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5 Neil Young Beginner Guitar Songs

When beginning guitar lessons, it’s vital for students to understand the song fundamentals. These songs will be your first stepping stones towards playing excellent guitar for years to come. Some Neil Young songs an excellent choices for beginning guitarists. Neil’s guitar playing incorporates a variety of unique techniques. Many of which he invented himself to create engaging, exciting sounds. Because of these techniques, it’s a great way to learn to play guitar.

And here are some new beginner guitar songs to learn too.

Neil Young Guitar Songs For Beginners

Heart Of Gold

One of the most well-known songs by Neil Young is Heart of Gold. This song is an excellent example of blending lyrics and guitar to create a piece of beautiful, meaningful music. Neil writes lots of lyrics that convey messages about his personal life and beliefs, but this song has a fascinating message. The song is designed to show the importance of having perspective for beginners.

Harvest Moon

This song is very recognizable for Neil fans all over the world. Some people identify with it so much that they use audio in their videos. This song is an excellent example of Neil’s overall style: creating something complex but easy to play. He moves from one chord to another in a mesmerizing rhythm during the song, which creates an exciting melody.

Cinnamon Girl

This man’s music does wonders for your soul. This song is one of them. It quickly proved to be a popular song amongst many musicians, and we would love to include it in our list of Neil Guitar Songs. Simple chords, lyrics, and a wonderful melody make this song a great one to learn.

Hey Hey, My My

It is another fantastic song by Neil. This song could quickly become a favorite of many. It features a catchy melody and a funny lyric. The guitar included in this song is straightforward to play and suitable for beginners. It is accessible on the guitar and features an excellent chord progression.

Old Man

This song is a great one to play on your first guitar. The song has a slow tempo and an easy guitar rhythm, making it a great song to learn. It highlights melodic yet straightforward guitar parts perfect for a beginner. The song talks about being an old man, making an excellent tune for a beginner because it is calming.



If you checked out all of these songs, then you’re now armed with a variety of easy guitar songs you can play. All of these songs are relaxing and have a great beginner guitar rhythm. These songs are easy to play, but the chords and lyrics can be a little harder to learn.

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