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Can You Use Pledge On A Guitar Neck?

Is your guitar neck dirty?  Looking for the best way to clean it and thinking about using Pledge?  Not sure if you should or not?

Can you use pledge on a guitar neck?

No.  Pledge or furniture polish is not made for guitar necks because of the silicone that it contains. This gets left behind in the finish and will make future repairs and refinishing more difficult.  If your guitar neck needs to be cleaned, there are a variety of commercial products specifically designed for this purpose.

What Can I Use To Clean My Guitar Neck?

  • Guitar Cloth – This is the standard cleaning soft cloth for cleaning guitars. It can be obtained at any music store or online. The reason it is the best choice to clean your guitar neck is because it can be used with water while still having a dampened effect, while other guitar cleaners will leave a greasy finish behind.
  • A special guitar cleaner – There are quite a few different options available either online or your local music shop.  These products are made specifically for our guitar.  My favorite is the Dunlop 6516 Formula 65 Guitar Polish & Cleaner.

How To Clean A Guitar Neck Back

The way to clean a guitar neck is the same method that every single other guitar player does.  Put the cloth in your hand with just enough water to get it wet, grab it firmly in your hand and make sure it is even; then go for all four sides of the fingerboard.

This process should take about 30 seconds per side. It doesn’t take long at all. The important thing to remember is that the guitar has to be dry before you do anything else.

How To Clean A Guitar Neck Fretboard

It is basically the same as cleaning the back of the neck only this time, you have frets to deal with.  As the name implies, you’re cleaning the fret, not just the wood.

So in this case, you are going to make sure to clean up the frets as well.


There you have it.  Not only do I know how to clean my guitar, but I also know what to clean it with. If you like this article, be sure to share it with your friends and music enthusiast.  If you think that there is something missing or that I can improve on the article; don’t hesitate to let me know.