guitar duet

9 Guitar Duet Songs For Beginners

Are you interested in playing guitar duet songs? Guitar duos can also be a performance of solo guitar alongside another instrument. Here I present some of my favorite guitar duet songs for beginners that might help you as a leader to pick the best tracks and key. These guitar duets will help you develop your […]

playing sad guitar songs

10 Sad Guitar Songs For Beginners To Play

Everybody likes a sad song. But, what is it with sad guitar songs for beginners that make them so familiar? Why do people enjoy listening to sad guitar songs for beginners so much? This is a question that has been bothering music lovers for years. Well, it turns out that sad guitar songs for beginners […]

playing anime guitar music

7 Guitar Anime Songs For Beginners To Master

Do you want to learn to play the guitar? It may be scary at first, but I recommend starting out playing guitar with anime guitar songs and regular guitar playing. These songs have catchy tunes that you cannot ignore, and they are enjoyable to play. They can help you learn how to play the guitar, […]

playing lead guitar

10 Fun Guitar Solo Songs For Beginners

Are you tired of practicing the same old songs and scales? Do you feel more frustrated than motivated? Have you tried learning new songs but can’t keep up? Do you want to play lead guitar but have no idea how? Well, these are the questions you should be asking yourself. Here are some excellent guitar […]

playing funk guitar

10 Beginner Funk Guitar Songs You Can Play Right Away

What exactly does funk mean? Does it seem like a dying genre? Or, do you find yourself still itching to play your favorite funk songs even though you’re not really into that old genre? Either way, writing this article is all about helping you to understand funk and what you can do to become a […]

playing guitar chords

10 Beginner Guitar Songs With Chords GCD

Anyone into guitars probably wants to do some easy song for beginners. And the guitar can be pretty complicated at times. The first chord you generally start with is the “G” chord. We all like to play some easy songs for beginners. Then there is the dreaded “C” chord. And finally, the “D” chord. These […]

AC-DC Angus Young

Top 10 Beginner AC/DC Guitar Songs to Learn to Play

I hope that I have sufficiently summed up the band AC/DC in this article for guitar lovers. Many musicians worldwide admire their legendary status, and their music has influenced many others. The guitar has become one of the most popular instruments for rock guitarists, and so it has become necessary for guitar players to know […]

The 11 Best Nirvana Songs for Guitar Beginners

Would you like to learn to play several popular songs by the Nirvana rock band? You can still find people who know how to play them, and they are still invited to join the band. Nirvana was an American band formed in the Washington County of Aberdeen, Washington. The band consisted of Kurt Cobain, Krist […]

playing jazz guitar

10 Beginner Jazz Guitar Songs You Should Know

Are you a recent jazz guitar convert, or maybe you had tried before but gave up on your dreams of learning to play? Perhaps you need a quick refresher before going back to a whole new level. Maybe you want to try to learn a few new chords and jazz guitar songs to round out […]

playing guitar chord

10 Easy One Chord Guitar Songs for Beginners

Are you interested in learning the guitar? Do you want to play the songs you hear on the radio or in movies? Then you’ll like to learn to play guitar chords. These chords are the foundation of rock and pop music and can help you become a great musician with time and practice. Take a […]

playing folk guitar music

15 Beginner Folk Guitar Songs To Learn Today!

If you are a beginner folk guitarist, you may wonder why you should take the time to learn the chords of traditional songs. The reason is quite simple — you hope that you may want to play with other musicians at some point. If you choose to learn traditional folk songs, you’ll find that you […]

strumming a guitar

13 Easy Guitar Strumming Songs for Beginners

Are you just learning how to play the guitar? Are you thrilled about learning a new instrument? Want to get playing quickly but nervous because you don’t know where to begin? If this sounds like you, keep reading to learn how to improve your guitar playing with just a few simple guitar songs that you […]

playing a 3 chord song

20 Fun Easy Guitar Songs With 3 Chords for Beginners

Are you looking for an easy song for your guitar? If you are looking for easy songs to play on guitar, a 3 chord song is a great starting point. A 3 chord song is a simple song, as it uses only three chords. There are a lot of advantages to learning songs with only […]

playing heavy metal guitar

20 Best Guitar Metal Songs for Beginner Guitarists

Do you want to learn how to play your music? Do you want to start playing heavy metal? Guitar metal songs are so popular that you probably wanted to start playing them right away, but you weren’t too sure about where to start. Don’t worry, I’ll show you my novel technique to learn about chords, […]

