in their guitar playing. The intro of Whole Lotta Love is simple, with two chords followed by the main riff.

Dazed and Confused

This song is straightforward to start playing for beginners. Dazed and Confused uses mainly chords, making it easier to learn. The song’s intro with only two chords is also easy to play. It is a good way for a beginner guitarist to start playing guitar as a hobby.

Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll have an easy chord progression to learn, making it a good choice for beginner guitar songs. Another great thing about this song is that the main riff is easy to understand, so beginners can learn how to play it in the first 50 riffs. The song’s intro is also easy to play, with only two chords.

Stairway to Heaven

This song is one of the most beautiful songs to play on guitar. The intro of Stairway to the Heavens is easy to learn. However, understanding the song is not as easy as it sounds. Mastering the song requires experience and a lot of hard work. At the same time, some parts of Stairway to Heaven are challenging to learn because it is so complex, so beginners should not expect to learn this song quickly.

Black Dog

Black Dog is one of the more straightforward songs for beginner guitar players. The song has a slow rhythm, making it perfect for beginner guitarists because it is easy to learn, and the only thing a beginner needs to focus on is making the rhythm. The song also has simple riffs that require little skill and practice to learn.



You will learn that many songs are out there meant for beginner guitarists. However, some pieces are more complex than others. Stairway to the Heavens is one of the most challenging beginner guitar songs. At the same time, some songs are easier than others. While Stairway to the Heavens is reasonably straightforward, learning the song is more complicated than it looks. It would be best to practice the song several times until you learn all the twists and turns. At the same time, you should add a metronome to your practice routine.

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