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9 Beginner Slide Guitar Songs To Learn Now

Likely, you’re here to find songs that make heavy use of the slide guitar. That’s because done correctly, and slide guitar play can be pretty awesome. Explore more by practicing some slide guitar songs first. You’ll be amazed by how much you can improve simply by learning to play a song or two as well as reading a few slide guitar songs. Even a few lessons can help you to be successful in your new interest. So, whether you’re just hoping to learn the chords to your favorite song, or you’re looking to play the guitar like a slide guitarist, take the time to play the song below.

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Best Slide Guitar Songs for Beginners

Dust My Broom – Elmore James

Dust My Broom is a fast-paced blues song that’s perfect for practicing your slide technique. It uses open chords, so it’s ideal for improving your knowledge of standard guitar chords. This song will challenge your fingers, but you’ll also improve your skill at playing lead guitar. Here’s your chance to show off that slide guitar technique!

I Ain’t Superstitious – Jeff Beck

I Ain’t Superstitious is a straightforward song, another good choice if you’re beginning to learn slide guitar. The lyrics are relatively repetitive, so it’s a good choice if you want to improve your ability to concentrate while playing. Practicing this song will help you develop your reaction time, another essential skill for slide guitar.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd

Shine On You Crazy Diamond is a complicated song that doesn’t require a lot of concentration to play. But this song is also a perfect choice if you want to improve your skills on the fretboard. You’ll learn where your strings should run to play your chords well and how to do that without sounding too mechanical. It isn’t how you get from there to here, but it’s all in the journey.

The Joker – Steve Miller Band

The Joker is something that most guitar players learn to play at some point. It’s a catchy song that a lot of people will recognize. It’s pretty challenging to play on guitar, but it makes for a great practice session if you want to work on your accuracy and timing. It’s a good idea to practice playing this song with a metronome, so you learn how to keep time during performances.

Statesboro Blues – The Allman Brothers Band

Statesboro Blues is a song most slide guitarists will recognize. It’s catchy and fun to play. Ironically, The Allman Brothers Band would come up with a song that is so technical for a slide guitarist to play. The song involves sliding from one note to the next, keeping a steady rhythm with the strings. It’s not difficult to play, but it requires a lot of practice to get it down pat.

Give Me Love – George Harrison

George Harrison popularized slide guitar through this song. He is well-known for his skill as a slide guitarist, which he has showcased through The Traveling Wilburys album. George Harrison has a signature sound, which is primarily a slide guitar. He can distinctively play his guitar and is mentioned in guitar playing history.

Sahib Teri Bahi – Derek Trucks

Derek Trucks is a great slide guitarist. He has a unique style that incorporates traditional slide guitar with blues, rock, and country influences. This soulful song is an excellent example of what he does. Be sure to play this one with arm motion because it “makes” the song.

Rocky Mountain Way – Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh’s rock-influenced slide playing is well known among slide guitarists. He is best known for this, and he is probably known for his aggressive yet soulful playing style. His call and response technique is well done, and his minor chords and blues licks are impressive. This song has the kind of groove that is perfect for slide.

Ballad of Curtis Lowe by Lynard Skynard

This song has a very soulful, smooth, mellow feel to it. The music flows very well, and the song is very uplifting. I think his slide licks are very well done. This song would be a good one to try to play.


Final Words

When playing a beginner slide guitar song, make sure to practice the song often. Also, practice playing up and down each string of the slide guitar. This will stretch your fingers in many directions. Have fun and good luck!

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