5 U2 Guitar Songs For Beginners

U2 guitar songs for beginners feel more natural to guitarists than very rigid rock tunes. Since the guitar is easy to learn and sounds fun, people begin playing this music very soon. Beginners who perform U2 guitar songs have difficulty learning to write their songs. Many of the songs U2 draws upon can be related to their own lives. The band has a deep connection with their fans, so they are so enthusiastic when performing.

Beginners find that learning to play U2 guitar songs for beginners is very challenging. Since many of the songs use chords that are easy to play but require great skill, it takes a lot of practice to become proficient.  And consider learning these easy to play beginner guitar songs as well.

Beginner U2 Guitar Songs

Angel Of Harlem

This song by the band U2 is an excellent song for beginner guitar players to perform. The tune is accompanied by simple chords that have a simple progression. It is a good song for beginner guitar players to achieve because the melody is easy to learn, and the chorus is repetitive, perfect for those who have a hard time memorizing lyrics. It also serves as an introduction to playing in a band, as the song’s chorus is repeated throughout the performance of the song.


All I Want Is You

This song was made famous by the band. The tune is easy for beginners to play, but the chorus is trickier. Beginners may find that memorizing the lyrics is a challenge, but it is worth getting used to them. Beginners should memorize the lyrics to join in on the chorus. It sets a fun and upbeat mood, which is perfectly appropriate for the beginning stages of learning to play the guitar.


This song is still incredibly popular today and is an excellent learning tool for beginning guitar players. It provides a comprehensive lesson on rhythm and an introduction to playing two notes simultaneously. The song helps beginners develop a sense of rhythm, essential for playing an instrument.

Staring At The Sun

This is another excellent song that is fun for beginners. It teaches the beginner how to play chords and scales and is very catchy. The song also teaches beginners about chord shapes, and the process is fun because playing a song by ear makes it extremely easy to learn.

Van Diemen’s Land

It is also a good song for beginners. It teaches chords and scales and how to find notes on the fretboard. It is an excellent song for beginning guitar players because it is accessible on the ears yet very complex. It certainly makes finding your way around a guitar fretboard a breeze!


Final Words

The songs in this article are great songs for beginners to learn guitar. Although some are more complex, they still make learning the guitar easy and fun. The songs also serve as a good foundation for learning to play in a band. These songs will inspire beginners to work hard on their musical skills.

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