Are Guitar Necks Interchangeable? (Neck Replacement Options)

Are you looking into changing your guitar neck?  Or maybe you have a neck already and wondering if it can be used on your guitar. Are guitar necks interchangeable? No, guitar necks are not interchangeable.  If you want to change the neck on your guitar, you must get one that is made for your model […]

what is a neck thru body guitar

EXPLAINED: What Is A Neck Thru Body Guitar?

A neck-through-body guitar is a type of guitar, with the neck running through the body. The term is often used to describe an electric guitar having just such a configuration. The design is not particularly common, due to the challenges posed by its construction. Some Advantages Of Neck Thru Body Guitars Neck-through-body guitars are considered […]

how to replace a bolt on guitar neck

EXPLAINED: How To Replace A Bolt On Guitar Neck

If you’re a guitarist, or you’ve been trying to learn one, you might already know that the more popular models of guitars have what are called “bolt on” necks; this means that the body and neck are attached together with metal screws. On average these neck joints can only be replaced by a professional guitar […]

how to measure guitar neck relief

How To Measure Guitar Neck Relief – Acoustic & Electric

If you’ve ever played a guitar and noticed that the strings were further from the fretboard at some points than others, it’s because of neck relief. The intention behind neck relief setup is to create a small gap between the strings and frets in order to maintain an evenness in tension (how much tension is […]

best wood for electric guitar neck

REVEALED: Best Wood for Electric Guitar Neck

If you’re looking for the best wood for your electric guitar neck, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done some research and put together a list of amazing woods that make an excellent electric guitar neck. Some are more difficult to work with than others, but all produce a fantastic tone when used correctly. […]

truss rod

EXPLAINED: How does A Truss Rod Work On A Guitar?

A truss rod is crucial to a guitar’s structural integrity and tuning stability. The rod, made of tempered steel or carbon fiber, runs the length of the guitar neck from headstock to the body and back, acting as a tension member that counteracts any bending moment applied to the neck by strings.  the process is […]

guitar headstock shapes

EXPLAINED: Types of Guitar Headstock Shapes

The headstock is the part of a guitar where the machine heads are mounted. The shape and size of headstocks can vary depending on the manufacturer, model, year of production and original era. For instance, ’50s Gibson Les Pauls have a pointed headstock where Fender Stratocasters from the same era have a more rounded design […]

guitar neck profile

3 Of The Most Common Guitar Neck Shapes (U, C or V Profiles)

Are you planning to buy your first guitar? It’s an exciting purchase if you have always wanted to learn how to play the musical instrument. Just make sure that you get something that is right for you. There is no such thing that the best guitar for everyone because each individual guitar neck shapes has […]

types of guitar necks

COMPARING: Two Main Types Of Guitar Necks (Fixed Vs Bolt On)

There are two main ways in which a guitar’s neck can be attached to the body: Fixed and bolt on. Each of them affects guitar sound and playability in its own unique way, but which types of guitar necks one should you choose? Let’s see how the two compare in this detailed guide into the […]

warped guitar neck

OH NO! Warped Guitar Necks (Symptoms, How To Tell & Fix Now!)

Ever suffered from having a guitar with a twisted guitar neck?  Taking proper care of your guitar is recommended to keep it in good working condition. Why do guitar necks warp? Guitar necks warp for a variety of reasons. Guitar necks are made from wood, and because wood is a natural material it can be […]