guitar neck lifespan

How Long Do Guitar Necks Last?

Did you recently buy a new guitar and wondering how long your guitar neck (and all other parts of the guitar) will last?

You may be surprised.

How long do guitar necks last?

A guitar neck should last the entire life of the guitar.  Generally, guitars will last for decades – 20, 30, 40 years and more.  The time span depends on how well you take care of the guitar and how it is stored when not playing it.

This applies to both acoustic guitars and electric guitars.

Average Lifespan Of Each Guitar Neck Component

A guitar neck is made of of a number of different parts.  Here is the average lifespan of each of these parts:


It can last around 25 years, before you will need to replace it.  However, the fret board may deteriorate due to extreme weather conditions.  This may be sooner than 25 years.  Fretboard wood deterioration is very common in places that have extreme temperature variations.

When a fretboard starts to go bad, you will notice cracking on the fretboard.  Sometimes you may also notice shrinking.


The length of time your frets will last depends on a couple different things.  How often do you play the guitar?  The more you play, the fast the frets will wear down.

The material that the frets are made of is also a huge factor.  Frets made of stainless steel will last a lot longer than nickel frets.

Either way, you should get 10 or more years out of your frets.

Truss Rod

A truss rod should last for the entire lifespan of the guitar neck.  If you notice any cracks or deterioration on your truss rod, it will most likely be time to replace the truss rod.


The nut’s lifespan will depend on the material it is made out of.  Plastic nuts will deteriorate faster than a bone nut.  Both options will last many years.


How long do guitar necks last? – This depends on a couple factors.  How well you take care of them and how often you play.

The amount of years a guitar neck lasts varies from person to person, but many years is a pretty safe estimate.  Also note that if your guitar is an extremely high-end guitar, it may last even longer.

There are definitely exceptions to this rule though.