playing pop music on guitar

16 Easy Pop Songs to Learn on Guitar for Beginners

There is a certain simplicity to easy pop songs, making them the simple choice for a guitar teacher. These songs don’t have to have many chords or intricate parts. If you want to teach people how to play the guitar, you’ll want to make sure your selection of easy pop songs is clear and easy […]

child learning guitar

6 Beginner Guitar Songs for Kids to Teach Them a Song Today

Have you ever considered buying a guitar for your kid? Or maybe you’re interested in learning to play the guitar yourself? Well, whichever the case is, you want to check out the beginner guitar songs for kids featured in the list mentioned. I’ve played these beginner songs for guitar with my kids before, and they […]

playing fingerstyle guitar

My 15 Favorite Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar Songs

Do you want to get started in fingerstyle guitar? Then I am sure you are here because you want to learn how to play classical guitar. You want to enjoy playing this beautiful instrument for a long time. Have you ever asked yourself how it is possible to develop your fingerstyle guitar pieces? The good […]

playing country music guitar

20 Country Guitar Songs Every Beginner Should Know

Have you been introduced to country music? Maybe you’re looking to brush up on your skills? Want to learn beginner country guitar songs? Relax, they’re not that scary. With a bit of knowledge, you’ll be well on your way to mastering one of the more popular instruments of our country. Well, perhaps you could start […]

beginner playing rock guitar

30 Beginner Rock Guitar Songs You Need To Learn!

Are you a rock musician or a casual hobbyist who plays with friends? Are you looking for the most accessible songs to learn and play on guitar to improve your skills and improve your reputation in your local music scene? Whether you are a beginner guitarist looking to improve your playing or an advanced guitarist […]

learning guitar from tabs

Beginner Guitar Songs Tabs: The Best Way to Learn the Guitar?

  Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? It’s as popular a hobby today as playing games or watching television. From celebrity guitarists to middle schoolers strumming along to their favorite simple song, it’s everywhere. There are some people whose passion for music has taken them to perform in front of thousands […]

playing an easy electric guitar song

20 Beginner Electric Guitar Songs to Learn Today

Today we’ll be looking at a few beginner electric guitar songs to give you some inspiration. If you’re a beginner, you will need some extra inspiration to have more of a motivation to play your guitar every day. Luckily, there are many beginner electric guitar songs to help you become more motivated. Even though these […]

learning guitar at home

Benefits You Can Enjoy From Learning to Play a Guitar

Are you looking for something fun to do to liven up your days? Would you like to develop new musical talents? Playing the guitar can help you get one, and it can give you a fun way to interact with other musicians. If you’ve ever thought to play the guitar but weren’t sure where to […]

ditto looper pedal

What Makes the TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal So Popular?

Are you a musician looking to create standout tracks? Do you want to discover what kind of effect the TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal can have on your music tracks? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is one of the most versatile effects pedals on the market and is perfect for any musician. […]

boss loop pedal

A Quick Guide To Boss Loop Pedals

Are you looking for a new guitar pedal? A Boss loop pedal is a great choice for anyone who wants to add some extra loops and effects to their sound. These pedals are designed to give you complete control over your loops. All you have to do is select the mode you want to play […]

loop pedals

The Ultimate Guide to Loop Pedals

A guide for beginners and advanced users alike, this article will help you understand the basics of loop pedals and how they work. This is an in-depth look at what makes a good one and which ones are worth your money. The first time I saw one of these pedals in action was KT Tunstall […]

digital audio workstation

Ableton Live Vs Loop Pedal: What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between a loop pedal and Ableton Live? Are they both good or bad? Ableton Live is a music production software application developed by Ableton AG. It was released in 1999 and has become one of the most widely used DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) applications. Ableton Live is a complete audio recording, […]

multiscale fanned fret guitar

A Detailed Multiscale Fanned Fret Guitars Guide

Are you looking to learn more about fanned fret or multiscale guitars? If so, then this article is for you! We’ll provide you with a little bit of background information on just what they are and why or why not you should play one. What Is A Fan Fret Or Multiscale Guitar? A guitar with […]

multiscale guitar neck

Fanned Fret Guitar Pros And Cons

Have you been thinking about moving to a fanned fret or multiscale guitar? Not sure about the advantages and disadvantages are? Pros Of Fanned Fret Guitars One of the main advantages are that the string tension on each string is the same and the string tension keeps the tuning more stable. This is really a […]

tuning a guitar

8 String Guitar Tunings (Standard & Alternate Tunings)

The idea of tuning an 8 string guitar can be very intimidating for beginners. There are many ways to tweak the tuning on your 8 string guitar with step by step guides, but in this article, we will go over 3 that are most common and straightforward to learn. 8 String Guitar Standard Tuning How […]