The 11 Best Nirvana Songs for Guitar Beginners

Would you like to learn to play several popular songs by the Nirvana rock band? You can still find people who know how to play them, and they are still invited to join the band. Nirvana was an American band formed in the Washington County of Aberdeen, Washington. The band consisted of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl. Because of the Nirvana rock band, there is a whole new generation who is learning to play their songs on a guitar.

Most of these are simple songs to play on guitar for beginners.

Nirvana Guitar Songs for Beginners

Smells Like Teen Spirit

This hit grunge track is one of the most popular songs by the Nirvana rock band. It was written by Cobain and cowrote additional lyrics with Novoselic. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is one of the most famous Nirvana songs. Kurt Cobain sings about teenage angst, fame’s most damaging aspects, and the psychic damage of not being accepted in the song. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” helped influence an entire generation of musicians to learn to play the guitar.

About A Girl

About A Girl by Nirvana is a song that focuses on a girl that Kurt Cobain met in 1989. She was barely 18-years-old, and the two got along really well. Cobain fell in love with her, but the girl was in a relationship. The relationship ended, and Kurt Cobain wrote the song about their relationship. The guitar in this song is simplistic, making the song very accessible.

All Apologies

This is an alternative rock song recorded by the band. Many people, especially guitar-tuners, have replayed the song’s catchy chorus line. Guitar beginners can learn to play this song very quickly by learning how to play chords and memorizing the song’s lyrics.

Come As You Are

This song focuses heavily on the concepts of sexuality and loss. A guitar is a must when playing this song. The guitar is simple to learn, and it is very catchy. It will require a good deal of concentration and focus when learning to play this song, just like playing any difficult song.

Heart Shaped Box

This song is a grunge classic. It is entertaining to play on the guitar and will take many guitar beginners a few tries before they can play it, although once they learn it, they can play it anywhere with no problem. It can be challenging to play, however, for beginners. But not impossible and a good challenge.


This song sounds simple, but it is also very challenging to play. You will often find yourself missing the high notes or making them too high. If you are a beginner, this song will seem impossible. But if you keep practicing it, you will get it. Just be patient, and you will get it.

In Bloom

This song sounds simple, but at the same time, it is very complex and challenging. You will have to make all the right arpeggios, and chords are also tricky. However, if you practice this song, it will be a great song for you to play. It will keep you practicing and learning.


This beginner jam/jam song is excellent for you to play. It is repetitive but straightforward, which is perfect for a beginner because you already know how to play the essential parts, and you can learn how to play them in any order that you want. It helps to have a friend help you out in this part, but once you start playing, you will be amazed at how easy it is to understand.

Something In The Way

This song is one of my favorites. It is effortless, but it is also very challenging. You need to practice this song, and if you do it enough, you will be able to play it anywhere. It s fun, and it is also beneficial because it helps you learn to time.


I talk about this song a lot because it is so challenging. But, if you can learn how to play this song, you will be amazed. It’s a great song, and once you play a song like that, you’ll believe everyone s like you. It also shows how advanced you are and how much patience you have because it doesn’t take long to complete the song. Although it may be challenging, it is advantageous.

You Know You’re Right

The guitar is the most critical part of the song. It gives the song its energy and makes the singer sound great. The song also shows that it is about telling someone that they are right. It is essential because it tells you what the singer thinks.


Final Notes

Nirvana’s significant contribution to music is the underlying message in their songs. They are the original grunge rock band. They brought the message to the masses, and they love their fans. The guitar is the instrument that they use to deliver their message. The guitar is the lead instrument, allowing the singer to sing their lyrics. Although Nirvana did not invent grunge, they contributed to the grunge scene.

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