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7 Guitar Anime Songs For Beginners To Master

Do you want to learn to play the guitar? It may be scary at first, but I recommend starting out playing guitar with anime guitar songs and regular guitar playing. These songs have catchy tunes that you cannot ignore, and they are enjoyable to play. They can help you learn how to play the guitar, and it doesn’t matter which genre you choose.

These beginner anime guitar songs are fun to play too!  Make sure to look at these other cool songs to learn on guitar for beginners too.

Anime Song on Guitar for Beginners

One Punch Man OST – Sad Theme

This song is catchy and lively enough to be put in an anime series. It is also entertaining to play, and it’s easy to learn, too. It is a great song to know if you’re starting. It can be challenging at times, but it’s a great way to pick up new guitar tricks. Have fun learning this anime guitar song!

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba – Akeboshi

This fast-paced acoustic guitar song has a lot of fun guitar riffs. It’s also fun to play, making it an excellent choice for beginner guitarists. It may seem like a lot to learn at first, but there’s a lot of repetition, and you’ll be able to play it better with practice. You’ll enjoy playing this easy guitar song!

Black Clover Opening 3 – Black Rover

This easy guitar song is very upbeat, making it an excellent choice for beginner guitarists who want to build their confidence. It is a relatively easy song, primarily focusing on learning and practicing the strumming patterns. It also takes a lot of practice to get the hang of bending notes, but the guitar songs for beginners offer some suggestions on how to do that.

Yuki Kajiura – Lacie

Lacie is one of the more popular guitar anime songs for beginners. It’s got a beautiful melody, as well as an effortless rhythm to master. Start easy playing through this song, then move on to the arpeggiated arpeggio pattern. It’s a bit more advanced, but completing this song is a great accomplishment for your guitar songs for beginners’ skills.

Zetsubou Billy – Maximum the Hormone

This guitar anime song for beginners is perfect for when you’re just learning the ropes. It has a lovely and relatively unadorned melody. Once you get started playing along, you’ll get the hang of the timing. It’s a great song to practice your agility. The chords are complex, and finger motions are strenuous. However, it’s a fun song to play, and once you master it, you’ll love it.

Again – YUI

You’ll have to act fast if you want to master this song. The rhythm and notes are pretty complicated. Also, there will be a lot of improvising. You’ll have to strum with your fingers on the strings throughout. There are a few lyrics, but they’re not complex. It’s a fun song to play, especially if you’ll play it with a friend.

The World Without Logos – Yasushi Ishii

This is one of my favorite anime songs, and it’s hard to explain why. The guitar part is quite complicated, but it’s also a lot of fun to play. It’s slightly easy to remember, and you’ll also hear some excellent riffs. The guitar riffs are amazing, especially when played by a good guitarist.


Final Notes

The guitar anime series seems to be quite popular in Japanese markets. Most people in the 18 to 25 age group interested in music seem to enjoy the different types of music in anime. These songs have very catchy melodies that are very easy to remember.

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