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5 Beginner Hiphop Guitar Songs

Hip-hop music is popular among people of all skill levels. If you’re a beginner, finding hip-hop guitar songs to help you learn the basics of playing is easy. Songs with everyday rhythms and alternating parts are ideal for achieving your first learning milestones. Once you’ve mastered these simple song examples, you can move to more elaborate songs. There is a considerable variety of hip-hop music that appeals to beginners.

Though some songs may require you to write specific riffs, for most instrumental tunes, just finding the opening part of the song and repeating it will get you most of the way there. In addition, most hip hop guitar songs incorporate strumming techniques because of the fast pace of the music. Because these songs are simple and easy to learn, they are also easy to learn, even for a beginner.

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Hip-hop Guitar Songs For Beginners

Go Flex – Post Malone

This song will get you started on your hiphop guitar journey. It has a straightforward riff that you can learn quickly. Then you add the alternating strings for the rhythm, and you’ve got yourself a song! It will get used to your pace pretty quickly. This is one of the most famous hiphop guitar songs you can start with.

One Good Time – Tech N9ne

There are many hiphop guitar songs that you can learn, but if you are looking for one easy guitar song to start one, consider this one. The beginning of it is elementary, and after you get the hang of it, you can try to play around with the chords and the tempo and make it your own. It will make you sound like a pro. By no means is this a highly complex song, but many people love it.

Shot For Me – Drake

As soon as you start learning this song, the rhythm will be complex for you to match. There’s a constant high note on the beat, and you may have some trouble with that one. The rest of the song is not that complicated, though, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably be playing this in your head while going about your day and enjoying it so much.

I Gotta Story To Tell – Biggie Smalls

This one, at first, may confuse you. If you watch someone playing it, they usually start with some complex rhythm, and it’s hard to play because you don’t know where each beat is. But once you get familiar with the song, that’s when you can start playing it in a way that makes it sound your own.

Superman – Eminem

This song is a little tricky. Pay close attention to where the beat is, and when you start playing, make sure notes that are higher on the bar count are played before the notes are lower on the bar count. When first learning this song, it’s good to watch the video or listen to the demo track of the artist playing this song. This way, you can see exactly which notes are being played on what beat and which ones are being played first.

Final Notes

While learning hiphop guitar songs should be fun, and it should be fun for you to play these songs, it’s also crucial to sound good.

Your guitar, as well as your strumming pattern, should be articulated. This means that you should keep the rhythm in sync with the song’s beat. When you first learn a song, it’s recommended to begin with a song version that will allow you to learn the chords.

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